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Check out some other interesting websites...

Company Websites


Website of Rare, the creators of the original Donkey Kong Country games.


The official site of Nintendo of America.

Retro Studios

Website of Retro, the creators of the new Donkey Kong Country games.

Fan-made Websites


U64 is an archive with articles, screens and videos for cancelled, beta & unseen videogames.

Rare Gamer

Rare Gamer is your one-stop shop for all things Rare.

DK Vine

A fansite covering Donkey Kong Country and its many spin-offs, DK Vine has a frequently updated news feed, an active forum community, a regular podcast and many interesting articles and resources.

Perfect Rare

Perfect Rare offers news, information, articles and other resources relevant to Rare's games. A grasp of the Dutch language (or a handy translator) is recommended to get the most from this site, but anyone can enjoy the collections of screenshots and other visual treats on show.

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