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World 1 - Level 3

Reptile Rumble


Venturing Underground...

The third level sees the Kongs venturing underground for the first time. Within the cavernous depths of Reptile Rumble, DK and Diddy face Slippas and jumping blue Kritters for the first time. Zingers are also out in force, so a variety of tactics are needed to traverse the caverns safely.

The bonus areas are located both high and low in Reptile Rumble. Partially buried tires can be found throughout the cavern floor - just the thing for reaching higher ground... and of course for taking on those leaping lizards!

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Barrel Boost Jump

Can be done in any jungle, cave, or temple level

Many platforms in jungle, cave and temple areas have a tiny slope at their edge, which allows DK and Diddy to get a horizontal jump-speed boost. Just pick up a barrel, run to the very edge of a platform, and press jump at the last possible moment before you leave the platform's edge.

To be successful with this trick, your timing/positioning needs to be perfect, as there is no room for error. If you jump too early, there will be no speed boost, and if you press jump too late, you'll just fall. Not every platform edge allows barrel boost jumps, either.


If you bounce from an enemy whilst barrel-boosting, you can extend the boost!

An easier way to get the barrel-boost effect is to jump while holding a barrel on any slippery slope in one of Gorilla Glacier's ice or snow levels.

Due to the design of certain platform edges in some level archetypes, a speed boost can be achieved by jumping at the very edge of a platform whilst holding a barrel. The timing/positioning is critical in attempting this trick. The 'B' button must be pressed at the last possible moment before falling from the platform, otherwise the jump will have no boost in speed.

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Delayed Slippa Appearance

When DK/Diddy are blasted from the exit of Reptile Rumble's third bonus area, the two Slippas which typically patrol that area will not be there. Immediately turning to face the pit will reveal just one Slippa, but the other missing Slippa will not appear until the pit is out of view. For some strange reason, it seems they only come out when nobody's looking!

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Challenge #1

Collect the hidden bananas guarded by the red Zinger (just after the midway point) without defeating the Zinger, touching the tires below, or losing a Kong.

HINT: Easiest with DK - if you can finish his hand slap quickly.

Challenge #2

Bounce on enough consecutive baddies, etc. to score two extra lives.

HINT: There are two places where this can be done. Backtracking is required.

Challenge #3

Complete the level without touching any tires.

HINT: Unless you are really patient, use Diddy.

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