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SDK2 Editor Discussion

Postby dkc2fan » May 29th, 2010, 1:53 pm

In a forum I find a tutorial For a DKC2 editor :D

all versions updates by tyutyuten(the creator of sdk2 editor)
to search new versions
the actual is the version 007, download(mid translated by me : [url=]

this 007 is mid translated to the spanish,but many options is in japanese,


1. open a sdk2 rom,
IMPORTANT: the rom must be japanese and (v1.0)

2. you can edit sprites changing the sprite code in the window

To mod background

1 Open the ???(M)(right of opcion nivel),and press the ??????????(T)
(Im sorry I forget translate this part of the menu,

2 you need export the background pressing the button exportar
(the compression must be sdk2_mapedit PPJ)
3 In the sdk2 folder search the platinum application(if appear a error you must to drag the parts of background(in the same folder))

4 When you finish hack background,you must import with the same menu(mentioned in the 1 step because there have import and export options)

How change Character position,and change parts

1 Open Opcion Nivel, And after open the Other Opcion nivel

2 Where it says Posicion personaje,you must change the X and Y axis,(is easy find the x and y,only you must put the mouse in a part of the background and below in the bar appear the x and y)

2 Go to the Opciones nivel again, Where it says Pasajes,out there at all passages of the level, press the ... button and you can change the level parts

Soon I go to translate more of the editor.

(this version doesn't can change the music)
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Re: SDK2 editor

Postby aperson98 » August 21st, 2010, 7:52 am

I translated some code in the SDK2 editor
here's a list of codes I've found

00B6 = Neek
0A50 = DK barrel breaks on contact
0842 = letter "K"
0844 = letter "O"
0848 = letter "N"
0850 = letter "G"
07FE = Wooden Crate
0836 = Banana coin
000C = Klomp
000E = Klomp (faster?)
0030 = Klomp (moves left and right short)
0040 = Klomp (moves left and right)
0050 = Klomp (moves left and right a little faster)
07FA = Mid-point Barrel ( Pirate Panic)
07E4 = Rambi crate
0A4E = DK barrel Can be picked up and thrown
0C66 = End of level Target (Crashes game when hit)
0D00 = Brown Krockhead (bounces Kongs upward)
0E00 = triggers a 15 second timer (used for bonus stages?)
0082 = Klick Klack
0090 = Klick Klack (moves left and right far)
00BA = Neek (Constant movement to the right)
0100 = Yellow Klobber (Takes away 10 bananas when hit)
0110 = Grey Klobber (Takes away a life when hit)
0120 = Invincibility barrel
0130 = Invincibility barrel (longer time)
0138 = Cannon (leads to bonus when loaded)
0140 = Rattly Barrel
0142 = Parrot Barrel (animal buddy may have strange SFX when loaded on certain levels)
0144 = Rambi Barrel
0146 = Enguarde Barrel
0148 = Parrot Barrel (again?)
0200 = Up arrow barrel
0210 = Left arrow barrel
0220 = Up arrow barrel (shoots out weak)
0230 = Up Right arrow barrel (shoots out weak)
0240 = Timer barrel (countdown from 2)
0250 = Timer barrel (countdown from 5)
0260 = Timer barrel (countdown from 3)
0270 = Timer barrel (countdown from 2 again?)
0290 = Timer barrel (unlimted time moves to the right far)
0300 = Invisible Auto blast barrel (shoots right)
0310 = Auto Blast barrel (shoots down)
0320 = Auto Blast barrel (shoots right)
0340 = Diddy face barrel (shoots up)
0342 = Dixie face barrel (shoots right)
0350 = Slow rotating blast barrel
0370 = Blast Barrel (shoots up)
0380 = Rotating blast barrel
0400 = Hook (Kongs hang on this)
0420 = Hook (again?)
0440 = invisible Hook
0450 = Kannon (shoots left)
0460 = Kannon (shoots down)
0470 = Kannon (shoots barrels left)
0480 = Kannon (shoots down slow)
0490 = Kannon (shoots left slow)
0510 = Ka-Boing
0520 = Ka-Boing (does a couple little hops then a big one)
0530 = Green Ka-Boing (Stays in place until Kong is near)
0532 = Green Ka-Boing (Hops to the left slow)
0534 = Green Ka-boing (Hops to the right slow)
0536 = Green Ka-Boing (small hops in place)
0550 = Mini Necky (lunges left)
0560 = Mini Necky (lunges right)
0570 = Mini Necky (lunges left again?)
0574 = Mini Necky (lunges left faster)
0576 = Mini Necky (lunges left very fast)
0580 = Zinger (Stationary moves down when near it)
0590 = Zinger (Stationary)
0600 = Zinger (moves up and down)
0620 = Zinger (moves left and right)
0640 = Zinger (moves left and right faster)
0650 = Zinger (moves left and right short,slow)
0660 = Zinger (moves left and right short,fast)
0670 = Zinger (moves left and right slow)
0690 = Zinger (rotates)
0700 = Zinger (faces right rotates semi-clockwise)
0710 = Red Zinger (Stationary)
0720 = Red Zinger (moves left and right)
0730 = Red Zinger (moves left and right faster)
0740 = Red Zinger (moves up and down)
0750 = Red Zinger (moves up and down faster)
0760 = Red Zinger (rotates long,slow)
0770 = Red Zinger (rotates short)
0780 = Red Zinger (rotates long,slow again?)
0790 = Klampon (Constant movement to the right)
0798 = Klampon (moves left and right)
0800 = Ghost rope
0810 = Ghost rope (longer time)
0830 = Ghost rope (really long time)
0838 = Invisible banana coin
0840 = DK coin (linked to unknown level)
0842 = DK coin (linked to unknown level)
085A = No Rambi sign
0860 = No Parrot sign
0870 = No Enguarde sign
0880 = No Squitter sign
0900 = Flitter (stationary)
0910 = Flitter (Constant movement to the left)
0920 = Flitter (moves left and right)
0930 = Flitter (moves left and right shorter)
0940 = Spiny (Constant movement to the left)
0950 = Spiny (moves left and right very short)
0960 = Spiny (moves left and right)
0970 = Spiny (moves left and right slower?)
0980 = Spiny (moves left and right far)
1000 = Gate (Haunted Hall)
1010 = Green check barrel (messes up palettes)
101E = Plus (+) barrel
1020 = Plus (+) barrel (again?)
1030 = Large Tires (seen in Jungle Jinx)
1040 = Krook (throws slow)
1042 = Krook (throws slow longer range)
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Re: SDK2 editor

