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"Recent" Updates

20 November '15 Happy 20th Anniversary, Donkey Kong Country 2!

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest is 20 years old!

And with that...

Our Krocodile Kore map is now available to enjoy!

Cranky even has some kind words to share with Diddy after the battle. :diddywink:

Another year of 20th anniversary celebrations, another collection of animated maps to enjoy — but there's much to be added and improved yet, so I won't be going into hibernation just yet. :geek:

Thanks again to everyone who has supported this project; hopefully it'll be a valuable reference for us all. :D

...posted by Qyzbud

2 September '15 Gangplank Galley, Ahoy!

Our Gangplank Galley map has been updated! — complete with warp room and all Bonus Areas!


As well as the typical updates of animated bananas, smooth, game-like frame rates and extra rooms you've come to expect, this revamped map features a dynamic sunset effect scripted by Kingizor; wherever your mouse cursor moves to along the map, the lighting will adjust to mimic how it looks in-game!

In addition, I've started adding more info to the room labels (which now gracefully fade away to improve the view when the rooms aren't hovered over), and have provided a (Short URL) link to make sharing these maps a little easier and tidier.

All feedback is welcome, so don't be shy if you have suggestions, etc. :)

...posted by Qyzbud

31 August '15 Our Mainbrace Mayhem map has been updated!

Wowsers, I've got to do better at posting updates here. :shakehead:

I've been working away at a bunch of different map features and fixes, but first up...

Our Mainbrace Mayhem map has been updated — complete with its warp room and all bonus areas!


But that isn't the full experience... If you're feeling adventurous (and your computer and browser are up to the challenge), take a peek at the WINDY version below!


I've recreated the movement of both the foreground and background clouds (thanks for the feedback, Cyclone!) to match the in-game look. If that doesn't take you back to the holiday season of 1995, I don't know what will!

Among other bits and pieces, I've added music and the path indicator arrows to the Gangplank Galleon world map, fixed the "Select a map..." dropdown menu so that more locations are accessible, and I've also detailed the intricacies of the 75 Kremcoin cheat in the Kaptain's Kabin!

So there we go! Pirate Panic and Mainbrace Mayhem are both complete — Gangplank Galley gets the upgrade treatment next!

...posted by Qyzbud

21 November '14 Our Donkey Kong Country Maps are Complete!

Happy 20th Anniversary, Donkey Kong Country!

Today's update is a fittingly big one; cast your eyes over the following upgrades and additions...

Thanks again to all of you who have chipped in ideas and offered support.

Please feel free to share these maps with friends and random internet acquaintances!


...posted by Qyzbud

7 September '14 Map added: Stop & Go Station Bonus Area #1!

The first Bonus Area has been added to our Stop & Go Station map!

...posted by Qyzbud

6 September '14 Map updated: Stop & Go Station is animated and switchable!

Several improvements have been made to our Stop & Go Station map:

  • Objects, baddies and bananas are animated!
  • Hanging lights have been added!
  • Toggling FG2 switches to "STOP" mode, FG1 switches to "GO" mode!
  • Lights and barrels change mode when FG is toggled!
  • Bonus Areas are marked (enable first overlay)!
  • Golden tokens sparkle!

I'll be tinkering away to improve and enhance various aspects of this map (such as allowing STOP/GO switching by clicking the barrels, and having the Rockkrocs respond to the STOP/GO mode!), but I wanted to share the progress so far. :)

We're now 21% along our mapping journey.

...posted by Qyzbud

5 September '14 Map added: Bouncy Bonanza Bonus Area #2!

Today we finish up the Bouncy Bonanza map with Bonus Area #2!

This one's a little more interesting than the last two with a spinning Barrel Cannon to fire out of and a series tires to bounce around on; the level designers must've given this one more thought, as there's actually a cave-like gloomy atmosphere to set it further apart from the previous rooms.

We're now 20% through our adventure! :thumbs:

Ready for some Rockkrocs? Our updated Stop & Go Station map is up next!

...posted by Qyzbud

4 September '14 Maps added: Bouncy Bonanza Bonus 1 and Winky Room!

Bonus Area #1 and the "Winky Room" are now on our Bouncy Bonanza map!

They are both very small, simple rooms (with nearly identical layouts), but they are essential to our mapping quest! Of course, the Winky Room isn't essential to DK and Diddy's quest, as it doesn't add to their completion percentage, but Winky likes any chance he can get to stretch his legs — and squash a few Zingers!

Two maps, one percent... that makes a total of 19% of our journey done.

...posted by Qyzbud

3 September '14 Map updated: Bouncy Bonanza!

Today's map update kicks the CSS3 animation concept up a notch...

Bouncy Bonanza's map has been brought to life!

For the first time ever, we have near-perfect movement simulation for all objects and baddies in a level.

  • Kritters jump back and forth!
  • Zingers swoop in their correct arcs!
  • Moving platforms move up & down! (or side-to-side!)

It's as close as a DKC Atlas map has ever come to being a complete simulation of in-game action. :D

The Kritter movements on this map are currently just largeish GIF animations, as their sprites need to match up with their movements, but the Zingers and platforms use CSS3 animation. Since they rely on relatively modern (and still not 100% supported) CSS3 animation techniques for their movements, some older/less capable browsers may not show the Zinger/platform movements, but the objects will still be visible.

