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World 1 Boss

Very Gnawty's Lair

Very Gnawty

He may be big, and have his own lair, but this pesky beaver is no match for the Kongs. Very Gnawty's sole battle strategy is to hop towards DK and Diddy, so just make sure to jump on him before he jumps into you!

A few quick hops is all it takes to knock him out, but beware; Very Gnawty will move more quickly each time you hit him. Bounce on his head five times, and he'll get the message to give up the bananas and mind his own 'dam' business!

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No Knock-back

When DK or Diddy hits Very Gnawty with a roll attack, they are knocked back a fair distance. However, pressing JUMP the moment the roll attack connects will make either Kong leap up instead of being knocked back. The timing is critical, and very tricky. Jumping too early will cause the lead Kong to be hit, but a late jump will just cause them to be knocked back.

Keep on Rollin'

If you find yourself cornered, give this a try; just tap 'Y' rapidly to hit Very Gnawty repeatedly with your roll attack. If all goes well, you will bounce off of him safely, and he'll head back the way he came, giving you plenty of time to plan your next move.

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Challenge #1

Defeat Very Gnawty without using the D-pad.HINT: Time your jumps carefully...
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