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World 3 - Level 5

Orang-utan Gang


Not All Apes are Allies...

Back to the jungle, DK and Diddy face crocs aplenty. After the midway point, it becomes clear that not all apes on the island have good intentions; an array of ornery orangutans give DK a taste of his own medicine, hurling barrel after barrel at the Kongs. Expresso's wings can help keep the team out of harm's way, or the modest supply of throwable barrels can assist if a more forceful approach is desired.

Although most of this level's action takes place atop the vine entangled jungle canopy, an astonishing *five* bonus areas can be found by exploring at ground level.

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Manky Mutiny!

This area is home to the first (and biggest) gang of Mankys in the game.

Five Bonus Areas

Orang-utan Gang has more bonus areas than any other level - 5 in total! All five are located at ground level, and some are quite tricky to get to.

Vines to Stand On

This level features long vines, stretched out between the treetops. These vines can be rolled along continuously on the downward slopes.

Colourful Sunset

A brilliant sunset gives this jungle area a unique atmosphere.

Take a Step back...

A steel keg can be found just behind the start point.

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Challenge #1

Take Expresso to the entrance of the bonus area beneath the start of the level, then continue the level with him without entering the bonus area.

HINT: Sometimes it helps to be a little over the top...

Challenge #2


Challenge #3


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