List of all used DKC Object Digits & Fuctions

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List of all used DKC Object Digits & Fuctions

Postby Simion32 » August 31st, 2008, 9:49 am

Today I've worked on a small piece of code to extract object digits from DKC. I used it to create this list, which contains every single object used in the game. The list does not, however, contain unused objects such as the ones Mattrizzle mentioned here.

The digits are "alphabetized" by value.
Total Objects: <currently uncounted>+
9033 = Floating Tire (Force Collisions From Below)
9055 = Floating Tire, Old
9071 = Floating Tire
907F = Half-Buried Tire, Old
90A1 = Half-Buried Tire
90C3 = Half-Buried Tire, Old
90E5 = Half-Buried Tire, Old (Upside-Down)
9155 = Pushable Tire
915F = Pushable Tire, Old
91B3 = Animal Crate, Rambi
91C1 = Animal Crate, Winky
91CF = Animal Crate, Expresso
91DD = Animal Crate, Enguarde
91EF = Animal Crate, Squawks
91FD = Necky Nut Thrown Leftwards
9255 = Steel Keg
92A9 = Rimmed Barrel
92B7 = Rimmed Barrel (Stop & Go)
92EF = Vine Barrel
9349 = DK Barrel
9357 = Floating DK Barrel
938F = TNT Barrel
9399 = TNT Barrel (Alt)
9443 = Kritter, Green (walking b/f)
94ED = Kritter, Green
953B = Kritter, Grey (jumping foward)
958D = Kritter, Brown (jumping)
9641 = Klaptrap (walking b/f foward)
9665 = Klaptrap (walking b/f backward)
9689 = Klaptrap (walking b/f foward, long)
96AD = Klaptrap (walking b/f, short)
96BF = Klaptrap (walking b/f backward, short)
96D1 = Klaptrap (walking b/f semi-backward)
96E3 = Klaptrap (walking b/f semi-foward)
96F5 = Klaptrap
9703 = Klaptrap
9735 = Klaptrap (wait, then walk)
97D1 = Purple Klaptrap
97DB = Purple Klaptrap
97F3 = Purple Klaptrap (stationary)
98B3 = Klump (walking foward)
98C1 = Klump (wait, then walk backward)
98D3 = Klump (wait, then walk foward)
98E5 = Klump (walking backward)
9955 = Klump (walking b/f, long)
9963 = Klump (walking b/f backward)
9971 = Klump (walking b/f, short)
997F = Klump (walking b/f backward, long)
998D = Klump (walking b/f foward, long)
999B = Klump (walking b/f backward, short)
9A61 = Hidden Item Cache {Bunch/1UP}
9A6B = Item Cache {Banana Bunch} (ground slappable)
9A79 = Item Cache {Golden Letter, K}
9A83 = Item Cache {Golden Letter, O}
9A8D = Item Cache {Golden Letter, N}
9A97 = Item Cache {Golden Letter, G}
9AA1 = Item Cache {Golden Letter, G} (Alt)
9AC3 = Item Cache {Golden Token, Enguarde}
9ADB = Item Cache {Steel Keg}
9AE5 = Item Cache {Barrel}
9AEF = Item Cache {Barrel} (Alt)
9AFD = Item Cache {DK Barrel}
9B15 = Item Cache {TNT Barrel}
9B29 = Item Cache {Pushable Tire, Old}
9B33 = Item Cache {Pushable Tire}
9B47 = Item Cache {Golden Token, Winky}
9B83 = Kritter, Gold, w/Arms Up (leaping b/f foward)
9B9F = Kritter, Gold, w/Arms Up (leaping b/f backward, fast)
9BAD = Kritter, Gold, w/Arms Up (leaping b/f backward)
9BBF = Kritter, Gold (leaping b/f, backward)
9BD1 = Kritter, Gold (leaping b/f, foward)
9C15 = Kritter, Blue (high jumps foward)
9C27 = Kritter, Blue (short jumps foward)
9C4F = Kritter, Blue (jumps foward)
9C61 = Kritter, Blue (walk backward then jump)
9C7F = Kritter, Blue (walk foward then jump)
9CCF = Slippa (slow)
9CD9 = Slippa (fast)
9CE3 = Slippa
9D21 = Zinger
9D2F = Zinger (move up/down, long)
9D3D = Zinger (slow, long)
9D4B = Zinger (downward from coord)
9D59 = Zinger (downward from coord, long)
9D75 = Zinger (slow, long)
9D83 = Zinger (slow)
9D91 = Zinger (fast, very long)
9D9F = Zinger (fast, long)
9DAD = Zinger (upward from coord)
9DBB = Zinger (fast, long)
9DD7 = Zinger (semi-downward from coord)
9DE5 = Zinger (semi-downward from coord, longer)
9DF3 = Zinger (semi-upward from coord, short)
9E01 = Zinger (move up/down short)
9E1D = Zinger (slow, downward from coord)
9E2B = Zinger (upward from coord, very long)
9E45 = Zinger (upward from coord, slow)
9E53 = Zinger (down init, very long)
9E61 = Zinger (up init, very long)
9E95 = Orange Zinger (b/f backward, short)
9EC1 = Orange Zinger (b/f, long)
9ED7 = Orange Zinger (b/f backward, long)
9F19 = Orange Zinger (hover around in place)
9F2F = Orange Zinger (b/f backward, very long)
9F45 = Orange Zinger (b/f forward, very long)
9F5B = Orange Zinger (b/f semi-backward, long)
9F71 = Orange Zinger (hover)
9F87 = Orange Zinger (hover sideways in place)
9FB3 = Orange Zinger (b/f backward)
9FC9 = Orange Zinger (b/f short)
9FF5 = Orange Zinger (b/f semi-short)
A00B = Orange Zinger (stationary)
A021 = Orange Zinger (b/f backward, short)
A0D5 = Red Zinger (revolve backward, long)
A0F9 = Red Zinger (revolve backward)
A12F = Red Zinger (revolve backward CC)
A141 = Red Zinger (revolve backward CC, fast)
A153 = Red Zinger (revolve backward CC, very fast)
A165 = Red Zinger (revolve backward CC, slow)
A177 = Red Zinger (revolve backward)
A189 = Red Zinger (revolve backward, slow)
A19B = Red Zinger (revolve semi-backward, slow)
A1AD = Red Zinger (revolve semi-backward CC, slow)
A1BF = Red Zinger (revolve backward CC, long)
A1D1 = Red Zinger (revolve backward CC, long, slow)
A1E3 = Red Zinger (revolve backward CC, long, a little faster)
A1F5 = Red Zinger (revolve backward CC, slow/smooth)
A207 = Red Zinger (revolve backward CC, very long, slow)
A219 = Red Zinger (revolve backward, very long, slow)
A22B = Red Zinger (revolve backward, fast)
A26F = Green Zinger (arch b/f backward)
A285 = Green Zinger (arch b/f backward, short)
A29B = Green Zinger (arch b/f backward, long)
A2B1 = Green Zinger (arch b/f backward, diff init)
A2C3 = Green Zinger (arch b/f backward, diff init)
A2D5 = Green Zinger (arch b/f backward, faster)
A2E7 = Green Zinger (downward arch)
A2FD = Green Zinger (arch b/f backward, diff init)
A30F = Green Zinger (arch up/down)
A319 = Green Zinger (arch up/down, facing left, FAST)
A321 = Green Zinger (arch up/down, faster)
A333 = Green Zinger (arch up/down, facing backward)
A349 = Green Zinger (arch b/f, faster, long)
A467 = Army
A471 = Army (slow)
A47B = Army (Facing Rightwards)
A485 = Kritter, Green (walking b/f)
A493 = Kritter, Green (walking b/f backward, short)
A4BD = Kritter, Green (walking b/f backward)
A4CB = Kritter, Green (walking b/f, short)
A4D9 = Kritter, Green (walking b/f backward, short)
A4E7 = Kritter, Green (walking b/f foward, very long)
A4F5 = Kritter, Green (walking b/f, very long)
A503 = Kritter, Green (walking b/f backward, long)
A511 = Kritter, Green (walking b/f semi-backward)
A51F = Banana Bunch
A551 = Golden Letter, K
A55D = Golden Letter, O
A569 = Golden Letter, N
A575 = Golden Letter, G
A599 = Golden Token, Rambi
A5A3 = Golden Token, Winky
A5AD = Golden Token, Expresso
A5B7 = Golden Token, Enguarde
A5DB = Cave/Temple Platform
A605 = Cave/Temple Platform
A627 = Cave/Temple Platform (fake)
A64D = Cave/Temple Platform (moving b/f backward)
A66F = Cave/Temple Platform (moving b/f semi-backward)
A691 = Cave/Temple Platform (moving b/f, fast)
A6B3 = Cave/Temple Platform (moving b/f semi-backward, very long, fast)
A6D5 = Cave/Temple Platform (moving b/f semi-backward)
A6F7 = Cave/Temple Platform (moving b/f semi-backward)
A719 = Cave/Temple Platform (moving b/f semi-backward)
A75D = Cave/Temple Platform (moving b/f semi-backward, slow)
A77F = Cave/Temple Platform (hovering up/down upward, slow)
A7A1 = Cave/Temple Platform (hovering up/down)
A7E5 = Mineshaft Platform
A813 = Mineshaft Platform (fake)
A83D = Mineshaft Platform (moving b/f semi-backward)
A863 = Mineshaft Platform (moving b/f semi-backward, faster)
A889 = Mineshaft Platform (moving b/f backward)
A8AF = Mineshaft Platform (moving b/f semi-foward)
A8D5 = Mineshaft Platform (moving b/f backward, shorter)
A8FB = Mineshaft Platform (moving b/f)
A921 = Mineshaft Platform (moving up/down upward)
A947 = Mineshaft Platform (moving up/down downward)
A96D = Factory Platform
A99B = Factory Platform (fake)
A9C5 = Factory Platform (moving b/f semi-backward)
A9EB = Factory Platform (moving b/f semi-backward, short)
AA11 = Factory Platform (moving b/f semi-backward, slow)
AA37 = Factory Platform (moving up/down)
AA5D = Factory Platform (moving up/down upward)
AB17 = Bonus Barrel: Bouncy Bonanza #2
AB31 = Bonus Barrel: Oil Drum Alley
AB4B = Bonus Barrel: Blackout Basement
AB65 = Bonus Barrel: Ropey Rampage
AB7F = Bonus Barrel: Platform Perils #1
AB99 = Bonus Barrel: Mine Cart Madness #1
ABB3 = Bonus Barrel: Mine Cart Madness #2
ABCD = Bonus Barrel: Mine Cart Madness #3
ABE7 = Bonus Barrel: Platform Perils #2
AC01 = Bonus Barrel: Trick Track Trek #1
AC1B = Bonus Barrel: Trick Track Trek #3
AC35 = Bonus Barrel: Stop & Go Station #2
AC4F = Bonus Barrel: Loopy Lights #1
AC69 = Bonus Barrel: Snow Barrel Blast #1
AC83 = Bonus Barrel: Snow Barrel Blast #2
AC9D = Bonus Barrel: Snow Barrel Blast #3
ACB7 = Bonus Barrel: Trick Track Trek #2
ACD1 = Bonus Barrel: Tanked Up Trouble
ACEB = Bonus Barrel: Temple Tempest #2
AD05 = Bonus Barrel: Millstone Mayhem #2
AD23 = Bonus Barrel: Millstone Mayhem #1
AD3D = Bonus Barrel: Ice Age Alley #1
AD57 = Bonus Barrel: Ice Age Alley #2
AD71 = Bonus Barrel: Tree Top Town #2
AD8B = Bonus Barrel: Tree Top Town #1
ADA5 = Bonus Barrel: Vulture Culture #1
ADD9 = Bonus Barrel: Reptile Rumble #2
ADF3 = Warp Barrel: Mine Cart Carnage
AE09 = Bonus Barrel: Rope-Bridge Rumble #2
AE23 = Bonus Barrel: Rope-Bridge Rumble #1
AE3D = Bonus Barrel: Forest Frenzy #1
AE57 = Bonus Barrel: Winky's Walkway
AE71 = Warp Barrel: Slipslide Ride
AE9F = Warp Barrel: Tree Top Town
AEB5 = Warp Barrel: Millstone Mayhem
AECB = Warp Barrel: Trick Track Trek
B155 = Mincer, Stationary
AF79 = Mincer, Revolve (Fwd) <Init #1>
AFC1 = Mincer, Revolve (Fwd) <Init #2>
AF55 = Mincer, Revolve (Rev) <Init #1>
AF8B = Mincer, Revolve (Rev) <Init #2>
AF9D = Mincer, Revolve (Rev) <Init #3>
B02D = Mincer, Revolve (Rev) (slow, very long) <Init #1>
B03F = Mincer, Revolve (Rev) (slow, very long) <Init #2>
B051 = Mincer, Revolve (Rev) (slow, very long) <Init #3>
AF67 = Mincer, Revolve (Rev) (fast)
B087 = Mincer, Revolve (Rev) (short)
B01B = Mincer, Revolve (Rev) (short, fast)
B099 = Mincer, Revolve (Rev) (slow)
B0F7 = Mincer (arch up b/f, very long, fast)
B17F = Mincer (move up/down upward, slow)
B19B = Mincer (move up/down upward)
B1B7 = Mincer (move up/down, slow)
B1EF = Mincer (move up/down, very long)
B1FD = Mincer (move up/down, very very long)
B20B = Mincer (move up/down upward, short)
B227 = Mincer (move up/down, very short)
B29F = Mincer (move b/f, semi-backward)
B2AD = Mincer (move b/f, backward, long)
B2BB = Mincer (move b/f, backward, long, slow)
B2D7 = Mincer (move b/f foward)
B31D = Mincer (move b/f backward)
B339 = Mincer (move b/f, semi-backward)
B3F7 = Gnawty (walking b/f, short)
B405 = Gnawty (walking b/f)
B413 = Gnawty (constant movement)
B427 = Gnawty (wait, then walk backward)
B439 = Gnawty (wait, then walk backward)
B44B = Gnawty (wait, then walk foward)
B45D = Gnawty (wait, then walk backward)
B53D = Krusha (walking b/f backward)
B559 = Krusha (walking b/f semi-foward, very long)
B575 = Krusha (walking b/f backward, short)
B587 = Krusha (walking b/f backward, short)
B5AB = Grey Krusha (walking b/f backward, short)
B5BD = Krusha (constant movement)
B5CB = Krusha (constant movement)
B5E3 = Krusha (wait, then walk backward)
B685 = Item Cache {Banana Bunch} (Loopy Lights)

