Map Status: Complete!

Clickable Croctopuses

Click on a Croctopus to lock it to its starting position.
Click on it again to make it restart its movement pattern.

Pearl Projectile Paths

This map features a simple indicator to show the angles at which the Clambo shoots pearls. This is currently enabled via the first overlay button, but will be eventually be switched to overlay button 3 when more of this sort of info starts to become available across our level maps.

Custom Graphics

The graphics for this map include a simple full-size masking grid to fill the terrain gaps, and a tiling background graphic based on the in-game underwater background.

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Thanks to all who have assisted with this project:

creaothceann, Simion32, Cody, Stone, Kingizor, Blaziken257, Tompa, Raccoon Sam, and everyone else who has helped over the years!