Secrets & Oddities


Introduction to Glitches

Here you can find some information about the glitches and bugs of DKC. Simply put, a glitch is any unusual game behaviour which was not intended by the programmers. The nature of these glitches varies considerably, from strange but harmless colour palette swaps, to more substantial oddities like getting stuck inside walls, taking control of both Kongs simultaneously, and my personal favourite; bringing animal buddies from one level to another.

There's a lot of fun to be had while experimenting with these glitches; some of them let you play DKC's levels in a whole new way! I will aim to describe them as clearly as possible, including an explanation of what happens, instructions for making it happen, and if possible, reasons for why it happens.

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Vanishing Keg at Midway

This can be done as either DK or Diddy, but I recommend Diddy, as he allows for more interesting follow-up tricks.

Start by busting open the item stash near the start of the level to reveal a steel keg. Take the keg left a little and stand where the path begins to widen. Throw the keg to your left, then jump onto it when it bounces back. Now ride the keg until you take out both Klumps just before the Continue Barrel, and dismount (hold 'Y' and press 'B'). Now simply walk into the Continue Barrel holding the keg.

The keg should fall off-screen, but leave Diddy (or DK) holding thin air. To see what else can result of this little glitch, check out the more interesting ones below!

Telekinetic Kritter Throw (extension of above glitch)

Complete the above glitch, then make your way forward through the level, holding the thin air. One thing you may notice on your way is that the Necky which usually throws nuts down at you will just hide behind his wing when he sees you! But continue on your way, that's not all...

Carefully avoid the Gnawtys, and when you see a Kritter, see what happens if you release 'Y' to throw the 'thin air'... Occasionally, upon doing this in the presence of a Kritter, the Kritter will be flung across the screen! Be careful... any such Kritter will lurch forward very quickly indeed!

Multi-life Klump Cartwheel (extension of 'Vanishing Keg at Midway' glitch)

The above glitch also works with Klumps... in fact, if you use Diddy to perform the 'Vanishing Keg at Midway' glitch above, you can set yourself up for a rather profitable side-effect.

After making the steel keg vanish, have Diddy carry the 'thin air' all the way to the Klump at the end of the level. If all goes well, the Klump's range of movement should be quite restricted (he will be pacing back and forth pretty much in one spot). Stand to the left of him, as close to him as you can, and face left. The timing here's real tricky- you have to throw the thin air (release 'Y') when the Klump is facing Diddy (both the Klump and Diddy should be facing left), then immediately hold left and tap 'Y' to perform a cartwheel.

If done correctly, Diddy's cartwheel will hit Klump numerous times in quick succession, and, due to the game's successive hit reward system, you can earn in excess of 20 lives, depending on your timing.

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