B70F = Checkpoint Barrel: Jungle Hijinx
B6D3 = Checkpoint Barrel: Ropey Rampage
B719 = Checkpoint Barrel: Reptile Rumble
B7EB = Checkpoint Barrel: Coral Capers
B6F1 = Checkpoint Barrel: Barrel Cannon Canyon

B809 = Checkpoint Barrel: Winky's Walkway
B755 = Checkpoint Barrel: Mine Cart Carnage
B6E7 = Checkpoint Barrel: Bouncy Bonanza
B77D = Checkpoint Barrel: Stop & Go Station
B7AF = Checkpoint Barrel: Millstone Mayhem

B7D7 = Checkpoint Barrel: Vulture Culture
B7CD = Checkpoint Barrel: Tree Top Town
B7FF = Checkpoint Barrel: Forest Frenzy
B7B9 = Checkpoint Barrel: Temple Tempest
B6FB = Checkpoint Barrel: Orang-utan Gang
B813 = Checkpoint Barrel: Clam City

B723 = Checkpoint Barrel: Snow Barrel Blast
B7E1 = Checkpoint Barrel: Slipslide Ride
B7C3 = Checkpoint Barrel: Ice Age Alley
B791 = Checkpoint Barrel: Croctopus Chase
B6DD = Checkpoint Barrel: Torchlight Trouble
B7F5 = Checkpoint Barrel: Rope Bridge Rumble

B79B = Checkpoint Barrel: Oil Drum Alley
B75F = Checkpoint Barrel: Trick Track Trek
B705 = Checkpoint Barrel: Elevator Antics
B737 = Checkpoint Barrel: Poison Pond
B773 = Checkpoint Barrel: Mine Cart Madness
B7A5 = Checkpoint Barrel: Blackout Basement

B769 = Checkpoint Barrel: Tanked Up Trouble
B72D = Checkpoint Barrel: Manic Mincers
B74B = Checkpoint Barrel: Misty Mine
B787 = Checkpoint Barrel: Loopy Lights
B741 = Checkpoint Barrel: Platform Perils

B86D = Mini-Necky (stationary) (shoot nuts)
B8D5 = Mini-Necky (move upwards) (shoot nuts, very slow)
B8C7 = Mini-Necky (move upwards) (shoot nuts, slow)
B863 = Mini-Necky (move upwards) (shoot nuts)
B88B = Mini-Necky (move upwards) (shoot nuts, slightly faster)
B89F = Mini-Necky (move upwards) (shoot nuts, fast)

B881 = Mini-Necky (move up once)
B895 = Mini-Necky (inch upward a few times)

B8B3 = Mini-Necky (move up/down shoot 2 nuts)
B8BD = Mini-Necky (move up/down shoot 2 nuts, diff init)
B84F = Mini-Necky (move up/down shoot 3 nuts)
B859 = Mini-Necky (move up/down shoot 3 nuts, 2nd nut shot earlier)

