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World 1 - Level 2

Ropey Rampage

Shortcut (Exit of Bonus #1)

A Stormy Night in the Jungle

A thunder storm sets in as the Kongs enter this second jungle area. Kritters and Armys are an ever present nuisance here, and the frequent wide gaps between platforms mean that swinging on ropes is often necessary. A handful of Zingers also make an appearance towards the end of the level.

There are many banana bunches and other items hidden around the place, but be wary - they are well guarded by a team of tough and alert Armys. Both of this level's bonus areas must be accessed via seemingly risky leaps of faith, so be sure to pay attention, and look for clues!

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Stormy Weather

This is the only area on DK Island which is affected by rain and lightning.

New Baddies

The debut appearance of two tough enemy characters: Army and Zinger.

Lots of Secrets

A generous collection of banana bunches and other useful items (including two animal tokens) are hidden throughout the landscape of Ropey Rampage.

TNT Barrels

Ropey Rampage's TNT stockpile is the only one in Kongo Jungle. These explosive barrels are just the thing for dealing with the level's Armys.

Swinging Ropes

The game's first swinging ropes are found in Ropey Rampage.

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Got a great snapshot of Ropey Rampage?

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Ropeswing Warp-back

Rolling in midair through any rope, and then jumping before you land will result in you being warped back to the rope's horizontal location (vertical ropes), or to the end of the rope (swinging ropes). The vertical rope version of this warp-back glitch is easy to do, but it's a fair bit harder to find places with accessible swinging ropes. That said, it's worth trying this 'ropeswing' version, as it leads to other interesting glitches.

There are a few places in Ropey Rampage (and perhaps other levels) where this glitch can be enacted, but the most appropriate place I know of can be found at the place where the Army is guarding a platform which conceils a Winky Token (just past where you land if you exit the first bonus).

As usual, I recommend Diddy for performing this glitch, due to his agility. First, evade or defeat the Army so that you have access to his platform, then make your way up to the treetop on the right-hand side of the platform. A good roll-jump from the tree on the left is your best bet.

Okay, now that you're atop the rightmost palm tree, cartwheel to the right, so that you cross over the ropeswing. Pressing jump will warp you back to the rope, even if you are right near the bottom of the ravine. Of course, you have to press jump before you fall too far, or you will lose a life and leave the level.

For an even stranger twist on this, see the glitch below...

Rope-warp Afterlife

This is an extension of the above glitch, 'Ropeswing Warp-back', and requires extremely precise timing. Because of this, I recommend the use of an emulator with support for savestates and slow motion, however it is indeed possible to perform this on a real SNES. This glitch makes the game's camera freeze in place until you switch Kongs, and forces the lives counter to remain constantly visible.

First up, get into position atop the rightmost palm tree (see above). Now is a good time to save a state, and slow the game speed, if you are able to. Cartwheel so that Diddy crosses over the ropeswing to the right, as you did for the previous glitch, but press jump at the very last moment before you lose a life.

If you jump too early, you will just get the result of the previous glitch. If you jump too late, you will lose a life and leave the level. However, if your timing is perfect, Diddy/DK will warp back to the rope, the game's camera will lock in place, and the lives counter will appear on screen permanently (until you leave the main level area).

Playing the level without the camera following the action is mission impossible. If you want to see what's happening again, just switch Kongs, and the view will zoom across to them once more. Of course, if you don't have both DK and Diddy, that's easier said than done!

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Challenge #1

Defeat three Armys with a single TNT barrel.

HINT: Roll attacks help to keep things under control.

Challenge #2

Get to the first bonus area without using any swinging ropes.

HINT: Tap 'Y' before *and* after cartwheeling the 'stunned' Army.

Challenge #3

Complete the level using only 4 ropes.

HINT: Practise the technique mentioned in the previous challenge's hint...

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