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World 4

Gorilla Glacier

Welcome to Gorilla Glacier

A cold and forbidding region situated atop DK Island, Gorilla Glacier features perilous mountain peaks, slippery slopes, wintery waterways, gloomy caverns and lofty tree huts.

This area contains DKC's only ice cave level. The nearby lake is home to high numbers of Croctopi, and Squidges appear here for the first time. Squawks the parrot even makes a brief appearance to light the way for the Kongs. Squawks isn't on his own, though... With the exception of Rambi, every animal buddy makes an appearance in this world.

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Snow Barrel Blast

The first of DK Island's snowy mountain ranges presents the Kongs with a long and perilous barrel-based journey. Neckys, Klaptraps and Zingers are out in force, but it's the deep and wide chasms that make traversing this terrain a truly treacherous task.

Slipslide Ride

Within the game's only ice cavern, DK and Diddy are faced with long, slippery vertical ropes - some of which actually cause them to slide upwards! Due to its height, this unique level involves far more vertical exploration than any other non-aquatic level.

Ice Age Alley

Get back into the swing of things - or let Expresso lead the way.

Croctopus Chase

This time, instead of patrolling an area, the invulnerable Croctopi pursue you.

Torchlight Trouble

This dark and gloomy cave is warmed by burning oil drums and lit by Squawks.

Rope Bridge Rumble

Zingers, Armys, tires, jumping Kritters and wide gaps between platforms mean this level's all about careful footwork.

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Really Gnawty Rampage

He's really naughty... and he's on a rampage.

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