B913 = Butterfly, Purple/Yellow
B91D = Butterfly, Red/Yellow
B927 = Butterfly, Yellow/Gold
B931 = Butterfly, Dark-Azure/Red
B967 = Arrow Platform [Down] (shakes/falls)
B9A5 = Arrow Platform [Up]
B9B3 = Arrow Platform [Up] (faster)
B9C1 = Arrow Platform [Up] (even faster)
B9CF = Arrow Platform [Up] (much faster)
B9DD = Arrow Platform [Up] (much faster, more)
B9EB = Arrow Platform [Down]
B9F9 = Arrow Platform [Down] (slower)
BA07 = Arrow Platform [Down] (very slow, long)
BA15 = Arrow Platform [Down] (very slow, very short)
BA23 = Arrow Platform [Down] (very short)
BA31 = Arrow Platform [Down] (long)
BA3F = Arrow Platform [Down] (long, fast)
BA4D = Arrow Platform [Down] (long, fast)
BA5B = Arrow Platform [Down] (falls immediately)
BA69 = Arrow Platform [Left]
BA77 = Arrow Platform [Left] (constant)
BA85 = Arrow Platform [Right] (slow)
BA93 = Arrow Platform [Right]
BAAF = Arrow Platform [Right] (slow, shorter)
BABD = Arrow Platform [Right] (slow, shorter)
BACB = Arrow Platform [Right] (fast, shorter)
BAD9 = Arrow Platform [Right] (very slow, long)
BAF5 = Arrow Platform [Right] (slow, long)
BB03 = Arrow Platform [Right]
BB2D = Arrow Platform [Right] (short)
BB57 = Arrow Platform [Right] (semi-short)
BB65 = Gnawty (move b/f backward, very slow)
BB77 = Gnawty (move b/f backward)
BB89 = Grey Krusha (move b/f backward)
BB9F = Klump (move b/f backward)
BBB1 = DK Barrel (Alt)
BBD3 = Vine Barrel (Alt)
BBDD = Rockkroc (move b/f)
BC63 = Necky (revolve upward)
BC75 = Necky (revolve upward, slower)
BC87 = Necky (move up/down, long)
BC99 = Necky (move up/down)
BCAB = Necky (move up/down semi-upward, short)
BCBD = Necky (move up/down, short)
BCCF = Necky (move up/down, slower)
BD05 = Necky (move b/f, short)
BD17 = Necky (move b/f)
BD29 = Necky (constant movement, very slow)
BD37 = Necky (constant movement)
BD45 = Necky (constant movement, fast)
BD61 = Necky (stationary)
BD95 = Manky Kong (slow)
BD9F = Manky Kong (very slow-moving barrels)
BDA9 = Manky Kong
BDB3 = Manky Kong (fast)
BDBD = Manky Kong (fast, fast-moving barrels)
BDE5 = Manky Kong (three consecutive barrels)
BDEF = Manky Kong (fast-moving barrels)
BE77 = Iced Rope, Purple (moves a little when grabbed)
BE91 = Iced Rope, Blue (Hangs In-Place)
BE9B = Iced Rope, Blue [Zero Movement]
BEA9 = Iced Rope, Blue (slow)
BEB7 = Iced Rope, Blue (slow)
BEC5 = Iced Rope, Purple
BEEF = Iced Rope, Purple (slow)
BEFD = Iced Rope, Purple (Hangs In-Place)
BF0B = Rope (Hangs In-Place)
BF1D = Rope (Hangs In-Place)
BF45 = Rope (moving b/f)
BF33 = Rope (moving b/f backward)
BF69 = Rope (moving b/f, very long, fast)
C031 = Rope (moves right when grabbed; ~6 tiles, slow)
C017 = Rope (moves right when grabbed; ~5 tiles)
BF7B = Rope (moves right when grabbed; ~6 tiles, off-center)
BF95 = Rope (moves right when grabbed; ~8 tiles, fast)
C099 = Rope (moves right when grabbed; ~11 tiles)
BFAF = Rope (moves right when grabbed; ~12 tiles)
BFC9 = Rope (moves right when grabbed; ~14 tiles)
C0B3 = Rope (moves right when grabbed; ~35 tiles)
C04B = Rope (moves right when grabbed; ~37 tiles)
BFE3 = Rope (moves right when grabbed; ~45 tiles)
C07F = Rope (moves right when grabbed; ~90 tiles)
BFFD = Rope (moves left when grabbed; ~6 tiles)
C159 = Squidge (moving down, fast)
C16B = Squidge (moving up)
C17D = Squidge (moving left)
C18F = Squidge (moving up, fast)
C1E5 = Chomps (moving b/f)
C213 = Chomps (moving b/f)
C293 = Chomps Jr. (moving b/f)
C34D = Chomps (moving left)
C35B = Chomps (moving right)
C39F = Chomps Jr. (moving right)
C4E5 = Mini-Drum {Slippa}
C51B = Mini-Drum {Slippa}
C559 = Mini-Drum {Klaptrap}
C56D = Mini-Drum {Gnawty}
C577 = Mini-Drum {Gnawty}
C585 = Mini-Drum {Army}
C58F = Mini-Drum {Army} (shot up high)
C599 = Mini-Drum {Slippa} (behind only)
C5DF = Light Fixture, Green
C5E9 = Light Fixture, Stop & Go
C5F3 = Light Fixture, Brown
C667 = Mine Cart (jump out of cart)
C675 = Krash (Stationary)
C683 = Mine Cart (jump with cart)
C691 = Mine Cart (derailed)
C69F = Krash
C6AD = Krash (???)
C749 = Perched Necky (1 nut, steady pace)
C753 = Perched Necky (1 nut, brisk pace)
C735 = Perched Necky (1 nut, fast pace)
C721 = Perched Necky (1 nut rightwards, steady pace)
C703 = Perched Necky (3 nuts, steady pace)
C75D = Perched Necky (3 nuts, brisk pace)
C73F = Perched Necky (3 nuts, fast pace)
CC05 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D0EB = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D52D = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
DB6B = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
DC65 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
DC7F = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
DC29 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
DAA9 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CE37 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CF91 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D315 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D513 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
C8D3 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CECD = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D1A7 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D249 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D5D5 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire) [Distance: ULTRA]
DC99 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CEEB = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D56F = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
C837 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CE73 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CA25 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CDA1 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D189 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
C955 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
DB1D = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CBAF = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CDBF = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CAC5 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CCED = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CD0B = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CDFB = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D073 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D127 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
DB37 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D65D = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire) [Distance: ULTRA]
C8B9 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CBC9 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D28D = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D337 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
DBD3 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CA3F = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CE55 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D5F7 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CC75 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CC93 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CCCF = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CE91 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D1E7 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
C96F = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CA0B = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D051 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D16B = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire) [Distance: ULTRAPLUS]
CD83 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D37B = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
DBED = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
DC0B = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D5B3 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire) [Distance: ULTRA]
CEAF = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
DBB9 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CB95 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D2D1 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D619 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D67F = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
C86B = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D149 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
C9A3 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
C7E9 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
C89F = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
C9F1 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D26B = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
C81D = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CA73 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D2F3 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
CB61 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
