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World 1

Kongo Jungle

Welcome to Kongo Jungle

As the name implies, this first world is a primarily jungle area, holding three of DKC's four jungle levels. There is also a cave to explore, and a coral reef to swim through.

Kongo Jungle holds vast quantities of extra life balloons and hidden banana bunches. This world's map screen has unusual 'zig-zag' paths, which can actually be used to warp ahead to the third world...

Kongo Jungle's Infamous Map Screen Warp Glitch

* Works only in these game versions: USA 1.0 and 1.1, EUR 1.0 and 1.1

Due to a programming oversight, the zig-zagging paths of Kongo Jungle's map screen allow an astonishing warp to be performed... It's possible for the Kongs to skip ahead to Orang-utan Gang (the game's 15th level) after only having completed level one!

Here's how it's done:

To perform this glitch, ensure that you are on the Kongo Jungle map screen with a single Kong, or are piloting Funky's 'Jumbo Barrel' plane. If you have both Kongs on the map, the warp won't work. So with the single character/plane, walk toward any of the corner points along the path, and press any action button of your choice (A B X Y or Start) at the exact moment you reach the corner. With perfect timing, you will trigger the glitch, and the Kong(s) will be warped to one of Orang-utan Gang's bonus return points.

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Jungle Hijinxs

A rumble in the jungle on DK's very own doorstep. This basic level is a good place for practising dealing with baddies and jumping between treetops.

Ropey Rampage

The Kongs go for a swing through an Army, Kritter and Zinger infested stretch of jungle at night, during a rainstorm.

Reptile Rumble

A cavernous area with lots of partially buried tires to bounce from, and plenty of jumping Kremlings to bounce on!

Coral Capers

An underwater adventure through one of DK Island's coral reefs. Here the Kongs face a swim with Bitesizes and other aquatic baddies for the first time.

Barrel Cannon Canyon

DK and Diddy launch from barrel to barrel at dizzying speeds as they navigate the cannon expressway of this jungle area.

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Very Gnawty's Lair

He may be big, and have his own lair, but this pesky beaver is no match for the Kongs. Very Gnawty's sole battle strategy is to hop towards DK and Diddy, so just make sure to jump on him before he jumps into you!

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