Postby Markster » August 21st, 2010, 1:43 pm

I want a English translated version
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Re: SDK2 editor

Postby aperson98 » August 23rd, 2010, 7:21 am

Hey folks guess what I found even more codes in the game for use with the editor.

0002 = triggers strange event (hovering sound and cannonballs?)
0004 = event that forces the camera to go to the left
000A = Klomp (moves left and right short)
0014 = Klomp (moves left and right really short)
0020 = Klomp (constant movement to the left)
0056 = Klick Klack (constant movement to the left)
0058 = Klick Klack (constant movement to the right)
005A = Klick Klack (moves left and right really short)
0092 = Klick Klack (moves left and right far)
00B4 = Neek (moves left slow)
00B8 = Neek (constant movement to the left)
00BC = Neek (constant movement to the right)
00BE = Neek (moves left and right really short)
00CE = Green Klobber
0132 = invisible invincibility barrel
0134 = invisible invincibility barrel (longer time)
013E = Squitter barrel
013F = Kannon (fires to the right slow)
0194 = Invisible auto blast barrel (shoots right)
01C0 = Controllable blast barrel (use D-pad, countdown from 2)
01C8 = Controllable blast barrel (use D-pad, countdown from 1)
01D8 = Controllable blast barrel (use D-pad, countdown from 3)
04A2 = Kannon (fires really slow)
04A4 = Enguarde (no crate)
04A6 = Rambi (no crate)
04AA = Rattly (no crate)
04AE = Squitter (no crate)
04C8 = Purple parrot (used in Parrot Chute Panic)
07A0 = Klampoon (moves left and right fast)
07D0 = Klampoon (moves left and right really short)
07E8 = Parrot crate
07F0 = Enguarde crate
07F2 = Rattly crate
07F8 = Squitter crate
08C0 = trigger that exits and passes current level
08E0 = Kruncha
08E6 = Kruncha ( a little faster)
08EC = Kruncha (moves left and right really short)
09A0 = Klinger
09B0 = Klinger (slower?)
0A9F = Zinger (moves up and down slowly)
0C00 = Krook (faces right throws fast)
0C02 = Krook (moves left and right)
0C08 = Krook (moves left and right again?)
0C12 = Krook (moves left and right really short always walks never throws)
0C14 = Kutlass (constant movement to the right)
0C16 = Kutlass (constant movement to the left)
0C18 = Kutlass (moves left and right short)
0C1A = Kutlass (moves left and right really short)
0C1C = Green Kutlass
0C1E = Green Kutlass (moves left and right short)
0C28 = Green Kutlass (moves left and right)
0C2A = Green Kutlass (moves left and right really short)
0C74 = 10 Banana bunch
0C76 = invisible 10 Banana bunch
0C78 = Kloak (tosses 2 banana bunches then a Zinger)
0C7A = Kloak (tosses wooden crates)
0C7C = Kloak (tosses a Kaboom which activates a second after it hits the ground)
0C7E = Kloak (tosses wooden crates a little faster)
0C80 = Kloak (tosses 1 crate moves then tosses another crate and leaves)
0C82 = Kloak (tosses a banana bunch then a chest containing a 1-up)
0C84 = Kloak (tosses 1 Spiny and leaves)
0C86 = Kloak (tosses 1 barrel and leaves)
0C8A = Kloak (tosses 2 crates and a banana bunch then leaves)
0C8C = Kloak (tosses 1 Zinger and leaves)
0C90 = Kloak (tosses 1 Zinger and a banana bunch)
0C92 = Kloak (tosses 3 barrels and leaves)
0C94 = Kloak (tosses 1 Klick Klack and leaves)
0C96 = Kloak (tosses 2 Klick Klacks and leaves)
0C98 = Kloak (tosses 2 barrels and a Zinger then leaves)
0CA0 = Cat-O-Ninetails
0CA2 = Cat-O-Ninetails (Dizzy when first seen)
