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Super Mario Maker

Postby Super Luigi! » September 27th, 2015, 4:05 pm

Remember when I said that I make levels? No? Well, that doesn't matter. In this topic, we shall speak about Super Mario Maker, whether it be posting level codes or wondering if we'll ever get Super Mario All-Stars DLC. I know Blaziken257 and Mattrizzle have already begun experimenting with the tools to make great levels, but I thought I should create this topic for everyone.

If you're interested, here are my levels so far:

World 1

Day 1: Amiibonus. (0DE1-0000-001A-74AB)
Big Mario in Little Cave. (826A-0000-001B-E949)
The Crystal-Clear Wonderment. (A419-0000-0029-848C)
Grandpa's First Castle. (E669-0000-002A-830E)

World 2

The Not-SMBX Invasion. (BBA2-0000-002F-E43E)
The Old House on Mt. Pyre. (039D-0000-0033-0959)
Boots of Summer, 1998. (E027-0000-0034-C56D)
Grandpa's Bouncy Second Castle. (3B81-0000-0049-0A3C)

World 3

Mario's Best Friend. (2CEC-0000-004E-485D)
The East Side of Hoenn. (50CA-0000-0053-2F04)
Aboard the S.S. Drake! (E59D-0000-0059-D976)
Grandpa's Familiar Third Castle. (77E6-0000-0072-C836)

I hope I haven't offended anyone with this post. Even if nobody responds, I have accomplished my mission. Therefore, I must now go.

Until you need me again.
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Re: Super Mario Maker

Postby Blaziken257 » September 28th, 2015, 7:20 am

I planned for a while to post my own levels here, and now that there is a topic for this, it's a good time for me to post mine!

  • Underground (C3FB-0000-001B-A3A7)
    This is the first level I made in Super Mario Maker, so don't expect much. Have fun with the large Koopa at the end! Also, sorry for the boring name.
  • Koopa Village (0E8D-0000-001D-4DF6)
    As the name suggests, this level is full of Koopas. There are so many that they are hard to avoid! Also, check out the giant Koopa structure in the middle of the level.
  • Coral Chaos (A669-0000-0024-5F9D)
    My first water level, it is full of spikes, Cheep-Cheeps, Bloopers, and even a Lakitu. This may be difficult, but some power-ups make this easier.
  • Dreaded Dungeon (626A-0000-0026-436E)
    This castle is full of hazards! Your main obstacles are cannons launching out infinite Cheep Cheeps that become fiery when they touch lava. Of course, there are some Hammer Brothers to avoid too!
  • SMB2J 9-3 Redux? (14A4-0000-0026-EE3A)
    This level terrain is borrowed from World 9-3 in the Lost Levels... but the similarities end there. This time, it's full of fiery Cheep Cheeps, Hammer Brothers, Podoboos, and TWO Bowsers! It's actually a challenge this time, but there are power-ups to help you.
  • Five Mario Trial (73AB-0000-002F-B757)
    Not to be confused with the incredibly hard Five Monkey Trial in Donkey Kong Country Returns, this level has five distinct challenges. All of them involve ascending the castle with certain enemies, then descending it afterwards. This idea for a level started out as a way to replicate the Minkies in DKC3's and DKL3's tree levels (such as Barrel Shield Bust-Up), and I built it from there.
  • SMB 1-1 Redux? (3C3F-0000-0032-D75E)
    In a similar vein to the SMB2J 9-3 remake, this level was made much more difficult. Virtually every pipe has various enemies flying out, and even blocks where you expect power-ups contain enemies. And don't even think about entering the coin bonus room!
  • SMB2J World 1 Remix (6B59-0000-003B-4523)
    If you didn't think the first world in the Lost Levels was difficult enough, this level is for you! It's four levels in one, and some parts have even more enemies than before! And the 1-4 remake is the most challenging part... fortunately, there are hidden propeller suits to help you out, which should be easy to find if you've played the Lost Levels a lot before.
    Worth noting is that out of all my levels, this has the lowest clear rate of all of them (17/230 or 7.39% as of this writing). This level is really difficult!
  • Forgotten Mushroom Village (CDF7-0000-005F-D0B6)
    This level was originally part of an SMB ROM hack from many years ago that I never even came close to finishing (hence the "forgotten" part), and I revived it for Super Mario Maker and changed it up a bit to make it more interesting. This level shouldn't be too hard, despite all the Goombas throughout the level.
  • Yet Another Underground Cavern (A86A-0000-0064-2940)
    Another level that was originally part of the same unfinished ROM hack, this one is underground. It's a bit difficult, especially with all the pits, pipes, and the Blooper flying around, but this is easier than some of my other levels. Though, it feels a bit too much like SMB's World 1-2 in a few places...
  • SMB World -3 (FDS) (F571-0000-0067-9834)
    This level is a near-exact replica of World -3 in the Famicom Disk System version of Super Mario Bros. (barring the flagpole at the end). This, in turn, is a corrupted version of World 4-4, except it is underground, full of Bloopers, and there is no maze. Since the Famicom Disk System never came out of Japan, many people have never seen this glitchy level before... until now.
  • Perilous Pits (04CE-0000-0073-3463)
    An auto-scrolling level full of mushroom platforms, flying enemies, donut lifts, and LOTS of pits. There's also a underground section with plenty of coins, but this also contains a lot of pits. Good luck!

