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Chimp Caverns

Welcome to Chimp Caverns

The final region of the island the Kongs must explore is a dark and dangerous area of precarious scaffolding, mechanical platforms and mining areas where visibility is poor.

- Summary of unique gameplay features coming soon -

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Tanked Up Trouble

Another automated platform awaits the duo in Tanked Up Trouble, but this time, it needs a bit of sustenance to keep puttering on. An abundance of fuel cans dot the landscape, but you'll soon find that this gas guzzler needs every drop, and there's no way to ditch your ride this time around.

Manic Mincers

Leaving their ride behind, Donkey and Diddy discover a much more pristine cavern lying ahead – though the stark beauty of this grotto is a bit offset by the presence of the largest collection of mincers yet...

Misty Mine

The mines of Chimp Caverns are much quieter than the Kongs' previous excursions. The tranquility belies its real danger, however; lots of natural enemies are prowling the remnants of the mines, and the Dumb Drums lying around will ensure that there's no short supply.

Loopy Lights

The nasties in this cave will leap whenever you do, so you'll have to be very clever with how you place your jumps. They won't give you much breathing room, either. Patience and skill are of absolute importance for getting through this bouncy brigade. On the "bright" side, at least you can control the lights.

Platform Perils

There's very little ground to stand on here. Your main form of travel is the rickety platforms that cover the area. Take every barrel along with you, as you'll need them to guard against enemies from above. They are also required to dispatch the Krushas that guard the later platforms, as not even Donkey can overcome these beasts.

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Necky's Revenge

Only one enemy stands between our duo and K. Rool, and he seems to be making quite the statement. This Master begins the fight the same as before. Dodge his attack and land a swift blow to his beak. After each hit, however, he'll add another nut to the barrage.

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