C93B = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire)
D543 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire) [Shoots: LEFT] (NO PAL)
AF0D = **Bonus/Warp Exit (Disappears)(NO PAL)
AEE1 = **Bonus/Warp Exit (Disappears)(NO PAL)
CADF = Barrel Cannon [Distance: ~13 Tiles]
CB47 = Barrel Cannon
CB7B = Barrel Cannon
C989 = Barrel Cannon
CAF9 = Barrel Cannon
CB13 = Barrel Cannon
DB9F = Barrel Cannon
C885 = Barrel Cannon [Distance: ~8 Tiles]
D469 = Barrel Cannon
D48B = Barrel Cannon
D4AD = Barrel Cannon
D4CF = Barrel Cannon
C8ED = Barrel Cannon [Distance: ~8 Tiles]
D2AF = Barrel Cannon
D447 = Barrel Cannon
D1C5 = Barrel Cannon
D4F1 = Barrel Cannon
CA59 = Barrel Cannon
CD29 = Barrel Cannon
D867 = Barrel Cannon
D889 = Barrel Cannon
D8AB = Barrel Cannon
D8CD = Barrel Cannon
D911 = Barrel Cannon
D955 = Barrel Cannon
D977 = Barrel Cannon
D999 = Barrel Cannon
D9BB = Barrel Cannon
D9DD = Barrel Cannon
DCB3 = Barrel Cannon
DCD5 = Barrel Cannon
DCF7 = Barrel Cannon
DD19 = Barrel Cannon
DD3B = Barrel Cannon
DD5D = Barrel Cannon
DF95 = Barrel Cannon
D6A1 = Barrel Cannon
D6DD = Barrel Cannon
D6FB = Barrel Cannon
D719 = Barrel Cannon
D737 = Barrel Cannon
D791 = Barrel Cannon
D7AF = Barrel Cannon
D7CD = Barrel Cannon
D7EB = Barrel Cannon
D809 = Barrel Cannon
D827 = Barrel Cannon
D845 = Barrel Cannon
C767 = Barrel Cannon
CFD1 = Barrel Cannon
C79B = Barrel Cannon
D02F = Barrel Cannon
CF09 = Barrel Cannon
CF2B = Barrel Cannon
DE4B = Barrel Cannon
CAA7 = Barrel Cannon
CF4D = Barrel Cannon
CF6F = Barrel Cannon
CFAF = Barrel Cannon
DE69 = Barrel Cannon
DE87 = Barrel Cannon
DEA5 = Barrel Cannon
DEC3 = Barrel Cannon
DEE1 = Barrel Cannon
C781 = Barrel Cannon
CFEF = Barrel Cannon
D00D = Barrel Cannon
C851 = Barrel Cannon
D091 = Barrel Cannon
D0AF = Barrel Cannon
D0CD = Barrel Cannon
DEFF = Barrel Cannon
DF1D = Barrel Cannon
C7B5 = Barrel Cannon
C9BD = Barrel Cannon
C907 = Barrel Cannon
C921 = Barrel Cannon
C9D7 = Barrel Cannon
D209 = Barrel Cannon
D359 = Barrel Cannon
CB2D = Barrel Cannon
D109 = Barrel Cannon
C803 = Barrel Cannon
DB85 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire) [Disappears]
CDDD = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire) [Distance: ULTRA]
DA65 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire) [Distance: JUGGERNAUT - longest]
CBE7 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire) [Distance: JUGGERNAUT]
CCB1 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire) [Distance: JUGGERNAUT]
DA87 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire) [Distance: JUGGERNAUT - slightly less]
D63B = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire) [Shoots: DOWNLEFT, Distance: ULTRA]
D559 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire) [Shoots: LEFT, Speed: BERSERK]
DC47 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire) [Shoots: LEFT, Distance: ULTRA-WEAK]
D227 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire) [Shoots: LEFT, Distance: JUGGERNAUT]
D591 = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire) [Points: DOWNLEFT, Shoots: UPLEFT]
D9FF = Barrel Cannon [Rotates+Moves On Load Simultaneously]
DA21 = Barrel Cannon [Rotates+Moves On Load Simultaneously]
DF59 = Barrel Cannon [Rotates+Moves Simultaneously]
DF77 = Barrel Cannon [Oscillates+Moves Simultaneously]
E047 = Fuel Drum: 1 Unit
E063 = Fuel Drum: 3 Units
E071 = Fuel Drum: 5 Units
E123 = Blue Croctopus
E135 = Blue Croctopus
E147 = Blue Croctopus
E159 = Blue Croctopus (move up, left, then up)
E16B = Blue Croctopus
E17D = Blue Croctopus
E18F = Blue Croctopus
E1A1 = Blue Croctopus
E1B3 = Blue Croctopus (move left then down into obscurity)
E1C5 = Blue Croctopus
E1D7 = Blue Croctopus (move left then up into obscurity)
E1E9 = Blue Croctopus (just sits there?)
E1FB = Blue Croctopus
E20D = Purple Croctopus
E21F = Purple Croctopus
E231 = Purple Croctopus (move around square border downward)
E24B = Purple Croctopus
E26F = Purple Croctopus
E3A3 = Whale (Picture Frame in Treehouse)
E3E9 = Barrel, Rolling Left
E4B7 = Rockkroc (running b/f)
E4C5 = Rockkroc (running b/f, short)
E4D3 = Rockkroc (running b/f backward, long)
E4E1 = Rockkroc (running b/f foward)
E4EF = Rockkroc (running b/f, very short)
E4FD = Rockkroc (running b/f, short)
E527 = Rockkroc (running b/f)
E5A3 = Extra-Life Balloon, Red (float away)
E5B9 = Extra-Life Balloon, Red
E5D1 = Extra-Life Balloon, Green (float away)
E5E7 = Extra-Life Balloon, Green
E5FF = Extra-Life Balloon, Blue (float away)
E615 = Extra-Life Balloon, Blue
E667 = OIL Drum (constant flame)
E671 = OIL Drum (interval between flame rise)
E67B = OIL Drum (rapid flame rise)
E70F = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E719 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E723 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E72D = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E737 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E741 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E74B = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E755 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E75F = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E769 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E773 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E77D = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E787 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E791 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E79B = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E7A5 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E7AF = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E7B9 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E7C3 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E7CD = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E7D7 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E7E1 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E7EB = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E7F5 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E7FF = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E809 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E813 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E81D = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E827 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E831 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E83B = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E845 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E84F = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E859 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E863 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E86D = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E877 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E881 = Switch Barrel (Themed)
E88B = Switch Barrel (Themed)
ED59 = Hidden Bonus: Reptile Rumble #1
ED6B = Hidden Bonus: Reptile Rumble #3
ED7D = Hidden Bonus: Bouncy Bonanza #1
ED8F = Hidden Bonus: Manic Mincers #1
EDA1 = Hidden Bonus: Manic Mincers #2
EDB3 = Hidden Bonus: Misty Mine
EDC5 = Hidden Bonus: Stop & Go Station #1
EDD7 = Hidden Bonus: Loopy Lights #2
EDE9 = Hidden Bonus: Torchlight Trouble #1
EDFB = Hidden Bonus: Torchlight Trouble #2
EE0D = Bonus Wall: Jungle Hijinx #1
EE1F = Bonus Wall: Jungle Hijinx #2
EE31 = Bonus Wall: Orang-utan Gang #2
EE43 = Bonus Wall: Orang-utan Gang #4
EE55 = Bonus Wall: Orang-utan Gang #5
EE67 = Bonus Wall: Barrel Cannon Canyon #1
EE79 = Bonus Wall: Barrel Cannon Canyon #2
EE8B = Bonus Wall: Ropey Rampage #1
EE9D = Bonus Wall: Orang-utan Gang #3
EEAF = Bonus Wall: Oil Drum Alley #4
EEC1 = Bonus Wall: Oil Drum Alley #3
EED3 = Bonus Wall: Oil Drum Alley #2
EEE5 = Bonus Wall: Blackout Basement #2
EEF7 = Bonus Wall: Millstone Mayhem #3
EF09 = Bonus Wall: Temple Tempest #1
EF1B = Bonus Wall: Vulture Culture #2
EF2D = Bonus Wall: Vulture Culture #3
EF3F = Bonus Wall: Forest Frenzy #2
F067 = Bonus Exit Hole: Reptile Rumble #1
F07D = Bonus Exit Hole: Reptile Rumble #3
F093 = Bonus Exit Hole: Bouncy Bonanza #1
F0A9 = Bonus Exit Hole: Manic Mincers #2
F0BF = Bonus Exit Hole: Loopy Lights #2
F0E7 = Bonus Exit Wall: Barrel Cannon Canyon #1
F0FD = Bonus Exit Wall: Barrel Cannon Canyon #2
F113 = Bonus Exit Wall: Jungle Hijinx #1
F129 = Bonus Exit Wall: Ropey Rampage #1
F13F = Bonus Exit Wall: Orang-utan Gang #5
F155 = EVENT: Exit Treehouse (Upon Level Entry)
F173 = EVENT: Exit Treehouse (From Inside Treehouse)
F841 = Very Gnawty
F865 = Really Gnawty
F90D = Boss Dumb Drum
F9BB = Queen B.
FA61 = Master Necky
FAAF = Master Necky Snr.
FB8F = 100-Second Timer: Enguarde
FBA1 = 100-Second Timer: Rambi
FBB3 = 100-Second Timer: Winky
FBC5 = 100-Second Timer: Expresso
FBD7 = Arrow Sign
FC0B = Exit Sign
FC25 = Kong's Banana Hoard Sign
FC3F = DK Isle
FC55 = King K. Rool

