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World 1 - Level 5

Barrel Cannon Canyon

Shortcuts (3 Barrel Sequences)

Having a Blast

After running, swinging, bouncing and paddling through the last four levels, the DK duo arrives at Barrel Cannon Canyon. This third jungle journey offers the Kongs their first true barrel blasting experience as they hurtle through the densely vegetated canyon. Propelled by this rather convenient array of barrel cannons, a savvy simian can breeze through the whole level without hardly even setting foot on the ground or dealing with the baddies.

Although the barrel cannons make for quick way to get around in this level, a few minor detours are required to locate Barrel Cannon Canyon's two bonus areas, which are located a few screens either side of the mid point.

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Extra Lives for Skittling Seven Kritters

After the midway point, there is a single Kritter in a pit, then a DK barrel, and then a series of seven Kritters which can be consecutively roll-attacked. Normally the game will award one life for the eighth baddie hit in succession, and another for each additional hit thereafter... but due to a reason which remains a complete mystery to me, it is possible to earn a life (or even two lives) by roll-attacking these seven Kritters.

It seems that if you release and again hold 'Y' as you hit certain Kritters in the sequence, the game can be 'fooled' into registering one or two extra hits, thereby reaching a perceived total of eight or nine hits. This *may* be something to do with the way the active Kong touches/leaves the ground several times throughout the maneuver, but I've yet to make sense of it all. Hit the forum to discuss this.

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Challenge #1

Collect the golden Winky token and 'recover' (continue the level) without making use of either the platform or the barrel which are underneath the token.

HINT: A creative cartwheel could contribute considerably.

Challenge #2

Defeat the first Kritter after midway, then roll/cartwheel through the next seven Kritters consecutively.

HINT: It may help to briefly release 'Y' just after hitting the 3rd 'consecutively hit' Kritter.

Challenge #3


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