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World 3

Vine Valley

Welcome to Vine Valley

The forests, arboreal villages, temples, jungles and waterways of Vine Valley offer a far more natural atmosphere than the underground mining areas of the previous world.

Those looking to make quick progress should note that the first two levels of this world contain warps. Both of DKC's forest levels, and the final jungle area can be found here in Vine Valley. All but one of the game's Clambos are present in this world's aquatic level.

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Vulture Culture

This forest area is an excercise in blasting from barrels and bouncing on buzzards. The Neckys are out in full flight here, joined by their mini and perched counterparts, while a handful of Zingers make their stand towards the exit.

Tree Top Town

High above the forest floor, this tree top town presents the Kongs with another test of their barrel blasting abilities. Gnawtys and blue Kritters make up the majority of enemy forces here.

Forest Frenzy

In this stretch of woodland, hanging ropes provide transport over the many wide gaps in the forest floor. Plenty of Kritters and Zingers are in the way here, and a huge flock of Neckys further complicates the Kongs' progress.

Temple Tempest

The crumbling stonework of Temple Tempest is guarded by a vigilant and daunting security system... This time the Gnawty-powered millstones don't just pace back and forth; they pursue the Kongs relentlessly! Expresso's great speed and fluttering ability make him a valuable asset when navigating these ruins, so do seek him out... but beware... Kritters, Gnawtys and Zingers are also out in force.

Orang-utan Gang

Back to the jungle, DK and Diddy face crocs aplenty. After the midway point, it becomes clear that not all apes on the island have good intentions; an array of ornary orangutans give DK a taste of his own medicine, hurling barrel after barrel at the Kongs. Expresso's wings can help keep the team out of harm's way, or the modest supply of throwable barrels can assist if a more forceful approach is desired. Although most of this level's action takes place atop the vine entangled jungle canopy, an astonishing *five* bonus areas can be found by exploring at ground level.

Clam City

Level summary coming soon

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Bumble B Rumble

Boss summary coming soon

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