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August 27 '08

The Forest Frenzy map (map #13) is now viewable in full; behold the ropes, Kritters, swarming Zingers and the great Necky flock of this woodland wilderness.

August 24 '08

Come on, you knew it was on its way - The Tree Top Town map is now complete and ready to be admired (beware of falling Gnawtys). I've updated Mine Cart Carnage's sprite layouts, so all positions are correct now, and the 'conditional' carts are shown as overlays, rather than as part of the regular object layer.

August 21 '08

Continuing my work on the level mapping project, I've spent some time improving the viewing interface. I've upgraded the element toggle buttons with improved functionality, so you can now toggle visibility of bananas/baddies/objects separately, rather than just toggling 'sprites'. I've also cleaned up the rest of the interface a little.

August 18 '08

I've made some significant updates to the level maps over the last few days (how else would I spend a weekend without internet access?). Here's a rundown on the progress:

  • Vulture Culture, the first level of Vine Valley has been completely mapped out
  • Winky's Walkway's mini drum baddies are now visible as overlays, and the hanging light fixtures are displayed (but not yet the beams)
  • Stop & Go Station has a 'green light' effect when foreground is toggled on
  • Barrel Cannon Canyon and Reptile Rumble's objects are now all in their exact starting positions, like the other maps
  • Reptile Rumble and Bouncy Bonanza now have foreground graphics available to be switched on
  • DK's starting position is now shown on all complete maps
  • Animated midway barrels have been placed on all complete maps

Other less significant changes have been made also (such as the way background graphics are displayed, the temporary removal of the 'Grid' button, etc.), but the above list sums up the most important changes. Enjoy the maps, and let me know what you think!

August 15 '08

Another addition to the level map collection; Millstone Mayhem is now available.

August 13 '08

Have you received errors, or otherwise had difficulty viewing DKC Atlas? If so, please read this forum post, view the links, and post a message to let me know. Thanks.

For today's update, I've added a small X/Y mouse coordinate indicator to the mapping interface, which will be useful for specifying exact positions on maps. I plan to allow this info to follow the mouse cursor, so that users of IE-based browsers can see the coordinates wherever they are on the map. Of course, Firefox users benefit from the entire interface being accessible at any point.

August 12 '08

Two newly-completed maps are now available! Check out Bouncy Bonanza and Stop & Go Station. There have also been various tweaks and additions to other maps, so take a look around if you want to discover the other changes.

August 7 '08

Most of my recent efforts have been to do with reorganising the forum, so the Atlas itself has been a little quiet. However, you may have noticed the new link on this page above the site's nav menu... Go on, click it! Inside you will see that I've added a few banana maps, so now all of the first two worlds have their bananas in place.

July 31 '08

I've finally brought the Level Info snapshot credits up to date, so if you've submitted a snapshot that is on display, you will see your name below the caption. Unfortunately, users of Internet Explorer browsers will not be able to view the correct formatting. I really must recommend Firefox for those who want a better browsing experience.

Some further improvements today:

  • The PAR Codes page has been fully updated with a more useful format
  • Captions have been added the snapshot galleries here, here and here
  • A handful of other small changes/improvements

July 30 '08

To keep the ball rolling, I've worked on another bunch of features:

  • The Animal Buddy Token Rooms are being given Level Info and Map pages.
  • All DKC levels now have at least terrain and background graphics on display in the Interactive Map Viewer (among other subtle changes/additions)
  • I'm working on attaching 'snap taken by...' notes to submitted snapshots
  • Rambi has been added to the fledgling Tricks section

July 29 '08

A few minor changes around the place today:

  • The Tips & Tricks section is now available, but in early stages
  • I've started to reformat the PAR Codes page, to allow extra info/descriptions to be displayed. (I'm still working on it, but let me know if you like/hate it so far)
  • Now the World Info navigation arrows match the size of the Level Info ones.

More updates on the way, soon.

July 24 '08

Today's update is to the World Info pages. I've improved the design a little, and added content to each world page. Why not browse through them to see what's new?

June 26 '08

Finally, an end to the update drought. I have mainly been working to improve formatting, structure and navigation in the past few days; partially to fix the appearance of the snapshot galleries, which had a bit of a compatibility issue when viewed with the newly released Firefox 3 browser. When working with that sort of stuff, it's generally better to hold off on updates until things are more or less complete... otherwise things might look rather discombobulated. Okay, so here's the latest:

  • Galleries have been fixed for Firefox 3 compatibility
  • Page titles now have a simple 'shadow' text effect
  • Practically all pages are now template-based
  • World info pages have next/previous arrows
  • Warps/Shortcuts page has improved formatting
  • Oh, the Coral Capers map is complete, too

This template system sets the groundwork for more efficient future improvements, to both content and design. The plans I mentioned on my last update post (June 15) are now at the top of my to-do list, so you'll see tricks, glitches, mysteries and PAR codes aplenty before too long.