Those are all of the levels I have for now, but in any case... let me know what you think of them (if you haven't already)!
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Re: Super Mario Maker

Postby Mattrizzle » September 28th, 2015, 8:56 am

Here are the only two stages I've made thus far. Both are on the higher end of the difficulty spectrum, judging from their clear rates.

  • Trampolines and Tortoises (3C5A-0000-0024-88EB)
    Game Style/Course Type: Super Mario Bros. Ground
    My first Super Mario Maker level. The level's theme focuses on springboards, Koopa Troopas, and Paratroopas. Don't forget that holding the jump button increases your bounce height after landing on enemies and springboards.
  • Grinder Galleons (2B4F-0000-0071-5D6A)
    Game Style/Course Type: Super Mario Bros. Airship
    Grinders, tracks, and platforms are abundant in this level. It may look tricky, but all of the obstacles here can be avoided with the right timing. There are also a couple of secrets. Can you find them both?
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Re: Super Mario Maker

Postby Geno » September 29th, 2015, 12:00 am

Here are all the 11 courses I have (currently) uploaded

SMW Ghost House
First level I deemed good enough for upload. Go on spooky ride with Bowser
SMB Overworld
A silly stage I made after completing all 60 levels in 10 Mario Challenge, and completing the 4 Nintendo World Championships levels. Has a surprisingly low clear rate
SMB Overworld/Underground
First attempt at a serious level. Travel through many paths and find many amiibo
SMW Castle
I saw that all the "run fastfast" levels were all just star and enemy spam, so I made my own take on the run stage. Also has a surprisingly low clear rate. You only have to hold two buttons...
SMW Overworld
Another stupid level. Really easy if you're good with Springboards
SMW Ghost House
Ghost House level based on something Vinny said in one of his Vinesauce Mario Maker streams. I'm pretty sure nobody has been able to complete it yet, which is confusing to me
SMW Castle
enter the bone zone
SMB Airship/Ghost House
Silly level I made after getting the Tingle costume, with random stuff. The Ghost House section is not accessible, and only used for the brilliant thumbnail
SMB Overworld
Stupid level, loosely based off of SMB1's World 1-1, except weird and most likely inaccurate (just like a real bootleg). After a while, I just gave up and made it end :gnawty-lol:
SMB Overworld/Underground
An attempt to re-create the first level of DKC1! Has all two Bonus Areas, as well as DK's Treehouse (which is really small, I ran out of room). Used this very atlas to make it! Complete it with Diddy to be true to real DKC
SMB Ghost House
Level I made after learning you can destroy all music. Last time I checked, nobody had played this one

phew, long post!
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Re: Super Mario Maker

Postby Super Luigi! » October 30th, 2015, 2:30 pm

I really need to post here more often. There can be no excuses. Anyway, I am following all of you, so I'll be sure to play all your levels! I try to comment on all of them too! (In the game, not so much here, although I might have words to say here.)
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Re: Super Mario Maker

Postby Geno » October 30th, 2015, 10:03 pm

Four new levels
Running out of space to upload levels (getting from 50 stars to 150 stars is hard...)
I had to remove two levels I had originally uploaded, but they weren't ever posted here though