0CA8 = Cat-O-Ninetails (again?)
0CB0 = Hook (drops from sky)
0CB2 = strange event that makes Kongs bound to limited screen area
0CB6 = strange event that turns screen green then crashes game
0CB8 = Glimmer (follows you around stage)
0CBC = Green Krockhead
0CBE = Green Krockhead (bobs up and down)
0CCA = Krockhead barrel
0CCC = Krockhead barrel (longer time)
0CFC = Brown Krockhead (Bounces Kongs really high)
0D40 = triggers a 13 second timer (used for bonus stages?)
0D50 = triggers a 30 second timer (used for bonus stages?)
0D60 = Clapper the seal
0D70 = Clapper (again?)
0DC6 = treasure chest ( takes around 5 hits and contains a kremcoin)
0EA8 = Spiny (stays in place for a second then moves right)
0EB0 = Blast barrel (quickly bobs left and right)
0EF6 = invisible down arrow barrel
0F84 = Controllable blast barrel (use D-pad)
0F8E = Krook (stands still for about 2 seconds then throws)
0F94 = Krook (Throws a slow hook)
0F98 = Krook (Throws a really slow hook)
0FA8 = Kutlass (stationary)
0FAC = Green Klobber(again?)
0FBC = Skull cart (can't jump)
0FD0 = Ejecting skull cart
0FD2 = Ejecting skull cart (slower)
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SDK2 Editor Question

Postby Markster » August 24th, 2010, 10:13 am

I got a SDK2 editor a few days ago, but i got a few question about it...

1. There is a delete and add objects feature, but it won't let me add anymore objects than the level already has, is there any way to patch SDK2 to make it have more slots for objects in a level?

2. How do you edit the terrain?
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Re: SDK2 Editor Question

Postby Simion32 » August 24th, 2010, 10:57 am

1. You can't add any more objects. Rare only reserved enough room in the ROM for the levels they designed, and that's all you've got to work with. You'll have to get creative with what objects you already have available.

Deletion is possible by manual hex editing (and by this editor as the case may be) but technically you shouldn't need to do that if you use clever design techniques (try using barrel cannons somewhere when you've still got a few spare objects left).

2. No idea. I never really took the time to figure that one out.
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Re: SDK2 editor

Postby Markster » August 24th, 2010, 11:34 pm

Thank you so much :D
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Questions About DKC2 & SDK2 Editor

Postby Markster » August 25th, 2010, 6:06 am

I've got more questions about DKC2 & SDK2 Editor.

1. There are a lot of empty levels in DKC2, when you try to run them they just have a black screen, is it possible to use those empty level slots and create more levels to DKC2 using SDK2 Editor or any other editor?

2. How many error screens are in DKC2, i know there is the Anti Piracy Screen, Bad Check sum Screen, and Incompatibility Screen, but is there any more errors?

3. Can you change music in SDK2 editor?
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SDK2 Editor (English Translate)

Postby Markster » August 25th, 2010, 7:31 am

I'm working on a SDK2 Editor English Translated version, I'm using a program called Res Hacker, its a program hacking program, you can change text in it, and don't forget I'm using google translater to translate the text,
i uploaded a mid translated version right now, more translations coming soon!