June 15 '08

Another mapping update. Lots of development has been done (I've nearly finished all maps for the first world now), but I haven't had internet access lately, so rather than bit-by-bit, I'm sharing a few days' progress all at once. Anyhow, here's what's new:

  • Reptile Rumble's map is ready to view (although it's not yet perfect)
  • Barrel Cannon Canyon's map is also ready, but imperfect
  • Although not yet populated with baddies, the map of Coral Capers is worth taking a look at. I've designed some custom background graphics which (I hope) do the level justice.
  • I've also added a set of Next/Previous buttons for map navigation

I've been working to improve a few other sections, too. I've finally finished designing a template system to simplify and streamline Level Info page creation and updating. As a result of this, all levels, bosses and worlds up to and including Vine Valley now have info pages commenced. These will be improved significantly after a bit more work, but it's nice to share some of this early development now that things are underway.

I plan to make the tricks, glitches and mysteries pages a target for next update, or at least an update in the very near future. I also have a few ideas for improving the PAR Codes page, so hopefully those new features will be available soon, too.

June 9 '08

Over the last few days, I have made various updates to the map viewer's design, and to a few of the maps themselves. Here's a list of the most notable updates:

  • Ropey Rampage map is nearly complete
  • Millstone Mayhem's terrain is complete (animated torch graphics are all in place)
  • All of Vine Valley's maps have been commenced
  • Many maps feature improved background graphics
  • Map Status, To-do List and Notes have been added to all map pages

Due to a new display technique I'm trying out, a map will have a 'broken image' graphic in its top left corner until I have created/uploaded all of its required layers. So far the only map that can be considered 'complete' in regards to this technique is the one of Ropey Rampage. Others will soon follow suit.

Comments are welcome, and can be posted on the project's forum thread.

One last change I should mention; I have decided to reduce the default text size for the site. I personally prefer this size, as I like the way it looks, and it lets me get more info on screen. If you have any opinions, or experience any issues as a result of this, kindly post a message on this forum thread. Thanks, and enjoy the updates!

May 20 '08

Thanks to all of you who entered the Screenshot Competition. There were some really nice shots submitted, and I have now updated the relevant pages; Bouncy Bonanza, Stop & Go Station and Millstone Mayhem. I have not yet attached captions or the submitter's name to these screenshots, but that will be taken care of soon. I'll work out a good system for submitting captions soon, then we can add a bit of insight and humour to the galleries.

Some of you may notice that I've changed some filename and URL conventions. The Jungle Hijinxs level info page, for example...


Hopefully this will make things much easier for anyone trying to remember and/or type the address of a level info page (or any other page), as well as helping to keep things neat and tidy from a developer's perspective.

May 17 '08

Although there's a lot of work to be done yet, I'd like to announce that the Interactive Level Map Viewer has been officially launched as part of the Level Info pages of DKC Atlas. To see what the fuss is about, take a look at the interactive maps of Jungle Hijinxs and Winky's Walkway, which are the most complete maps available so far. Please direct any comments to the mapping project's forum thread.

The level info page for Bouncy Bonanza has been updated, too... but only a little. If you have any screenshots you'd like to have shown on this page (or any for Stop & Go Station, or Millstone Mayhem), post them as an entry in our DKC Screenshot Competition, before midnight tonight!

May 7 '08

The level info page for Mine Cart Carnage has been updated.

May 6 '08

A few things to report today:

I have added a level info page for Winky's Walkway, which (as well as the usual stuff) even features a mystery and a couple of challenges. I hope to be steadily adding more level info pages over the next week and beyond.

The screenshot galleries on each Level Info page now have an advanced display method which I am really fond of. The images are now displayed at double-size when clicked, and are bordered. The site is 'faded' into the background to give the screenshot a clear prominence. As I mentioned, I quite like the effect, but as always your feedback on this is appreciated. After all, I do want to hear the opinions of those who aren't me...

Finally, I would like to mention a brilliant side project being developed by a highly talented member of the DKC Atlas Forum, known as Simion. As an off-shoot of a bigger project that he is part of (a DKC level builder!), Simion has been working to develop an application which extracts all sorts of media from a DKC ROM file. Recently this extraction tool has expanded to include the ability to extract entire level terrain layouts... Incredible stuff. You can follow the progress of both amazing projects at the following forum threads:

April 9 '08

This main page has been quiet over the last week, but lots has been happening since the last update. Take a look inside Very Gnawty's Lair... He has finally got around to redecorating!

I've also begun developing an interactive level map viewer which will be used to display maps for each of DKC's levels. The mapping project itself can be followed here on the forums. Your thoughts and suggestions are warmly welcomed, as always.

Lastly, the In-game Text page is nearly complete, and includes a lot of quotes for Cranky that are never seen in the game.

Well, that's about the size of it... Y'all come back now, hear?!

