About how many video games do you own?

Talk about any games outside of DKC's scope.

About how many video games do you own? *NOTE: EMULATED GAMES DON'T COUNT!*

0 (all my games are emulated)
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1-25, I'm a casual gamer
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26-50 I'm an average gamer
51-75 I'm a bit of a hardcore gamer
76-100 I'm a pretty hardcore gamer
101-150 I'm a hardcore gamer
151+ I'm a VERY hardcore gamer. That is all.
Total votes : 15

About how many video games do you own?

Postby gamer_boy997 » October 3rd, 2010, 3:20 pm

Emulated games don't count! (And that includes VC or anything like that!) But if you don't own very many games outside of emulation, you may say otherwise, and state how many emulated games you own if you feel like saying so.

This is just a random question I thought of. I've been getting into video game collecting a little bit (though, not too much) and I was just curious as to how many video games you own.

My amount of video games is almost in the triple digits, ranging from eight different systems (all Nintendo):

Game Boy (only 7 games)
Game Boy Color (just 2 games and that's it)
Game Boy Advance (about 15-20 games)
Nintendo DS (about the same as Game Boy Advance)
Super Nintendo (about a dozen games)
Nintendo 64 (almost 10 games)
Nintendo Gamecube (about 20 games)
Nintendo Wii (same as Game Boy Advance)

I also own about 10 games on the VC, a couple of which I already own on the Super Nintendo. They just don't feel like officially owned games, so I leave them out of my final count.

I'm not exactly sure if I'm in the triple digits just yet (I need to take a few minutes and make a serious count), but if I'm not the 3DS should definitely boost the count up to there.
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Re: About how many video games do you own?

Postby Tompa » July 9th, 2011, 10:06 pm

146 in total.

CDi: 4
GB: 12
GBC: 4
GBA: 9
NDS: 20
NES: 9
SNES + SFC: 58
N64: 3
GCN: 12
Wii: 12
Wii VC: 3 (Yes, I included it anyway =P)
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Re: About how many video games do you own?

Postby Simion32 » July 10th, 2011, 4:57 am

SNES: 13 + (Extra DKC2)
N64: 23 + (Extra DK64) + (Extra Smash Brothers)
GCN: 26 + (Game Boy Player) + (MKDD Bonus Disc)
Wii: 19 + (Damaged LZTP Disc)
Wii VC: DKC and DKC2
GBC: Donkey Kong Country GBC (U) **No GBC System
GBA: 6
PS2: 1
PC: 10

99 counting only unique copies of games.
107 if you count all copies and extras too.

I just voted in the 101+ range. ;)
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Re: About how many video games do you own?

Postby Jomingo » July 10th, 2011, 1:43 pm

Wii Digital Games- 2
Gamecube- 23
N64- 15
Snes- 31
NES- 22
Virtual boy-7

Dreamcast- 8
Genesis- 1

PS3 Digital Games- 2

-First of all, the specific ownerships in a lot of these cases are pretty much up in the air. Time has forgotten who owns what, but they are all treated as basically shared between my brother and I, though I purchased most of them.
-I only counted games that I physically tracked down minutes before typing this. That means that anything I couldn't find or that is tucked away somewhere didn't get counted.
-I didn't count PS1 games because they were all removed from their cases and stored in cd booklets that are scattered about different storage spots. I honestly had tons of them, easily the most out of any console I've ever had by far.
-I didn't count Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, or DS games because of the difficulty in tracking them down to get an accurate count (most of them are missing or hiding), and in the case of the DS because that was predominately my brothers system so I didn't count it.
-There are plenty more NES and SNES games that I have but couldn't track down at the time of counting, and so this list is inaccurate.
-I didn't count PC games again because of the difficulty to find all the physical copies and also because most of them were purchased by my older brother.
-I DID count duplicates because the way I see it, if I bought it twice it counts twice. I had to pay the physical money for it afterall (or in some cases my parents did).

So basically, this list is the games I own minus anything that's hard to track down, which is a good percentage of them I'm sure. By my count this comes to 141, but if you factored in all the ones I didn't count/couldn't find, I'm estimated that this is EASILY well over 200 games. I didn't count any of my handheld games for instance. I prematurely voted in the "very hardcore" category, but my guess was write: I own a lot of damn games.
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Re: About how many video games do you own?

Postby SexyRayman » February 7th, 2012, 8:08 am

I lost count.. but I know I do have over 100 games on different systems though! So that makes me a hardcore girl gamer! :D
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Re: About how many video games do you own?

Postby Markster » February 7th, 2012, 8:10 am

I own about 51-75 games.
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Re: About how many video games do you own?

Postby Phyreburnz » February 7th, 2012, 9:50 am

I have no idea... I'll have to count the number of games I have. As of now, I'd probably guess around 50... I think I might have more, though.
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Re: About how many video games do you own?

Postby Mattrizzle » February 7th, 2012, 1:08 pm

Exactly 150 unique games, not counting emulated, Virtual Console, or duplicate games (I have 6 VC games, 4 of which are NES games, and the remaining two are SNES games)

Here's the breakdown:

Super NES: 34 (22 bought new, 12 bought used; 3 of these games are actually my brother's, but I counted them anyway
because he never plays them anymore, and they reside in my room.)
Sega Genesis: 11 (all but one [Sonic & Knuckles] were bought new; 6 of these games are my brother's)
Nintendo 64: 29 (13 new, 16 used)
Sega Dreamcast: 3 (all new)
Nintendo GameCube: 18 (15 new, 3 used; 2 are my brother's)
NES: 9 (all used)
Wii: 12 (all new)
Sony PlayStation: 1 (my dad found the system--with one controller, a memory card, and a Mega Man 8 disc--next to a
dumpster, of all places...)
Game Boy (Pocket): 8 (4 new, 4 used; extra copy of Pokémon Blue not counted)
Game Boy Color: 3 (2 new, 1 used)
Game Boy Advance: 11 (9 new, 2 used)
Nintendo DS: 10 (all new)
Nintendo 3DS: 1 (Mario Kart 7; new, of course)
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Re: About how many video games do you own?

Postby TheUltimateKoopa » August 1st, 2012, 2:53 pm

I have no idea.... I'd say 151+ could be possible, but then it may end up that I don't even have 100 :P
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Re: About how many video games do you own?

Postby Katastrophe Kong » August 1st, 2012, 4:04 pm

Vectrex : 8

Atari : 18

Nintendo : 6

PC (CDs) : 53

Game Boy : 9

Game Gear : 4

PlayStation : 9

Gamecube : 19

PlayStation 2 : 13

Xbox : 16

Game Boy Advance : 28

Nintendo DS : 12

Nintendo Wii : 17

Steam (I don't know if it counts but...): 9

Xbox 360 : 50

Nintendo 3DS : 3

I might've counted wrong, but I'm getting a grand total of 274. As you can tell, we were quite the PC gamers. And I still have a handful of Virtual Console games... and then there's the roms...
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Re: About how many video games do you own?

Postby Mr.Diddy » August 3rd, 2012, 8:13 am

I'm not really a hardcore gamer, but I do own over 200 games. SNES to Wii "or Xbox 360 even though mine's collecting dust" so I would have alot. 8-) Oh, and I mostly get video games from my older cousin "he gave me his SNES when I was like 3 and he gave my his N64 when I was like 5". By the way, If you were counting ROMs, I would have over 200 because I have every SNES game. I'm not going to waste my money on VC. :x I just counted all the video games at my father's house (my parrents are devorced) and I 79. I have all my N64 games, half my GCN games, and half my Wii games there.



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