I studied the movement range and timing of the moving objects very closely, so they should all be pretty faithful to the in-game behaviours. I even engineered a set of cubic bezier values to adjust the 'end of path' easing to be more true to Rare's formula. :geek:

Anyhow, it too a lot of R&D, but I'm happy with the result — and I hope you are too!

...posted by Qyzbud

2 September '14 Map updated: Mine Cart Carnage!

There are no Bonus Areas here, but we're finally we're getting some really significant map animation updates. :)

Our Mine Cart Carnage map has been animated!

Many of our previous maps were at least somewhat animated already, but this one had only had DK and the Continue Barrel in (slow) motion. Well, those two have been brought up to speed, and the rest of the of the animated game objects are now animated, too.

Here's what's new:

  • All objects (DK Barrels, banana bunches, etc.) are animated!
  • All bananas are animated!
  • Two Krashes are animated! (Only the ones on flat track sections — true to the game)
  • All K-O-N-G Letters and Animal Tokens sparkle!
  • An overlay based on DKC3's Warp Barrels has been added!

We are now 17% through the game!

...posted by Qyzbud

1 September '14 Map added: Winky's Walkway is now complete!

Winky's Walkway's Bonus Area is up!

Winky's Walkway's first and only Bonus Area is now on our animated level map! Although very straightforward, you'll want to have Winky with you to avoid the frustration of out-of-reach fruit!

So, the first level of Monkey Mines is now complete!

Our next map update will perhaps be more of a treat, as the current version is a rather bare-bones experience. In fact, I think all of the maps added/updated from here on will be substantial improvements where animation and information is concerned.

In related news, the DKC map index page is now equipped with a clickable overworld map! Pretty soon we'll be able to access any map we like in a game-like fashion. :)

Anyhow, our new-look maps are 16% complete!

...posted by Qyzbud

31 August '14 Map updated: Winky's Walkway!

We're starting a new world today — Monkey Mines! First up, it's the smallest level in the series (and as such, my favourite for testing new map ideas).

Our improved Winky's Walkway map!

Beyond the usual animation speed improvements, I've given the light fixtures a bit of animation (the beams of light aren't yet animated — maybe someday), and have even used CSS3's animation capabilities to give the Zinger near the end an orbit to match his in-game movement! This is something I'd like to do more of, but I intend to make it an option that can be switched on/off.

You may have noticed courtesy of the first link in this post that I've also provided a clickable world map for Monkey Mines. I'm currently working to create and position the Kong Family icons (Cranky, Funky and Candy), as well as incorporating Simian Segue into the world maps — so check back soon!
Edit: The Kong Family icons are now on both world maps! ImageImageImage

...posted by Qyzbud

30 August '14 Map added: Very Gnawty's Lair!

Our first DKC boss map has been launched: Very Gnawty's Lair!

It's not the most extensive of maps, but you can see the bothersome beaver hop on the spot in anticipation for the upcoming battle!

So there we have it; Kongo Jungle's maps are finally available in full here at DKC Atlas. Interestingly, boss battles don't add towards your game completion percentage in DKC, so they shouldn't be factored into our 101% countdown... so, we are still 14% through the game. :P

I'd better get the world map navigation system set up for World 2, now! :swanky:

...posted by Qyzbud

29 August '14 Map added: Barrel Cannon Canyon Bonus Area #2

Barrel Cannon Canyon's second and final Bonus Area is now up!

This is one of the few Bonus Areas in the game where you can't collect all of the tangible treasures in any given attempt. Tompa has impressively pointed out that you can in fact collect all of the main prizes, but only when using DK — and only if your timing/positioning is spot-on!

Well, that's Barrel Cannon Canyon taken care of! Of course, I still have plenty of work to do on the various barrel info overlays, so stay tuned to the project topic, as I will likely post a few design ideas there looking for feedback; I want these maps to look nice to as many of you as possible, after all. :)

We're 13% of our way through the game.

Our first DKC boss map — Very Gnawty's Lair — will be added next! :vglol:

...posted by Qyzbud

28 August '14 Map added: Barrel Cannon Canyon Bonus Area #1

Alrighty then, here we have Barrel Cannon Canyon's first Bonus Area!

The second Bonus Area of the game to feature a dose of barrel-blasting (kind of this level's theme, I guess!), this time you actually get to control the timing of each blast. Of course, it quickly becomes obvious that button-mashing is the most efficient method in this Bonus Area.

That's 12% of our journey done. :)

...posted by Qyzbud

27 August '14 Map updated: Barrel Cannon Canyon!

Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback; your suggestions and comments help shape this project!

The Barrel Cannon Canyon map has been updated!

This is one map that will definitely be getting some ongoing improvements, as it has dozens of barrels with different behaviours that I wish to provide information about. Many barrels currently have some basic info (arrows) courtesy of custom sprites by Simion32, but there are plenty that still need this information to be added, and I would like to provide it as an overlay, rather than having arrows, etc. baked into the sprites themselves.

