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World 2

Monkey Mines

Welcome to Monkey Mines

In contrast to the natural surroundings of Kongo Jungle, here the Kongs explore hanging walkway scaffolds, rickety mine cart tracks, caverns, mineshafts and temples.

Fortunately, DK and Diddy aren't facing the challenges of Monkey Mines on their own; most of this world's areas are inhabited by Winky the frog. It's also interesting to note that Monkey Mines is home to not only the game's longest level, but also the shortest!

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Winky's Walkway

The shortest level in the game, Winky's Walkway takes place on lofty scaffolding platforms within the Monkey Mines. Here you can find Winky the frog, who is handy for reaching high-up objects (especially within the bonus area).

Mine Cart Carnage

The Kongs' first mine carting experience takes place in the longest level of the game. In this level, DK and Diddy lift the cart with them when they jump, which allows them to leap over gaps in the track and avoid oncoming obstacles.

Bouncy Bonanza

The cavernous passageways of Bouncy Bonanza are guarded by hoards of Zingers and jumping brown Kritters. There are many tires lying around, and an alternate path exists for clever explorers to find. Winky makes his second appearance in this level.

Stop & Go Station

This dank and dreary mining area is patrolled by the RockKrocs, a fast and invulnerable* species of Kremling. Switch barrels are found throughout the level, allowing the Kongs to immobilise the RockKrocs while the lights are red.

*In the Japanese versions of DKC, dormant RockKrocs can be defeated using DK's hand slap

Millstone Mayhem

Their first encounter with the island's temples sees DK and Diddy facing giant Gnawty-powered millstones which roll back and forth. All three bonus areas are in the first half of the level, but a little after the midway point, Winky can be found by accessing the second storey of the temple.

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Necky's Nuts

This oversized vulture is more of a challenge than the last boss, but not by much. Master Necky will spit out a nut each time he pokes his head on screen, and you'll have to be good at dodging these nuts, as Master Necky cannot be attacked before he spits.

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