E2D3 = UNDERWATER FAKE WALL: Croctopus Chase #2
E2E5 = UNDERWATER FAKE WALL: Croctopus Chase #1
E2F7 = UNDERWATER FAKE WALL: Coral Capers #1
E309 = UNDERWATER FAKE WALL: Coral Capers #2
E69F = TRIGGER: Stop & Go Station, Loopy Lights
E6BD = TRIGGER: Blackout Basement
E8C7 = LEVEL EXIT: Jungle Hijinxs
EA25 = LEVEL EXIT: Ropey Rampage
E9DF = LEVEL EXIT: Reptile Rumble
EAB1 = LEVEL EXIT: Coral Capers
EA6B = LEVEL EXIT: Barrel Cannon Canyon
E935 = LEVEL EXIT: Winky's Walkway
EAC5 = LEVEL EXIT: Mine Cart Carnage (Exit via Minecart Only)
E953 = LEVEL EXIT: Bouncy Bonanza, Stop & Go Station
EA2F = LEVEL EXIT: Millstone Mayhem
E9AD = LEVEL EXIT: Vulture Culture, Tree Top Town
E98F = LEVEL EXIT: Forest Frenzy
EA89 = LEVEL EXIT: Temple Tempest
EA39 = LEVEL EXIT: Orang-utan Gang
EAA7 = LEVEL EXIT: Clam City
E999 = LEVEL EXIT: Snow Barrel Blast
E9CB = LEVEL EXIT: Slipslide Ride
E967 = LEVEL EXIT: Ice Age Alley
EABB = LEVEL EXIT: Croctopus Chase
E8E5 = LEVEL EXIT: Torchlight Trouble
E9FD = LEVEL EXIT: Rope Bridge Rumble
E93F = LEVEL EXIT: Oil Drum Alley
E903 = LEVEL EXIT: Trick Track Trek, Elevator Antics
EA9D = LEVEL EXIT: Poison Pond
EA57 = LEVEL EXIT: Mine Cart Madness
EA07 = LEVEL EXIT: Blackout Basement
E8DB = LEVEL EXIT: Tanked Up Trouble
E8BD = LEVEL EXIT: Manic Mincers
EA61 = LEVEL EXIT: Misty Mine
EA7F = LEVEL EXIT: Loopy Lights
E92B = LEVEL EXIT: Platform Perils
EA93 = BONUS EXIT (All Bonuses)
ED39 = ROOM ENTRANCE: Kong's Cabin
ED19 = ROOM ENTRANCE: Kong's Banana Hoard
ECB5 = ROOM ENTRANCE: Winky Room (Bouncy Bonanza)
ED0B = ROOM ENTRANCE: Manic Mincers Room
E9A3 = ROOM EXIT: Manic Mincers Room
ED27 = BONUS ENTRANCE: Orang-utan Gang #1
ECC3 = BONUS ENTRANCE: Elevator Antics #1
ECD5 = BONUS ENTRANCE: Elevator Antics #2
ECE7 = BONUS ENTRANCE: Elevator Antics #3
ED4B = WARP ENTRANCE: Stop & Go Station
F1B5 = BANANA HOARD: Empty...
F1C3 = BANANA HOARD: Full!!!
F1D1 = BONUS: K-O-N-G-Banana Roulette [Red Balloon]
F1E3 = BONUS: Tokens Roulette
F1F5 = BONUS: Balloons Roulette
F207 = BONUS: Roulette [Get Prize], Balloon-Bunch-Banana-WinkyToken
F219 = BONUS: Roulette [Get Prize], Balloon-Bunch-Banana
F22B = BONUS: Roulette [Get Prize or Barrel], Balloon-Bunch-Banana
F269 = BONUS: Find The [Red Balloon]
F27B = BONUS: Find The [Red Balloon], ...during Blackouts
F28D = BONUS: Find The [Green Balloon]
F2D3 = BONUS: Find The [Winky Token]
F2DD = BONUS: Find The [Rambi Token]
F2E7 = BONUS: Find The [Engaurde Token]
F30F = BONUS: Klaptrap Bash x1, [Rambi Token]
F31D = BONUS: Klaptrap Bash x1, [Rambi Token], Darkness
F33D = BONUS: Klaptrap Bash x2, [Red Balloon]
F34B = BONUS: Klaptrap Bash Purple x1, [Red Balloon]
F365 = BONUS: Klaptrap Bash x3, [Red Balloon]
F4BF = BONUS: Kremheads Spelling Bee - KONG, [Expresso Token]
F4E5 = BONUS: Kremheads Spelling Bee - RARE, [Enguarde Token]
F50B = BONUS: Spelling Bee, DONKEY KONG COUNTRY, [Balloons]
F585 = BONUS: Spelling Bee, NINTENDO, [Red Balloon]
FE01 = Ending Credits Script

