Section Overview


Introduction to Resources

This section can be seen as a library for the various types of in-game media which are found in DKC. Currently there are subsections available for graphics and in-game text, but soon there will also be audio files and other resourced to be viewed/downloaded.

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Graphic Layers

Essentially, this subsection is a gallery of the still images used in Donkey Kong Country. In here you will find such elements as the background and foreground graphics used in each level, as well as the full size images displayed in single-screen areas like the world maps and Kong family areas.

In-game Text

A library of all text found within the game. This section contains records of all in-game dialogue... a large majority of it being Cranky's ranting, of course!

Soundtrack Files (coming soon)

Here you can access digitally extracted SPC files, which contain the data used by the Super Nintendo to play music in DKC. When opened with a compatible audio player, these files can reproduce the original music.

Terrain Graphics (coming soon)

Can be viewed as part of the Mapping Project.

Sound Effects (coming soon)

The sound samples used in DKC will be available to download here.

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