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World 2 - Level 5

Millstone Mayhem

Warp! (DK only)

Exploring the Ruins

Their first encounter with the island's temples sees DK and Diddy facing enormous Gnawty-powered millstones which patrol the stonework. All three bonus areas are located in the first half of the level, but a little after the midway point, Winky can be found in an elevated area, above the regular path.

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Challenge #1

Defeat the first three Krushas with a single TNT barrel.

HINT: Keep early arrivals entertained until all guests have joined the party... ;)

Challenge #2

Reach Winky's crate without using the hidden tire.

HINT: Diddy bounces higher off of baddies when holding a barrel.

Challenge #3

Defeat the Zinger at the end of the level with a TNT barrel.

HINT: Clearing the level of baddies beforehand is not necessary, but makes it easier.

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