A3BD = Swinging Rope
A411 = Swinging Rope; Wait for Grab
A41B = Swinging Rope; Wait for Grab (???)
F773 = Red Gnawty on Millstone; moving left/right (shorter)
F781 = Red Gnawty on Millstone; moving left/right (longer)
F78F = Red Gnawty on Millstone; moving left/right
F79D = Red Gnawty on Millstone; move up/down
F7AB = Red Gnawty on Millstone; move up/down (slower)
F7B9 = Red Gnawty on Millstone; move up/down (faster)
F7C7 = Red Gnawty on Millstone; move up/down (very fast)
F7D5 = Red Gnawty on Millstone
F7E7 = Red Gnawty on Millstone
F7F9 = Red Gnawty on Millstone
F80B = Red Gnawty on Millstone
F81D = Red Gnawty on Millstone
F82F = Red Gnawty on Millstone

# COMPOUND OBJECTS ##################################################################

87D4 = Pushable Tire, Old + Moving Platform w/Tire (Bouncy Bonanza)
87F4 = Set of 2 Arching Zingers (Bouncy Bonanza)
8814 = Set of 2 Gold Kritters (Bouncy Bonanza)
8AA4 = Set of 4 Mini-Drums {Slippa}
8BE8 = ???
8FC4 = Manky Kong + Barrels #1 (Orang-utan Gang)
8FE4 = Manky Kong + Barrels #2 (Orang-utan Gang)
9004 = Manky Kong + Barrels #3 (Orang-utan Gang)
9044 = Manky Kong + Barrels #4 (Orang-utan Gang)
9064 = Manky Kong + Barrels #5 (Orang-utan Gang)
9084 = Manky Kong + Barrels #6 (Orang-utan Gang)
93CC = Revolving Mincers #1 (Manic Mincers)
93EC = Revolving Mincers #2 (Manic Mincers)
9414 = ???
97F4 = Set of 3 Gnawtys (Jungle Hijinxs)
9BE4 = Set of Barrel Cannons #1 (Barrel Cannon Canyon)
9C0C = Set of Barrel Cannons #2 (Barrel Cannon Canyon)
9C2C = Set of Barrel Cannons #3 w/Zigners (Barrel Cannon Canyon)
9C64 = Set of Barrel Cannons #4 w/Zigner (Barrel Cannon Canyon)
9C8C = Set of Barrel Cannons #5 (Barrel Cannon Canyon)
9CB4 = Set of Barrel Cannons #6 w/Zigner (Barrel Cannon Canyon)
9F94 = Set of 3 Zingers (Elevator Antics)
9FBC = Set of 2 Orange Zingers (Elevator Antics)
9FDC = Set of 2 Klumps Walking Right (Elevator Antics)
9FFC = ???
A40C = Set of Mincers #1 (Poison Pond)
A42C = Set of Mincers #2 (Poison Pond)
A44C = Set of Mincers #3 (Poison Pond)
A46C = Set of Mincers #4 (Poison Pond)
A4B4 = Set of Mincers #5 (Poison Pond)
A4E4 = Set of Mincers #6 (Poison Pond)
A524 = Set of Mincers #7 (Poison Pond)
A544 = Set of Mincers #8 (Poison Pond)
A564 = Set of Mincers #9 (Poison Pond)
ABE8 = Set of 3 Neckys (Snow Barrel Blast)
AC10 = Set of 3 Klaptraps (Snow Barrel Blast)
B5F0 = Manky Kong + Barrel (Trick Track Trek)
B610 = Manky Kong + Barrels (Trick Track Trek)
B630 = Set of 2 Neckys (Trick Track Trek)
B9A0 = Set of 2 Zingers (Tanked Up Trouble)
BCF8 = Set of 2 Rockkrocs #1
BD18 = Set of 2 Rockkrocs #2
BD38 = Set of 1 Rockkroc (one missing?)
BD50 = Set of 2 Rockkrocs on Moving Platforms
BD80 = Set of 3 Klaptraps (Stop & Go Station)
BDA8 = Set of 2 Rockkrocs #3
BDC8 = Set of 2 Rockkrocs #4
BDE8 = Set of 2 Rockkrocs #5
BE08 = Set of 2 Rockkrocs #6
C2C0 = Set of 2 Cave Platforms, Moving b/f (Loopy Lights)
C2E0 = Set of 2 Cave Platforms, Moving up/down (Loopy Lights)
C300 = Manky Kong + ??? (Loopy Lights)
C688 = Oil Barrel Set #1
C708 = Set of 3 Blue Kritters (Oil Drum Alley)
C730 = Oil Barrel Set #2
C750 = Oil Barrel Set #3
C770 = Manky Kong
C790 = Manky Kong (A little faster)
C7B0 = Manky Kong (Faces Kong, Fast)
C7D0 = Manky Kong (Faces Kong, Faster)
C7F0 = Manky Kong + Barrels (Oil Drum Alley)
CA28 = Set of 2 Factory Platforms, Moving Up/Down (Blackout Basement)
CA48 = Set of 2 Factory Platforms, Moving b/f (Blackout Basement)
CA68 = Set of 4 Green Kritters (Blackout Basement)
CA98 = Manky Kong + Barrels (Blackout Basement)
D9FA = Set of 3 Mincers (moving up/down, FAST)
DDFA = Set of 5 Barrel Cannons (Tree Top Town)
E0FA = ???
E32A = Set of 3 Swinging Ropes (Ice Age Alley)
E352 = Set of 2 Swinging Ropes (Ice Age Alley)
E372 = Manky Kong + Barrels #1 (Ice Age Alley)
E392 = Manky Kong + Barrels #2 (Ice Age Alley)
E3B2 = Manky Kong + Barrels #3 (Ice Age Alley)
E91C = Set of 2 Gold Kritters #1 (Rope Bridge Rumble)
E93C = Set of 2 Gold Kritters #2 (Rope Bridge Rumble)
E95C = Set of Cave Platforms/Tires/Zingers (Rope Bridge Rumble)
ECC4 = Set of 2 Ropes (Moving b/f "mirrored" ~6 tiles)
F154 = Set of 3 Croctopi Moving in Squares (Clam City)