Anyhow, it's certainly a start!

Other new features include;

  • Animated bananas
  • Better animations for the jumping Kritters
  • Far more game-accurate animation speeds
  • Barrel locations based more closely on game logic
  • And of course... butterflies!

But hey, most of that stuff is to be expected by now, right?

So, the next couple of days will see BCC's bonus areas added, but I'll also make an effort to improve the barrel information, fulfil the various requests/suggestions that have been made, and — train your monkeys and hide your bananas — we're also sure to see our first boss map appear soon!

11% down... B/

...posted by Qyzbud

26 August '14 Map updated: Coral Capers is now complete!


Despite the beautiful music and graphics of this level, this is one of the less impressive updates; there are no bonus areas to add and the bananas were already animated... basically, the most significant updates are the more game-accurate animation speeds, and the small amount of extra level area that has been added to the top of the map, as per the extra reach of DKCRE's terrain extraction vs. my old methods.

Still, even though it's not a huge update, it's a step up in accuracy, and paves the way for further feature improvements in the future. :geek:

...posted by Qyzbud

25 August '14 Map added: Reptile Rumble Bonus Area #3!

The third bonus area has been added, which means...
Reptile Rumble is now complete!

The aim here is straightforward; collect the bananas as you bounce from the platform-suspended tire. The floating platform moves side to side, which makes it easy to reach every banana if your landings are precise.

After receiving feedback, I've decided to go with the double-size world map navigation system; I personally think it's an improvement over the smaller version — but then, I do love pixels. :geek:

Oh, and I will be adding the other locations (Cranky, Funky, Candy) to these world maps, but I'm not sure if they will serve any real purpose. Feel free to share your thoughts on the Level Mapping Project topic on our forum!

As of this update, we're now 10% of our way through the game. :)

...posted by Qyzbud

24 August '14 Map added: Reptile Rumble Bonus Area #2!


Of course, this looks a bit more complicated than it actually is from a gameplay perspective (a single tap of the B button, and it was all done for you), but it's the first real opportunity we had to see what barrel blasting was all about!

In addition to this map, I've also put up a world map navigation system for Kongo Jungle — as suggested by Raccoon Sam! Although functional and accurate, it's a little on the small side at the moment, so I made an alternate version that is double the size.

This new navigation system isn't fully integrated into the mapping structure yet, but I'm keen to hear feedback from you all; please post in the DKC Atlas Level Mapping Project topic to let me know what you think! :)

...posted by Qyzbud

23 August '14 Map added: Reptile Rumble Bonus #1!

As those who keep their eye on our countdown timer may have noticed...

Bonus Area #1 has been added to the Reptile Rumble map!

It mightn't be a favourite of those with claustrophobia, but there is a nice symmetry to this room.

That's 8% of our mapping journey complete, and 93 days to go until DKC turns 20 years awesome! :D

Next map in [countdown=08/24/2014 8:00 UTC]... Edit: It's ready — Take a look![/countdown]

...posted by Qyzbud

"Recent" News

13 February '15 Playtonic Games – A new life for Rareware?

In case you haven't heard, the gaming world's abuzz with the news that six key ex-Rare developers have gathered to form 'Playtonic Games', and are working on what is being called a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie.


Quotes from the Playtonic website:

PlaytonicGames.com wrote:Playtonic is a new 'indie' studio formed entirely from veterans of the legendary game developer Rare Ltd.

PlaytonicGames.com wrote:Having helped create many hits, including the Donkey Kong Country & Banjo Kazooie series of games, we're now on a mission to bring you the video game stars of the future that are inspired by our past!

Sounds good to me. :swanky:

Concept Art



If they can recapture the magic of Rare's heyday, this will indeed be a studio to watch!

Playtonic links:

...posted by Qyzbud

21 November '14 Donkey Kong Country is 20 Years Old Today!

Celebrate by looking through our newly-animated interactive DKC level maps!

...posted by Qyzbud

6 September '14 DKC Resource Editor v0.0.6.9 - More Features!

>>> DKC Resource Editor v0.0.6.9 <<<
(Be sure to leave feedback if you have any bug reports or suggestions!)

DKCRE v0.0.6.9 has finally come to fruition, and you can now view sprites and edit start points, as well as many other updates and minor improvements.

The program has been internally updated and is several times faster, so you should have less issues running the program. You can start it multiple times, too.

Finally, extraction mode has been slightly expanded with a few extra options.

Not exactly a ground-breaking release, but better than nothing. Enjoy. B/

...posted by Simion32

13 August '14 Music Video: Donkey Kong Country WITH LYRICS!

This hilarious music video features the vocal talents of brentalfloss and the animation wizardry of our very own 3D modelling guru, Chris Schlosser – AKA Cyclone! A must see/hear for all Donkey Kong Country/Nintendo fans.

Share your thoughts in the announcement topic on our forum!

...posted by Qyzbud

21 February '14 Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze has been Released!

The game we've been waiting for has finally arrived!


So, was it worth all of the delays? You tell us! Grab yourself a copy and share your thoughts on our Tropical Freeze forum section!

...posted by Qyzbud

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