Section Overview

Secrets & Oddities

Introduction to Secrets & Oddities

This section is home to in-game cheat codes, warps and shortcuts, handy tricks, unexplained mysteries, and even some fascinating things that were never meant to be witnessed at all!

Intrigued? Of course you are! Look below to see what this section holds...

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In-game Cheats

A subsection devoted to the button combination codes programmed into the game. Here you can learn how start the game with 50 lives, listen to all of the game's music, access super-secret bonus rooms and more!

Tips & Tricks

If you're looking for ways to innovate your play style a little, take a look at the tips and tricks on offer here... you might just learn some new moves!


For those who are keen to speed their way through this adventure, a knowledge of the warps and shortcuts available in some levels can be very useful. Screenshots provide a visual accompaniment to this written guide.


Here's where the oddities really begin... Glitches are the result of errors in programming, and can lead to some very strange and interesting results. This section contains information about known glitches, and instructions for recreating them yourself. Come have a look, but beware of falling monkeys!

Mysteries (coming soon)

Anything peculiar and so far unexplainable will be documented here, in the mysteries subsection. Not all is what it seems on DK Island, and this is the place to observe a few things that just don't add up...

Unseen Scenes

Through the strategic use of some carefully developed memory tweaking codes, I've discovered some rather unusual and well hidden areas in Donkey Kong Country's levels. Here you are able to see these 'unseen scenes'...

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