MENTAL GAME - Find the missing Kong

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MENTAL GAME - Find the missing Kong

Postby SmudgeKWOOD » May 28th, 2009, 3:10 pm

Hay hay again. Poll`s just a survey, nothing related to this.
Hello! It`s a me, Smudgy, recovering after making a Flight of the Zinger remix. This is my mental game which is hopefully better than Alligator`s. (See Names, names) Here are the rules:
1. Read the puzzle and choose the most sensable direction. You must post the way you go with exact steps so it makes sense. (Ex: Cripply Kong does A and goes 10 steps.) You will be told if you are right or wrong.
2. After someone correctly gets it, the next part will be posted. (There might be 5 parts, might be 5,000. All depends on how I feel)
3. Once you`ve got the Kong back, you might have to complete the side game in this the "Death battle," but that`ll only be for special puzzles.
4. You do have the chance of dying. If you fall off a cliff or get killed by fighting, you have to sit out the rest of this puzzle. You can still post, but the puzzle will need to be sat out. You don`t die and come back alive. (AKA Lives)
5. If you succeed, you get a banana bunch like in Alligator`s mental game. But now, if you get 10 banana bunches, you will be a member in a special group and get attatchment awards. WHAT THE FLOCK ARE THEY? I`m not telling, all I can say is they`re worth it. SOME ATTATCHMENTS I BOUGHT WITH MONEY, YOU`LL GET IT FREE! (Just pay processing & handling JK LOLZ ROFL LMAO :lol:) Okay, no examples, learn it.
Puzzle one
Location: Augusta National Golf Course
Stolen Kong: Donkey Kong
Kong location: A tree on the 16th
You: Kiddy Kong
You`re location: 13th tee
Parts: 5
Kiddy`s running on the cartpath and suddenly see`s a 3 way fork in the path. Which route do you take?
A: Staright ahead
B: Take the left
C: The dirt road on the right
Post what I said above. In this part, you cannot die. Good luck!
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Re: MENTAL GAME - Find the missing Kong

Postby SmudgeKWOOD » May 29th, 2009, 2:02 pm

A was chosen by KremKrawl...
Kiddy bumped into a tree. Actually, it`s a small forest with a river. Nothing special.
WHOOPS! You went the wrong way. :cry: But, you didn`t die. So, plan B for you, K.K.
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Re: MENTAL GAME - Find the missing Kong

Postby KremKrawl » June 19th, 2009, 2:14 am

Hm... maybe C then.
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Re: MENTAL GAME - Find the missing Kong

Postby SmudgeKWOOD » June 19th, 2009, 1:03 pm

KremKrawl said C...
YOU MADE IT TO THE NEXT HOLE! :D BUT, now you're stuck in a crowd. Playing in a group is: Tiger Woods, Rocco Mediate, and Mike Weir. They know the course great. You are stuck because the fairway has many different ways to go. Who do you ask for directions?
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Re: MENTAL GAME - Find the missing Kong

Postby Chibisai Kong » April 1st, 2012, 3:52 pm

Tiger Woods? Or does that lead me to Babylon?

Get it? Whore of Babylon? Tiger Woods cheating on his wife with, like, sixteen different women? Ish funny XD
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Re: MENTAL GAME - Find the missing Kong

Postby Simion32 » April 1st, 2012, 4:24 pm

You just bumped a thread from 2009. :ugeek:

Also, Smudge doesn't hang around here anymore, for whatever reason. You probably won't find out what the answer was or why he is gone. :roll:

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