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World 1 - Level 1

Jungle Hijinxs


The Adventure Begins

The very first level introduces you to the jungle area which DK calls home. Jungle Hijinxs is a good level to practice dealing with baddies such as Gnawtys, Kritters and Klumps, and also for collecting a few extra lives up in the tree tops. Keen to bust his way through just about anything, Rambi makes his first appearance here. Use his powerful horn to break and enter the two Bonus Areas, and of course to make short work of enemy forces!

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Unique Rooms

Two unique rooms can be visited - DK's Treehouse (which holds a red balloon), and just underneath, his banana hoard.

Lonely Vulture

Jungle Hijinxs is home to a nut-throwing Necky, who happens to be the only bird enemy in any jungle level, and in all of Kongo Jungle.

Rambi's Debut

The Kongs' trusty buddy Rambi the rhino makes his first appearance.


The sun sets at the end of the level as night falls in the jungle...

Blue Balloons

Two super-secret blue extra life balloons can be collected at the end of the level. That's an easy six bonus lives, if you know how to get them!

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Barrel Boost Jump

Can be done in any jungle, cave, or temple level

Many platforms in jungle, cave and temple areas have a tiny slope at their edge, which allows DK and Diddy to get a horizontal jump-speed boost. Just pick up a barrel, run to the very edge of a platform, and press jump at the last possible moment before you leave the platform's edge.

To be successful with this trick, your timing/positioning needs to be perfect, as there is no room for error. If you jump too early, there will be no speed boost, and if you press jump too late, you'll just fall. Not every platform edge allows barrel boost jumps, either.


If you bounce from an enemy whilst barrel-boosting, you can extend the boost!

An easier way to get the barrel-boost effect is to jump while holding a barrel on any slippery slope in one of Gorilla Glacier's ice or snow levels.

Due to the design of certain platform edges in some level archetypes, a speed boost can be achieved by jumping at the very edge of a platform whilst holding a barrel. The timing/positioning is critical in attempting this trick. The 'B' button must be pressed at the last possible moment before falling from the platform, otherwise the jump will have no boost in speed.

Sliding Hand Slap

Can be done in any non-aquatic level

To add a little versitility to DK's hand slap move (Down + 'Y'), try pressing Down, Y and either Left or Right simultaneously. If performed correctly, DK will slide in the direction you pressed as he does his hand slap. The timing is tricky, but this can be a handy way to knock bananas out of baddies without having to slow down too much.

Midair Hand Slap

Can be done in any level with one-way plaftorms

If you thought DK's hand slap was limited to when he's standing on the ground, try this trick out. In any level with platforms that can be landed on by jumping straight up through the underside, try jumping so that DK's height comes just short of landing him the platform above, then execute his hand slap (Down + 'Y'). When done just right DK will do his hand slap as he descends, setting up a big surprise for any baddies lurking below.

Knock Klump Over

Can be done in any level with a Klump on a plateau

Diddy might be a relative lightweight, but his jump attack can still overcome a Klump when done at opportune moments. Each time Diddy lands on a Klump, both of them are knocked back, but Diddy is quicker to recover. With a series of quick jumps, the Klump will gradually lose ground, and if the Klump is knocked to the very edge of the platform, he'll lose his balance and fall to his doom.

Rambi's Horn Boosted Jump

Can be done whenever controlling Rambi

One of Rambi's hidden abilities is a horn-boosted jump which gets him around 20% extra jump height. The timing is difficult and hard to explain, so it will probably take a fair bit of trial-and-error. The idea is to press 'Y' to initiate Rambi's horn attack, but to then press 'B' so that he jumps right as he leaves the ground from the horn attack. When done correctly, the sounds from both Rambi's horn attack and his jump should be heard at the same time, and Rambi's jump will receive a vertical boost.

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Vanishing Keg at Midway

This can be done as either DK or Diddy, but I recommend Diddy, as he allows for more interesting follow-up tricks.

Start by busting open the item stash near the start of the level to reveal a steel keg. Take the keg left a little and stand where the path begins to widen. Throw the keg to your left, then jump onto it when it bounces back. Now ride the keg until you take out both Klumps just before the Continue Barrel, and dismount (hold 'Y' and press 'B'). Now simply walk into the Continue Barrel holding the keg.