SMB1 Overworld
Stupid stage with tons of pipes that dispense random Mystermy Mushrooms. Only course I've made that has a completion rate of over 60%...
Kinda hard to get through it while keeping a costume you want, unless you know what to do
NSMBU Airship
Discovered a neat exploit with the Big Mushroom that lets you use it in any game theme
Not fully functional, as it doesn't transform Mario, but it's a neat thing
SMB1 Airship
A level with the Big Mushroom and the Mystery Mushroom. Choose which path to go
To go through all paths, you gotta clear it at least twice
SMW Overworld/Castle
A level that has a castle underneath an impassable bridge
Also three Bowser Jr.s
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Re: Super Mario Maker

Postby Blaziken257 » November 1st, 2015, 1:11 am

I uploaded a few levels since the last time I posted here. Check them out:

  • SMB2J World A Remix (C9D0-0000-0086-3E46)
    This is World A from the Lost Levels condensed into one big level, and in the SMW style. It will be hard, especially when I added some enemies in certain places. Worth noting is that out of all my levels, this has the lowest clear rate (currently 4/228 or 1.75%). By comparison, my SMB2J World 1 Remix level, my second hardest stage, currently has a clear rate of 21/349 or 6.01%. So, SMB2J World A remix ended up being a lot harder than I anticipiated (which surprises me). Good luck on this level!
  • Fortress of Frustration (DC0C-0000-00AB-2036)
    An SMB3-style castle stage. It starts out with Firebars, Podoboos, Koopas, and fiery Cheep Cheeps, but later in the level, you will see Hammer Brothers, Thwomps, and lots of large pits with a few Donut Lifts, and cannons on the ceiling. This may take a few tries!
  • Chilly Chasm (2368-0000-00AB-8CA8)
    An NSMBU-style icy cave level. In addition to the entire level being filled in ice, this has lots of pits, enemies in inconvenient places, and spikes everywhere. There's even a dungeon section in the middle. The last part of the level is tricky to get past, though there are multiple solutions here. Can you survive this freezing level?

I will be sure to try Geno's levels soon... I didn't know about them until I saw this thread.

In other news... Super Mario Maker will get a free update next week! The most notable updates are checkpoints and blocks that can contain either a Mushroom or FIre Flower (depending on your size). There's more, just look at the link I posted for more details. Now, I hope that people don't do weird things and place enemies right after a checkpoint...

(Now, when are slopes, Boomerang Bros., and Fire Bros. coming?)
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Re: Super Mario Maker

Postby Geno » November 1st, 2015, 6:14 am

One small addition here, one of those two removed levels I mentioned were reuploaded by me because I got more space thanks to 150 stars...
SMW Overworld
Small stage where you continuously go between the main area and the "sub area". Also named after a music track from DKC3

... now I need to DOUBLE my star amount to 300 for the next upgrade...
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Re: Super Mario Maker

Postby NES Boy » November 2nd, 2015, 4:15 pm

So when I first got the game, I spent the first few days messing with the Course Maker and unlocking all the course elements. After that, I spent time on the 10 Mario Challenge and unlocked the secret course element. Now I'm in the middle of unlocking costumes through the 100 Mario Challenge. I just unlocked all 20 costumes on the Easy difficulty level, and here they are, in the order I've unlocked them with (apparently the order you get them in is random):

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Re: Super Mario Maker

Postby Blaziken257 » December 10th, 2015, 6:20 pm

Yeah, I've been slowly unlocking the costumes myself. As I don't have any amiibo, I've had to do the 100 Mario Challenge to unlock everything. I've beaten Easy 19 times, Normal 32 times, and Expert once (all for a total of 52 costumes, not counting event courses). Expert is dreadful, because many of the levels are unfairly difficult (with hidden blocks in the most inconvenient places, as well as doors that lead to pits). I don't think I'll be able to unlock everything due to that.

Another thing that I should bring up (since it hasn't been mentioned yet)... I really wish there was a way to turn off sound effects when playing levels (hopefully a patch for this will come one day). I've seen plenty of levels (usually gimmicky automatic levels) that have 50 or more sound effects going on at the same time, and they get really irritating and distracting. I especially hate the ones that cover up the screen, because it disrupts gameplay. I don't understand why people go crazy over these. I shouldn't have to mute my TV or my GamePad when playing this game, but I do (though this doesn't help at all when half the screen is obscured). Recently, I skip noisy levels when I come across them. There's a reason why I never use sound effects in any of my levels, because I don't want to turn other people off from playing them.

