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Introduction to Factfiles

This section will soon be home to fact files covering each and every character, object and environment the Kongs encounter in DKC2. Each of these entries will include the name and a brief description of the subject, a picture for reference, statistical info, etc.

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Kong Family

The heroes of the game, and other members of the Kong family.
Includes: Diddy, Dixie, DK, Cranky, Funky, Wrinkly and Swanky.

Animal Buddies

Helpful animals which willingly assist Diddy and Dixie.
Includes: Rambi, Enguarde, Squawks, Squitter, Rattly, Clapper and Glimmer.


The cutthroat crocodilian crew of Kaptain K. Rool.
Includes: Klomp, Klobber, Kruncha, Klinger, Kaboing, Kutlass, Klampon, Kannon, Kloak, Krook, Kaboom, Kackle.

Baddies (land)

Strangely hostile land animals of DK Island, allied with the Kremlings.
Includes: Neek, Click-Clack, Flitter...

Baddies (water)

The equally hostile aquatic life found in the oceans and waterways.
Includes: Flotsam, Lockjaw, Puftup...


Big, tough baddies who guard banana stockpiles at the end of each world.
Includes: Krow, Kleever, Kudgel...


Anything which can be collected and added to a tally.
Includes: Bananas, KONG Letters, Balloons...

Throwable Objects

Any objects the Kongs are able to pick up and throw
Includes: normal barrels, chests, kannonballs...

Other Barrels

All non-throwable barrels, used for transportation, etc.
Includes: barrel kannons, bonus barrels, star barrels...

Platforms etc.

Anything not mentioned above which can help the Kongs on their way.
Includes: rigging, hooks, hot air baloons, off-road tires...

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