9103 = Half-Buried Tire, Old (Low Velocity + Gravity, Bouncy Bonanza Only)

B62B = Coal Elevators #1 (Elevator Antics)
B635 = Coal Elevators #2 (Elevator Antics)
B63F = Coal Elevators #3 (Elevator Antics)
B649 = Coal Elevators #4 (Elevator Antics)
B653 = Coal Elevators #5 (Elevator Antics)
B65D = Coal Elevators #6 (Elevator Antics)
B667 = Coal Elevators #7 (Elevator Antics)
B671 = Coal Elevators #8 (Elevator Antics)
B67B = Coal Elevators #9 (Elevator Antics)

FD31 = TRIGGER: Fog #1 (Misty Mine)
FD38 = TRIGGER: Fog #2 (Misty Mine)
FD46 = TRIGGER: Sunrise/End-Storm Part 2 (Ropey Rampage)
FD50 = TRIGGER: Night/Day (Jungles)
FD63 = TRIGGER: Sunrise/End-Storm Part 3 (Ropey Rampage)
FD76 = TRIGGER: Clear Weather (Snow Glaciers)
FD7D = TRIGGER: Incoming Blizzard L1 (Snow Glaciers)
FD84 = TRIGGER: Incoming Blizzard L2 (Snow Glaciers)
FD8B = TRIGGER: Incoming Blizzard L3 (Snow Glaciers)
FD92 = TRIGGER: Incoming Blizzard L4 (Snow Glaciers)
FD99 = TRIGGER: Full Blizzard (Snow Glaciers)
FDB3 = TRIGGER: Sunrise/End-Storm Part 1 (Ropey Rampage)

A584 = Vertical Level Script (Poison Pond)
A7BE = Vertical Level Script (Croctopus Chase)
D9A0 = Vertical Level Script (Slipslide Ride)
E5FA = Vertical Level Script (Coral Capers)
F17C = Vertical Level Script (Clam City)

00B0 = TIMER TRIGGER: Red Balloon (Temple Tempest Bonus #1)
0230 = TIMER TRIGGER: Warp Barrel (Vulture Culture)
04E0 = TIMER TRIGGER: Blue Balloon (Snow Barrel Blast)

AE89 = Warp Barrel: Vulture Culture (Time-Limit, DK Only)

E07F = Fueled Platform #1 (Tanked Up Trouble)
E095 = Fueled Platform #2 (Tanked Up Trouble)
E0AB = Track Platform #1 (Trick Track Trek)
E0C1 = Track Platform #2 (Trick Track Trek)
E0D7 = Track Platform (Trick Track Trek Bonus #1)
FD59 = Giant Golden Token, Rambi
FD6B = Giant Golden Token, Expresso

9603 = Klaptrap (move R/L, 8 tiles, centered)
9619 = Klaptrap (move R/L, ~9 tiles, ~2 left from coord)
9711 = Klaptrap (move right constantly)
9C39 = Kritter, Blue (blue, small hops right)
9F9D = Orange Zinger (move b/f fast, ~4 tiles, centered)
ADBF = Bonus Barrel: Slipslide Ride
AFD3 = Mincer, Revolve (Fwd) (very wide)
B063 = Mincer, Revolve (Rev) (very wide)
B163 = Mincer, Move Up/Down (Centered, tall)
B1E1 = Mincer, Move Up/Down (Centered, shorter, faster)
B219 = Mincer, Move Up/Down (up from coord)
B2E5 = Mincer, Move Left/Right (very long)
B2F3 = Mincer, Move Left/Right (long)
B301 = Mincer, Move Left/Right (very long, faster)
B30F = Mincer, Move Left/Right (long, faster, off-center)
C123 = Squidge, Move Only Up-Right
C135 = Squidge, Move Only Up-Left
C1F3 = Chomps (move L/R)
C201 = Chomps (move L/R)
C257 = Chomps Jr. (move L/R, ~8 tiles)
C265 = Chomps Jr. (move L/R, ~4 tiles)
C273 = Chomps Jr. (move L/R, ~3 tiles)
C281 = Chomps Jr. (move L/R, ~2.5 tiles)
C2E5 = Bitesize (move L/R, 8 tiles, right from coord)
C309 = Bitesize (move L/R, 7 tiles, left from coord)
C31B = Bitesize (move L/R, 5 tiles, left from coord)
C32D = Bitesize (move L/R, 2 tiles, centered)
C38D = Chomps Jr. (moving left constantly)
C3BF = Bitesize (moving left)
C3E3 = Bitesize (moving left, slow)
C3F5 = Bitesize (moving right, very slow)
C40B = Bitesize (moving right, slow)
C421 = Bitesize (moving right)
C437 = Bitesize (moving left, fast)
C449 = Bitesize (moving left, semi-fast)
C46D = Bitesize (moving left, very fast)
DFD9 = Mincer, Move Up/Down (Centered, tall, very slow)
E421 = Clambo (3 pearls, T up)
E42B = Clambo (2 pearls, V up)
E435 = Clambo (5 pearls, up)
E43F = Clambo (5 pearls, down)
E449 = Clambo (2 pearls, V right)
E457 = Clambo (2 pearls, V left)
E461 = Clambo (1 pearl, up-left)
E46B = Clambo (1 pearl, left)
E475 = Clambo (1 pearl, right)
EF51 = Bonus Wall: Slipslide Ride #1
EF63 = Bonus Wall: Slipslide Ride #2
FBF1 = Arrow Sign Pointing Left

