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Introduction to Factfiles

A factfile is a collection of short 'biographies' for things within the DKC world. Essentially, everything that DK and Diddy interact with in one way or another will be listed here with a brief description, a picture for reference, any interesting statistics, and other useful info. If relevant, there will also be tips for getting the best results when dealing with the character, object, etc.

Each 'mini-bio' will be grouped by category, the resulting group is displayed as a list of entries, and this list what is referred to here as a 'factfile'.

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Kong Family

The heroes of the game, and other members of the Kong family.
Includes: DK, Diddy, Cranky, Funky and Candy.

Animal Buddies

Helpful animals which assist DK and Diddy once freed from crates.
Includes: Rambi, Enguarde, Winky, Expresso and Squawks.


The ruthless crocodilian race who stole DK's banana hoard.
Includes: Kritter, Klump, Krash, Klaptrap, RockKroc and Krusha.

Baddies (land)

Strangely hostile land animals of DK Island, allied with the Kremlings.
Includes: Gnawty, Necky, Army, Zinger, Slippa, Manky Kong and Mini-Necky.

Baddies (water)

The equally hostile aquatic life found in the oceans and waterways.
Includes: Bitesize, Croctopus, Chomps Jr., Chomps, Clambo and Squidge.


Big, tough baddies who guard banana stockpiles at the end of each world.
Includes: Very Gnawty, Master Necky, Queen B., Really Gnawty, Dumb Drum, Master Necky Snr. and King K. Rool.


Anything which can be collected and added to a tally.
Includes: Bananas, KONG Letters, Balloons and Golden Animal Tokens ...fuel drums?


Barrels of all types; to be thrown, broken, triggered or launched from.
Includes: regular barrels, DK barrels, TNT drums, steel kegs, vine barrels, barrel cannons, continue barrels, bonus barrels, warp barrels, 'selector' barrels, stop/go barrels and on/off barrels.

Platforms etc.

Anything not mentioned above which can help the Kongs on their way.
Includes: ropes, vines, tires, platforms, mine carts, oil drums, mini drums.

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