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World 5

Kremkroc Industries Inc.

Welcome to Kremkroc Industries Inc.

Industrialised by the Kremlings, this hazardous environment is made up of old factories, mechanised platforms, coal-mining caves, polluted waterways and runaway mine carts.

- Summary of unique gameplay features coming soon -

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Oil Drum Alley

The first step into Kremkroc Industries brings the Kongs into an expansive manufacturing plant. Though it's not quite clear what's being produced here, the site is littered with silos and oil drums. Whatever it is, the workers don't seem to be doing tours!

Trick Track Trek

Sparse scaffolding exists throughout this cavern, but a small mechanized platform serves as the main method of transportation. The Kongs will have to fight to keep their ride, however, as the baddies here will do anything to kick you off!

Elevator Antics

A bit further outside the Kremlings' reach, these caves seem to be left intact at first glance. However, plenty of ropes are set up around the interior, so our duo aren't the first to arrive. Deep in the caves, you'll even find a series of automatic lifts made to cross the more treacherous pits.

Poison Pond

Diving into the latest underwater foray, you may notice that things look a bit off. The waste from those awful Kremlings has turned this entire pond green! There seem to be a few hardy creatures immune to the toxicity — hopefully our heroes are, too! With a bit of luck they'll also find a way to escape the minefield of nasty mincers zooming around the water...

Mine Cart Madness

DK and Diddy won't get to dry in the sun just yet, as their next stop is through yet another chasmic cavern. After a bit of scaffolding, a mine cart waits for the duo, but its tracks are floating above the void! It'll be another bumpy ride, but don't buckle up; the enemies here make it too dangerous to stay in your seat.

Blackout Basement

In the deepest part of the Kremlings' industrial sprawl, a seemingly abandoned facility serves as the last major obstacle for the Kongs. Upon entering, it's easy to see why — or it would be, but the lights can't seem to stay on...

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Boss Dumb Drum

Finally out of the concrete jungle, Donkey and Diddy meet face-to-face with the menacing boss of World 5. Wait, does it even have a face?! Dumb Drum has a solid supply of nasties to toss at you, but he's a bit on the slow side. Keep out of the way and let him do all the dirty work.

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