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World 2 - Level 2

Mine Cart Carnage

+ 'mystery bunch'

Runaway Mine Cart!

The Kongs' first mine carting experience takes place in the longest level of the game, but due to the dizzying speeds they reach, it shouldn't take all that long to get through. Well, provided you can avoid the gaps in the track, the overturned mine carts, and the carting Krashes hurtling towards you!

In this level, DK and Diddy lift the cart with them when they jump. This is a good thing, as there are no replacement carts available if theirs should fall!

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Got a great snapshot of Mine Cart Carnage?

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Aerial Roll-Jumps (AKA 'Flying' glitch)

* Can be done in all regions' version 1.0 games, and US v1.1
* This glitch has been fixed in the most recent DKC revision for each region.

To give DK and Diddy the power to roll-jump repeatedly in midair, just break Mine Cart Carnage's midpoint barrel, then leave the level (either by using Start/Select, or by losing a life). At the map screen, press and hold 'B' to reenter the level. Keep holding 'B' until the lead Kong breaks out of the midpoint barrel and leaps into the air. Now just avoid landing in the waiting mine cart, and press 'Y' then 'B' repeatedly in alternation.

You should be able to navigate almost the entire level with this newfound ability, but the effects wear off if you reach the start or end of the level. When performing this glitch, you have to keep rolling and jumping continually, as you can't stand on the tracks. It's also worth noting that although you can use this glitch to reach the level's end, you won't be able to actually complete this stage unless you eventually hop aboard one of the mine carts.

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Banana Bunch Beneath Tracks

For reasons unknown, there is a bunch of bananas positioned below the tracks, which is unable to been seen or collected during normal play. This mystery bunch is located beneath cart rails, between the first set of two bananas and the first set of three bananas.

It would seem that this banana bunch may be a forgotten relic of the level's early design, but there's probably no way to find out for sure.


a Pro Action Replay code was used to lower the in-game camera so that the banana bunch was visible for this screenshot:

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Challenge #1

Complete the whole level from start to finish (no warping) and collect as few bananas as possible. Aim for less than 10, for a difficult challenge.

HINT: Tap 'B' then hold it again, for small but 'floaty' jumps.

Challenge #2


Challenge #3


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