For some reason, the Upload Attachment feature will not load because my internet is to slow at night time :( So i uploaded it to a uploading site instead : ... glish.html

Remember that it only works on (J) v1.0

Next release will be in a attachment.
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Re: SDK2 Editor Discussion

Postby Cody » September 27th, 2010, 5:44 pm

Is there any way to import and export levels from the Japanese DKC2 to the American one? I made some kickass levels earlier and wanted to place them in the USA ROM to give the levels custom names (for example, the mainbrace level where Rambi and red Zingers are prominent is tentatively called "Ram-bee Rush" in my mind).

If it's impossible, it's no big deal either way :D
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Re: SDK2 Editor Discussion

Postby aperson98 » October 4th, 2010, 5:03 am

@ Cody- Well I know you can change objects. I can send you a patch that converts SDK2 (J) 1.0 to DKC2 (U) 1.0. However you can't change the maps in DKC2 as patching over SDK2 changes the maps back to default. We'll just have to wait till someone makes a utillity for a (U) 1.0 Rom to edit maps.
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Re: SDK2 Editor Discussion

Postby n4ru » December 9th, 2010, 5:26 am

Any progress on the editor? This is possibly the most excited I've been over a game editor ever.
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Re: SDK2 Editor Discussion

Postby kingdomhearts2finalm » May 19th, 2011, 6:03 am

does anyone know how to make the killer K?
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Re: SDK2 Editor Discussion

Postby LennytheGreat12345 » August 22nd, 2014, 3:28 am

*moderator removed quote: please don't quote entire posts*

Does anyone know where the Japanese DKC2 editor is now?
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Re: SDK2 Editor Discussion

Postby karahanli » July 1st, 2015, 6:41 am

got question, im trying to edit one of the dkc2 hack japanese but sdk2_editor giving me error that saying `rom cannot be opened please check that your rom is correct region and doesnt have a header`.. i used lunar ips patch to play a hack someone made in japanese. any solution?
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Re: SDK2 Editor Discussion

Postby Cody » October 5th, 2015, 5:00 pm

^ I have no idea. Sorry, bud.

I've been toying around with the editor and I've found it's trial and error to make good levels. It's really time-consuming. How would you all recommend building levels? Should I change things as I go along or come up with ideas before actually building them?
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Re: SDK2 Editor Discussion

Postby B.B.Link » October 18th, 2015, 11:17 am

I'm trying to create a "bash the baddies" bonus stage in DKC2. I set it to BTB in the level settings, but the coin appears instantly. What parameters determines how many enemies i need to defeat for the coin to appear?
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Re: SDK2 Editor Discussion

Postby Kingizor » October 18th, 2015, 1:48 pm

There isn't any way to do this directly with the SDK2 editor, but it is possible to do it by hand with a hex editor. Finding the address you need to modify can be a bit tricky though. DKC3 made this stuff easy because it kept the bonus values right next to the bonus type. DKC2 seems to handle things in a different and more complex manner.

It seems as though the bonus type option as it appears in the SDK2 editor only affects the splash screen before the bonus, and that the actual bonus type is handled elsewhere.

There is a massive pointer table at 0x3BE800 that contains many pointers that point to many different things. Some of these pointers happen to point at the extra bonus data, but I haven't really deciphered a pattern as of yet. The game loads other pointers that point to these pointers and it would take a bit of time to make sense of it all. So rather than figure it out, I'll just do things the hard way...

The best I can suggest for now is to use any of the debugging emulators to set an execution breakpoint at $BB/B8F2 after reaching the splash screen of the bonus you want to modify. Upon entering the bonus itself, it should break at least once. One of these will be the instruction loading the pointer to the bonus data. ($FBE800 + x = pointer)

In the case of Pirate Panic B2 the game breaks twice, although it's likely some areas will do even more than that. The addresses from these breaks are $FB:ECA6 and $FB:F54A. The pointers at these addresses are "6CE4" and "D400", which would be added to the base address at 0x3F0000. I can only suggest trial and error until you find out which is the correct pointer. In this case, the one that points to the bonus data for PPB2 is the second one. It points to 12 bytes of data at 0x3FD400, which are no doubt used for various bonus-y things:

00 83 54 D3 42 00 01 00 44 00 07 00 46 00 14 00 00 80

The seventh value here is the bonus type, which appears to have the same possible values as those listed in the SDK2 editor. The "01" here tells us that this area is a "Bash the Baddies" type.
The eleventh value ("07") is the counter. For a "Bash the Baddies" type, this is the amount of enemies to defeat.

Other bonus areas seem to use the same format.

In DKC2 it's "Destroy Them All" rather than "Bash the Baddies" as found in DKC3. My mistake...
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Re: SDK2 Editor Discussion

Postby B.B.Link » October 18th, 2015, 4:56 pm

Thanks for the in depth response. I have no idea how to use a debugger, but ill try to sniff around those address you've given me.
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