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Level Info

Introduction to Level Info

The Level Info pages of DKC Atlas are all about revealing the lesser-known aspects of each level, such as tricks and glitches that can be performed, mysterious things, and interesting trivia. There is also a written level summary, and a selection of snapshots to make identifying each level simple.

This section will also feature info pages for each of DKC2's eight worlds (a 'world' is a collection of levels that all reside in the same area). The world map screen, a summary of the world, and also written summaries of each level (and the boss) of that area can be found on these pages.

As with most of this site, the Level Info pages are still under constant construction, and will become available bit by bit, as more pages are created. Choose a world or level from the Level Info drop-down menu. The dark/bold text indicates that a page is ready to be viewed, while the lighter links are either unavailable, or still in early stages, and probably not yet worth your time.

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