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Gangplank Galleon

Gangplank Galleon

Welcome to Gangplank Galleon

The first leg of Diddy's Kong Quest takes place on K. Rool's reef-wrecked ship - the Gangplank Galleon. Diddy and Dixie explore every part of the rickety vessel; scampering across the deck, scaling the dizzying heights of mainbrace rigging, and plunging into the depths of K. Rool's flooded cargo hold.

Each level in this world features a warp.

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Pirate Panic

After finding a kidnapping note (and a mocking gift) in Kaptain K. Rool's cabin, Diddy and Dixie encounter more than a dozen Neeks aboard this stretch of ship deck. Rambi helps knock these rodents overboard, and easily bowls over the surprisingly light contingent of the Kremling Krew.

Mainbrace Mayhem

High above the ship deck, Click-Clacks and Neeks patrol the mainbraces, while Klingers climb about on the rigging. Just after the midway point, there are as many as eight Neeks scurrying in a row... Barrels can be used to clear a path at times like these, but a cartwheel/spin is even more effective!

Gangplank Galley

Back on deck, the Kongs face dozens of Kremlings - including their first encounter with the spring-loaded Kaboings and muscle-bound Krunchas. There are also treasure chests to break open, barrel kannons to blast from, hooks to grab hold of, and a special 'invincibility' barrel right near the end!

Lockjaw's Locker

After several seconds of freefall, the Kongs face some Klomps as they begin to explore the galleon's flooded cargo hold. As the water level rises, Flotsams and Lockjaws begin to patrol the cluttered passageways. Enguarde's services become invaluable after midway, when dealing with Shuris.

Topsail Trouble

Rattly springs into action in this rainy rigging region, helping the Kongs bounce over the Neek, Click-Clack and Kaboing-infested mainbraces of the first half. Zingers appear for the first time after half way, and together with Klingers, they cause trouble for the apes during the rope sections. Flitters also debut here, but rather than getting in the way, they tend to actually help the Kongs!

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Krow's Nest

Atop the Gangplank Galleon's foremast is the nest of Krow, the feathered fiend who guards the entrance to Crocodile Cauldron. Rather than attacking directly, this bad-tempered bird will launch his own eggs at the Kongs... Now that's bad parenting! I wonder what Mrs. Krow would say...

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