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World 2 - Level 1

Winky's Walkway


A Hop, Step and a Jump...

The shortest level in the game, Winky's Walkway takes place on lofty scaffolding platforms within the Monkey Mines. Here you can find Winky the frog, who is handy for defeating enemies and reaching high-up objects (especially within the bonus area). Baddies of this level include Kritters, flying Neckys (their first appearance), Gnawtys and a Zinger. There are also a few mini drums*... so prepare to face some extra Gnawtys!

*'Mini drum' is a fan-created name; no official name is known for these drums.

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New Baddies

The airborne variety of Necky appears for the first time.

New Objects

Small drums (fan-named 'mini drums') appear for the first time here. In this level the mini drums send forth endless armies of Gnawtys.

Winky Debuts!

The Kongs' amphibious animal buddy, Winky the frog, makes his first appearance.

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Got a great snapshot of Winky's Walkway?

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Leap from the Bonus

Pressing the 'B' button at the right moment when returning from this level's one and only bonus area will cause the active Kong to jump from the high-up bonus return point. This trick is possible due to the unusual condition detailed in 'Mysteries' below...

Banana Bunch at Midway

If you hold 'Down' + 'Y' at Winky's Walkway on the map screen with DK in the lead, and have broken the continue barrel, he'll immediately slap the ground after breaking out of the barrel, and uncover a hidden banana bunch. If Diddy's in control, hold 'B' as you re-enter the level; Diddy will spring into the air and uncover the bananas when he lands.

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Non-Blast Bonus Return

Usually bonus areas are exited with a 'blast' effect of some kind; either from a blast barrel, or from busting out of a wall... but for some reason, the one in Winky's Walkway is different. Instead of being blasted back into the level, the lead Kong is simply put in place at an off-screen point. This allows for a greater amount of movement control than usual prior to reaching the ground. (See the trick 'Leap from the Bonus' above for an example of this)

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Challenge #1

After you pass the first DK barrel, defeat the two Kritters and the Necky with a single roll attack, then jump to collect all of the bananas on the slope in one fluid motion.

HINT: No hints, just do it!

Challenge #2

Defeat all Neckys in a single run-through without using any jump attacks.


Challenge #3

Complete the level, defeating the Zinger and the final mini drum, but no other baddies.

HINT: You will almost certainly have both Kongs upon completing this challenge!

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