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Studies & Docs

Introduction to Studies & Docs

Something of a hacker's guide, here we take an in-depth look at what makes Donkey Kong Country tick. Although the gameplay is rather simple to pick up, and the controls are quite intuitive, there is a whole lot of stuff going on behind the scenes.

Ready to take a look under the hood? Let's see what's inside...

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PAR Codes

In this subsection, you will find codes which work through an external device called the 'Pro Action Replay'. This device uses the information in the code to alter the functions of a game, which can lead to some interesting and useful results.

ASM Addresses (coming soon)

These are the memory addresses which the Pro Action Replay modifies, but this subsection is geared toward hacking, debugging and programming.

Physics Studies (coming soon)

A repository for facts, figures, findings and formulae relevant to the physics engine of DKC. This section will be of most use for programmers aiming to recreate (or tweak) the game's physics, and may come in handy for speedrunners looking to better understand the game's dynamics.

In-depth Statistics (coming soon)

This subsection will be home to tables and graphs of statistical data related to level size, item/baddie populations per level, bonus areas per world, etc... There are many different aspects of the game's design for statistical data to be gathered from.

Version Comparisons (coming soon)

Here is a look at the various Super Nintendo releases of Donkey Kong Country, and all known differences between them. Covered here are the three regional releases, and all updates/revisions of each, as well as the rather unique Competition Cartridge.


In time, this subsection may also become home to a brief comparison between the SNES/GBC/GBA releases of the game, although DKC Atlas is primarily SNES exclusive.

General Observations (coming soon)

This is a place for general observations regarding DKC. Any interesting observations about DKC which have no logical place in the Atlas will be noted here. This may be a good place to mention design conventions, re-use of sound/graphics, inconsistencies of various kinds, and that kind of thing. A mixed bag of technical musings, really.

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