The keg should fall off-screen, but leave Diddy (or DK) holding thin air. To see what else can result of this little glitch, check out the more interesting ones below!

Telekinetic Kritter Throw (extension of above glitch)

Complete the above glitch, then make your way forward through the level, holding the thin air. One thing you may notice on your way is that the Necky which usually throws nuts down at you will just hide behind his wing when he sees you! But continue on your way, that's not all...

Carefully avoid the Gnawtys, and when you see a Kritter, see what happens if you release 'Y' to throw the 'thin air'... Occasionally, upon doing this in the presence of a Kritter, the Kritter will be flung across the screen! Be careful... any such Kritter will lurch forward very quickly indeed!

Multi-life Klump Cartwheel (extension of 'Vanishing Keg at Midway' glitch)

The above glitch also works with Klumps... in fact, if you use Diddy to perform the 'Vanishing Keg at Midway' glitch above, you can set yourself up for a rather profitable side-effect.

After making the steel keg vanish, have Diddy carry the 'thin air' all the way to the Klump at the end of the level. If all goes well, the Klump's range of movement should be quite restricted (he will be pacing back and forth pretty much in one spot). Stand to the left of him, as close to him as you can, and face left. The timing here's real tricky- you have to throw the thin air (release 'Y') when the Klump is facing Diddy (both the Klump and Diddy should be facing left), then immediately hold left and tap 'Y' to perform a cartwheel.

If done correctly, Diddy's cartwheel will hit Klump numerous times in quick succession, and, due to the game's successive hit reward system, you can earn in excess of 20 lives, depending on your timing.

DK 'Rides' Himself (AKA Metal Donkey Kong)

This one's always a crowd pleaser due to its humorous appearance. To see DK ride his dark furred twin, all you need is Rambi, a steel keg and a wall to have it bounce back from. The start of Jungle Hijinxs is ideal for this.

You can get results with either Kong, but DK's the best for a laugh, so be sure to have the big fella handy. Leave Rambi at least half a screen away from the wall, then throw the keg so that it bounces back, and ride it over to Rambi, holding Y. When you are beside Rambi, press B, then immediately release Y. If all goes to plan, Rambi will transform into a darker or 'metal' DK clone, and DK himself will start thrusting away atop his self-resembling steed!

If you're quick enough to hold Y again after releasing it, you'll be able to run around like this, but if you're too slow, pressing Y will cancel the dark DK effect. When riding dark DK, pressing A, B or Y will cause the second DK to revert to his true rhinocerous form, so whilst this glitch is active, you can only really get around with the D-pad.

Be sure to let go of Y before DK changes from his 'bucking' animation to his next animation cycle (sitting still or riding along), as whatever his current animation is when you release Y, that's the one that will loop repeatedly.

The reason this happens for DK, but not for Diddy, is a bit of a mystery. It seems to me that that this glitch causes the currently playing animation of the rider to loop indefinitely, whether it be their 'bucking' animation, their sitting still animation or their 'riding along' animation. Perhaps DK's bucking animation is designated as a one-off sequence, but the glitch triggers an error which causes the game to interpret that one specific animation as a loop is broken during regular play, while Diddy's animation might have only been programmed as a .

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Rogue Nut

The first nut that appears to be thrown by the Necky is actually not. It seems that the nut is a pre-existing object unrelated to the Necky, and is held in place until you get close enough, and then released.

You can test this by getting close enough to cause the nut to be released, then walking away, and coming back. If the Necky was responsible for the nut, he would throw another upon your second approach, but instead he throws directly down, and then to the right, before finally throwing to the left.

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Challenge #1

Complete the level without jumping!

HINT: Barrels and a cartwheel will help.

Challenge #2

Throw the hidden steel keg right at the start and without picking it up again, defeat all baddies before Midway, then use Rambi's horn to stop the keg.

HINT: Stay as low as possible to avoid letting the keg disappear.

Challenge #3

Collect the six hidden bonus lives at the end of the level without dismounting Rambi, and reveal both nearby hidden banana bunches by bouncing on them directly from the barrel blast.

HINT: Try Rambi's boosted jump trick above for some extra oomph!

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