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World 1 - Level 4

Coral Capers

none, but two hidden rooms

Taking the Plunge...

If gorillas are meant to be afraid of swimming, someone forgot to tell DK! Coral Capers is the Kongs' first chance to explore the ocean depths just off the DK Island coast. This is also the first time they encounter the underwater baddies known as Bitesize, Croctopus, Chomps Jr., Chomps and Clambo. Fortunately, Enguarde is around to help even the odds, and can be found in two places within the level... as can Coral Capers' hidden rooms!

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A New Style of Play

This first underwater level brings with it a new play style, all-new baddies, and a new set of tactics for dealing with them. The beautiful coral labyrinths of Coral Capers offer a completely different experience to all of the game's previous levels.

Two Enguardes!

Enguarde the Swordfish appears for the first *and* second time in Coral Capers.

Hidden Treasure

Although there are no bonus areas in the underwater levels of DKC, some cleverly conceiled treasure chambers can be found here amongst the coral.

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Got a great snapshot of Coral Capers?

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Fish in a Barrel

This is a neat little trick for anyone who wishes the Kongs could attack underwater; If you break the first DK barrel of the level while the nearby Bitesize is swimming past it, the blast will knock him out! (Make sure not to touch the Bitesize directly, of course)

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