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World 6 - Level 5

Platform Perils

Not Just One Leap of Faith

The end is close, but the Kremlings' last line of defense is far more than an obstacle course. The super-strength Krusha at the beginning only sets the tone for what will come. You'll have to deal with dive-bombing Armys, angry Zingers and the toughest crew that K. Rool has to offer. It'll take every ounce of Donkey and Diddy's abilities to make it through this one alive.

There's very little ground to stand on here. Your main form of travel is the rickety platforms that cover the area. Take every barrel along with you, as you'll need them to guard against enemies from above. They are also required to dispatch the Krushas that guard the later platforms, as not even Donkey can overcome these beasts. Once you conquer this perilous path, there's only one boss keeping you from getting your revenge (and your feast, too!).

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