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Unseen Scenes

Introduction to Unseen Scenes

This page holds the lost relics of DKC's level terrain design. Hidden off-screen during regular play, these unused areas of terrain were some of the most exciting finds I made during the early stages of my mapping project.

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Slipslide Ride

I was quite intrigued by the design of this level long before discovering its unseen scenes. There are many unusual things about Slipslide Ride (which will soon be discussed on its level info page), but here is the one relevant to this section; DKC's first substantial 'unseen scenes'...

Unseen scenes of Slipslide Ride, located in the top-right corner of the level.

These hidden areas look to me like the design of a standard bonus room, and perhaps a vertical tunnel which could have been used as a passage to fall back into the level after a bonus, or the level warp.

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Manic Mincers

This one certainly came as a surprise to me. Everything about the level's terrain just seemed so normal, and I hadn't encountered much out of the ordinary in any of the previous level terrains... Then I found this:

Unseen scene of Manic Mincers, located beneath the wall after the 'O'.

Another room which appears to be designed to be a bonus area, but a wider one this time. More surprising though are the open holes in the ground. DKC's cave levels just don't have these 'item caches' that other levels have, but as can be seen here, graphics were designed for them anyhow.

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The images above were taken from the terrain graphics I have mapped for each of DKC's levels. The full terrain layouts will soon be available in the resources section, and will allow you to see the position of these hidden areas in relation to the rest of the level.

Although I have explored every corner of the main level areas, I have not yet fully investigated the entire island. Most of DKC's bonus areas still remain to be mapped out, so perhaps this section is just in its early stages.

If you are interested in taking a look for yourself, the camera control codes on the PAR Codes page are very useful for poking around and finding hidden things... If you discover a hidden area which isn't yet on this page, please post about it in the Unseen Scenes forum thread. Who knows... There may be many interesting things left to discover!

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