E31B = UNDERWATER FAKE WALL: Enguarde Bonus South Area
E32D = UNDERWATER FAKE WALL: Enguarde Bonus West Area
E33F = UNDERWATER FAKE WALL: Enguarde Bonus East Area
E351 = UNDERWATER FAKE WALL: Enguarde Bonus North Area

# NEW OBJECTS (Some of these could potentially be glitch digits) ###################

E3BB = Barrel, Rolling Right [BETA]
9227 = Steel Keg (Alt) [BETA]
E055 = Fuel Drum: 2 Units [BETA]
C5A3 = Mini-Drum {Slippa} (Upside-Down) [BETA]
C5AD = Mini-Drum {Army} (Upside-Down) [BETA]
C5B7 = Mini-Drum {Army} (very long delays) (Upside-Down) [BETA]

99A9 = Kritter, Green constant movement, jumps very high
99E7 = Kritter, Green constant movement, jumps very low

9AAB = Item Cache {Golden Token, Rambi}[BETA]
9AB7 = Item Cache {Golden Token, Expresso}[BETA]
9B91 = Kritter, Gold (leaping b/f backward, 96px) [BETA]
A4A1 = Kritter, Green (walking b/f centered, 30px) [BETA]
A4AF = Kritter, Green (walking b/f centered, 300px) [BETA]
9DC9 = Zinger (top init, 140px) [BETA]
A037 = Orange Zinger (b/f centered, 100px) [BETA]
B075 = Mincer, Revolve (Rev) 110px, 30 frames/rotation [BETA]
B2C9 = Mincer (Move b/f) 235px, 8 pixels/frame [BETA]
B32B = Mincer (Move b/f) 440px, 8 pixels/frame [BETA]
B41D = Gnawty (constant movement backwards) [BETA]
B521 = Krusha (walking b/f backward, 150px) [BETA]
B52F = Krusha (walking b/f backward, 110px) [BETA]
B54B = Krusha (walking b/f centered, 70px) [BETA]
B567 = Krusha (walking b/f centered, 200px) [BETA]
B599 = Krusha (walking b/f centered, 40px) [BETA]
B877 = Mini-Necky (move vertical) (shoot nuts, 60 frames) [BETA]
B8A9 = Mini-Necky (move vertical) (shoot nuts, 45 frames) [BETA]
BAA1 = Arrow Platform [Right] 230px @ 2 pixels/frame [BETA]
BAE7 = Arrow Platform [Right] 370px @ 2 pixels/frame [BETA]
BB11 = Arrow Platform [Right] 260px @ 2 pixels/frame [BETA]
BB1F = Arrow Platform [Right] 300px @ 2 pixels/frame [BETA]
BCE1 = Necky (move up/down 110px @ 8ppf) [BETA]
BCF3 = Necky (move b/f 160px @ 8ppf) [BETA]
BD53 = Necky (move right endlessly @ 4ppf) [BETA]
BDC7 = Manky Kong (3/4) [BETA]
BDD1 = Manky Kong (4, Wait Less Each Time) [BETA]
BDDB = Manky Kong (2/4/2) [BETA]
BED3 = Iced Rope, Purple Slower Drag [BETA]
BEE1 = Iced Rope, Purple Slower Drag [BETA]
BF57 = Rope [BETA] (moves b/f centered; 300px)
C065 = Rope [BETA] (moves right when grabbed; 1150px)
C4FD = Mini-Drum {Klaptrap} (front and back) [BETA]
C507 = Mini-Drum {Klaptraps x2} (front only) [BETA]
C511 = Mini-Drum {Armys x2} (front only) [BETA]
C717 = Perched Necky [BETA](5 nuts, steady pace)
C72B = Perched Necky [BETA](2 nuts, steady pace; Thrown Back then Down)
CA8D = Barrel Cannon (AutoFire) [Distance: 440px] [Moves FAST!] [BETA]
E50B = Rockkroc [BETA] (running b/f centered, 214px)
E519 = Rockkroc [BETA] (running b/f centered, 40px)
I would have posted this in the ROM Offsets thread, but I felt this deserved its own thread due to the nature of the data.
[Edit: Updated Oct 31st 2011 - All known objects documented (data is from RE's GameConfig.INI file)]
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Re: List of all used DKC Object Digits & Fuctions

Postby Qyzbud » September 5th, 2008, 9:49 am

So that list there references every object in the game which has unique properties? I'm guessing that many of those codes/digits are accessed numerous times to call upon level objects with identical properties...

Such as:
  • Kritters that just walk until they reach an obstacle, then turn around and repeat (most of Jungle Hijinxs' Kritters are like this)
  • The barrel cannons near the end of Vulture Culture (view map) which all have a 90 degree rotation range, and identical speed/power
  • All floating DK barrels
  • All grounded DK barrels
Whereas there are also plenty of one-off objects, such as the path-based Croctopuses, Millstones, etc.

Am I on track here?

Also, how would we go about identifying which objects each code references? Would we use Geiger's debugger?

Just trying to get my head around this... ;)
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Re: List of all used DKC Object Digits & Fuctions

Postby Simion32 » September 5th, 2008, 12:03 pm

Qyzbud wrote:Am I on track here?


Qyzbud wrote:Also, how would we go about identifying which objects each code references? Would we use Geiger's debugger?

That's one way of doing it, yes, but I doubt it would be efficient - it would take a lot of time to go though each object and write down what it is.

I think the most efficient method of figuring out what the objects are, logically, is for me to continue with sprite extraction. Simply put, this list can be used to dig up all the properties of the objects, and the sprite data as well.

As of now I'm trying to renovate the list-making system so that it's faster. Once that's done, the same concept can be applied to object properties to get a list of all non-DK/Diddy sprites (hopefully).

I am quite interested in what those object functions actually are, because changing an object function (but not the object digit) usually causes the object to disappear. Perhaps it tells the game the 'type' of object or something.
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Re: List of all used DKC Object Digits & Fuctions

Postby Simion32 » December 3rd, 2009, 10:18 am

Object Descriptions List Updated
The objects List now contains all definitions found on Giangurgolo's site.
Note: All of the Barrel Cannons do not have a description yet.
Note: Entries marked with $$$ are new objects I have identified, but they are missing a definition.
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Re: List of all used DKC Object Digits & Fuctions

Postby Simion32 » November 1st, 2011, 3:10 pm


The list now uses DKCRE's INI data, which is 99.9% complete.
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Re: List of all used DKC Object Digits & Fuctions

Postby VideoViking » September 12th, 2014, 9:01 am

Krash codes identified!

C69F : Krash (Fast)
C6AD : Krash (Slow)

C69F was used only once: at the very end of Mine Cart Carnage.
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Re: List of all used DKC Object Digits & Fuctions

Postby rainbowsprinklez » September 11th, 2017, 3:32 am

E0FA = set of zingers in vulture culture. The very last two.
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