Some new beta scenes from E3 1995

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Some new beta scenes from E3 1995

Postby Stone » March 28th, 2017, 6:48 pm

Someone recently uploaded his DKC2 footage from the E3 in 1995.

Of course there are many differences, but the most interesting bit (at least for myself) was the animation of the beta title screen with the old "Diddy Kong's Quest".

Some obvious differences are:
- The Quest within the chest
- When they start the game, the camera moves from top to the bottom of the island
- Old KONG letters, when they are just about to reach their GUI placement, they disappear
- The prototype level-end targets are already there but not working yet, you have to exit the level the old way 8-)

- Rambi can't be gotten in the first level, so they placed a barrel next to the bonus room

- Mainbrace Mayhem was still set at night, i especially like the rain animation that is looking so smooth!
- The bonus cannon doesn't need the cannonball to get you to the bonus room
- Simple bonus room, no intro, no coin to acquire
- There are some additional bees in Kannon's Klaim
- No barrels with the arrow sign

Have fun! :funky:
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Re: Some new beta scenes from E3 1995

Postby Mattrizzle » March 29th, 2017, 1:55 pm

Here are some of my observations:
2:12:42: The Rareware/Nintendo Presents sequence uses the DKC1 fanfare.
2:13:25: The Zingers on the Crocodile Isle map do not have turning animations yet. The first world's name is written with a space separating "GANG" and "PLANK," which was removed for the final version.
2:13:30: In Gangplank Galleon's map, the name plate that bears K. Rool's name in the final is blank here. When the camera zooms in on D.K. Island, most of the pixels are the same, but two sticks on the left side of Krow's nest appear to be here that are not present in the final.
2:15:04: A coin that is the same size as the Banana Coin in the final game can be spotted, only with an S engraved on it instead of a banana bunch.
2:15:49: All of the Click-Clacks seen here use the darker color scheme they have in the ending and promotional renders, rather than the lighter teal palette they have in the final.
3:15:49: Dixie doesn't make any sound when crying. Although the level being played is Kannon's Klaim, the player is taken to Lava Lagoon's spot on the map (the top part of the latter's name is visible briefly as well). Entering this spot leads back to Kannon's Klaim. The Klubba, Swanky and Funky icons on the Crocodile Cauldron map are green placeholder dots.
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Re: Some new beta scenes from E3 1995

Postby VideoViking » March 31st, 2017, 2:18 pm

It was quite hard to hear the music and SFX in DKC2, but here's what I could gather.

1. The sound that Diddy makes when rescued from a DK barrel in DKC1 is used here. Whether it was triggered when the player executed a team-up, I'm not 100% sure.
2. The banana tally SFX might be of the DKC1 banana bunch variety as I heard its trademark echo.
3. Didn't notice any differences or modifications to the enemy SFX.
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