Map Status: Complete!

Moving Millstones

Continuing the CSS3 animation efforts, the millstones and moving platform (and various Bonus Area elements) of this map have been set in motion! The timing and range of the movements should be more or less spot-on, but there's likely a little room for improvement with regards to the easing (acceleration/deceleration) of the millstones.

Animated Terrain

The torches in the background of this level's terrain are animated, and can be hidden via the second terrain button. When the torches are hidden, a series of numeric placeholder graphics (which are actually part of the terrain data) are visible. These tiles aren't visible in-game, as they are immediately replaced with the torches' animation frames when the level loads.

To-do List:

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Thanks to all who have assisted with this project:

creaothceann, Simion32, Cody, Stone, Kingizor, Blaziken257, Tompa, Raccoon Sam, and everyone else who has helped over the years!