April 2 '08

Today's update has been mostly behind the scenes stuff; tidying code, tweaking layout etc. If you notice any change for the worse, let me know.

A new feature for DKC Atlas (forshadowed in yesterday's update post) allows parts of some pages to be displayed or hidden for your viewing convenience. Hopefully that will be useful for keeping info handy, whilst minimising clutter. Take a peek at the (updated) In-game Text page to see this technique in action.

I've also brought a few more pages to life in the last few days; all of Kongo Jungle's levels have their 'at a glance' guides filled out, and as evidenced by that last link, I've begun designing the 'world info' pages, too.

April 1 '08

It appears that DKC Atlas was the target of a malicious April Fools prank.

I had been meaning to make a fun update earlier today, but some thoughtless hacker beat me to it, by 'redecorating' the main page, and leaving an insultry message. I've only just managed to get back into my account to clean things up. Hopefully I will have a real update ready soon.

I also found a mouldy banana peel in my shoe this morning. I mean... I enjoy a good joke now and then, but seriously... that's just going too far.

The offending message can be viewed below.

Hacker's note

Hah! This stupid page was nearly as easy to mess around with as that dimwitted ape's lame adventure! Imagine... parts of the levels just left lying around, unfinished... Ostriches wearing sneakers underwater?!

...and just look at Diddy's hat!

Ridiculous! I'm not giving this 'Qyzbud' back his login access until he gives up on this site, and makes one for a decent game!

So long, suckers! Try not to hurt yourself out there!


30 March '08

The main update for today is the splendiferous debut of Unseen Scenes, a section devoted to the hidden areas of DKC's levels, which aren't ever visited during the course of the game. I've also updated the In-game Text a little (as promised), but there is still much to be done, so check back soon!

29 March '08

The In-game Text and Graphic Layers (Fullscreen Graphics) resources have been updated, although there is a long way to go yet for both sections. These will both be steadily updated over the next few days. You can help with the in-game text, if you feel like lending a hand.

26 March '08

Today I've made small updates to nearly every page. The most notable update is the Warps/Shortcuts section, which now has a guide to all of Kongo Jungle's shortcuts. New 'section overview' pages are now available, too. Clicking on a main menu link (instead of the links that drop down) will now take you to an 'overview' page, where you can read up about that section and its contents. I have also commenced the Graphic Layers section, which has a gallery of DKC's fullscreen graphics.

3 March '08

So I promise an increase in updates, and look what happens... OC ReMix announce a DKC2 remix project. Consequently, I'll be taking a bit of time out of web design to work on a remix of Cranky's Conga. Hit the forums here if you want to chat about the project, or my involvement in it. Or both.

Today's update isn't just me saying there won't be many updates for a while; there have been a few changes to the Level Info pages, so have a browse, and let me know what you think about the new 'previous/next' buttons. Any content suggestions are also appreciated.

I hope all goes well with this DKC2 remix project. I've been looking forward to such a thing for a very long time now, and hopefully my name will be on the official track list when it's released... We'll see!

26 February '08

This update has been a little while coming, as I've been working on matters related to the Forum a fair bit lately. Check it out, and sign up if you haven't already. Before you do that, or perhaps after, have a look at the PAR Codes section, which is the content of today's update.

As of tomorrow, there should be an exponential increase in forum and website progress.

21 February '08

Oh happy day! I've brought a new page to life! Most likely nothing new to the majority of DKC fans, but who knows? The In-game Cheats page is the one of which I speak... So take a peek and let me know if I could improve anything. Don't hesitate!

19 February '08

Work has begun on the Ropey Rampage level guide, but several sections of the page still need content. If you have some suggestions, please post them on the DKC Atlas forum in the relevant thread. Thanks.

After some thought on the matter, and a couple of good suggestions, I've made an update to the Warps guide. There are now images to help make the instructions more easy to understand. I've also changed the text a little, to reflect in-game spelling. Feedback is always welcome.

17 February '08

Today's update includes a guide to the warps that can be found in a handful of DKC's levels. There are a couple of other little changes, such as the new "Go to top of page" buttons for long pages, and two new glitches mentioned on the Jungle Hijinxs level info page. Oh, and take a look below... I thought it was probably a good idea to put a copyright disclaimer note below each page, to show respect to Nintendo and Rareware.

My sincere thanks to everyone who has been helping the forums get off to a great start with a lot of interesting conversations, remember that any comments and suggestions about this site are welcomed, as I'm trying to make this the best resource I possibly can for DKC fans.

14 February '08

Site launch yesterday, and already an update? You bet! Well first of all, thanks a bunch to all of you who left such nice comments in the Guestbook. Kind words like that really make all this effort feel worthwhile.

As for the content of today's update, take a look at the In-game Text section. It's not an enormous update, but hey. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I have for you the loving words of DK's sweetheart, Candy. A free banana for the first person who spots Rare's grammatical error... ;)

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