Now that I got that out of the way, I've uploaded a few new levels in the past month or so:

  • Airship Attack (B31B-0000-00D6-D957)
    My first level in an airship setting... this one happens to be in the SMW style. Kind of weird, as SMW didn't have any airship levels... anyway, it's a typical sidescrolling airship level. The first half involves dodging cannons, flames, and Thwomps. The second half involves using a Koopa Clown Car and dodging Bullet Bills, Hammer Brothers, and finally Bowser. Some parts of this level are skippable if you manage to find a cape and use it in the right spot (where you can get plenty of coins), but this is difficult.
  • Treetop Tumble (4CF6-0000-0101-B21E)
    As you may guess from the name, this is a level full of trees (which is in the NSMBU style). This level borrows small parts from most tree levels from DKC3, even Sunken Spruce from the GBA version, though it also has its own original parts as well. Though Ripsaw Rage was difficult to replicate, due to the lack of vertical auto-scrolling... so I ended up making a section where there were grinders circling around platforms. Which is more like Manic Mincers... oh well.
  • Droughts and Floods (51CC-0000-0112-EE13)
    A SMW-style level which contains a overworld section and an underwater section. Each section is a mirror of one another, with different enemies depending on whether you're above water or underwater. Certain parts are only passable while above water or vice versa, so you will have to repeatedly switch between the two sections (via pipes) to make it past this level.
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Re: Super Mario Maker

Postby Super Luigi! » March 17th, 2016, 7:35 am

It's been some time since I was last here. We've been through two updates and many Event Courses. Anyway, here are the other levels I've made:

World 4

The Adventure of George and Tim. (7A90-0000-0089-3FB5)
Trust Me. (14B7-0000-009E-1B19)
The Great Cave Adventure. (01A5-0000-00BC-95DA)
Grandpa's HD Fourth Castle. (2381-0000-00BD-B145)

World 5

A Race through the Ghost House. (3CF7-0000-00C2-FD41)
You, Yoshi, and the Lush Land. (1263-0000-00CF-2131)
Hoenn's Dark Waters. (1974-0000-00DD-E27B)
Grandpa's Achieved Fifth Castle. (46AD-0000-00E7-82D6)

World 6

Rayquaza Awaits on Sky Pillar. (4F1B-0000-00F0-E13F)
Modest Music. (51C6-0000-00F2-0E92)
Airship to Heaven. (1C2A-0000-00F4-EFA0)
Grandpa's Auto Sixth Castle. (67C3-0000-00F8-886B)

World 7

Deep Into the Underground. (0994-0000-00FC-5B0B)
Hoenn's Open Ocean: Free Swim. (D6E8-0000-0100-4B5C)
Even Gastly has Standards. (C130-0000-0102-2BB7)
Grandpa's Saved Seventh Castle. (525E-0000-0109-2EE1)

World 8

:dixiehappy: ~Kimmy in Love!~ :dixiehappy: (23BB-0000-017C-6D2C)
Sailor Mario at Sea. (A029-0000-018D-5E5F)
Purity through Crystal Waters. (9AB0-0000-019A-EAE2)
Grandpa's Country Eighth Castle. (D5F8-0000-01A8-2B8D)

World 9

A Lovely Day with Great Friends. (93A0-0000-01B5-06C7)
Noisy Day, Quiet Night. (A97C-0000-01CF-829E)
Operation Red Goomba. (1560-0000-01DB-739C)
Grandpa's Strange Ninth Castle. (3DEC-0000-01F1-5BA4)

Alternatively, you could just enter one of these level codes and then follow me, but I wanted to make sure they were all here. If anyone has any levels they'd like me to try, please say so. This topic isn't solely for my courses, after all!

Meanwhile, from my mind while playing others' stages in the Super Expert Mode of the 100 Mario Challenge...

:rant: "You wouldn't know a well-designed game even if you were playing it! Kids today, they got no respect for proper design! They just throw things together and call it a day! Back in my day, we had real difficulty! When we made mistakes, it was our fault! Therefore, we learned and grew stronger! Pah!

And what's with my low completion rates, eh? I put good effort into these stages, and hardly anybody gives me any thanks! I don't know why I'm wasting my time here anymore! In fact, my latest courses are easier than DKC3, and other players still give up! The trouble with you kids, is that you're all too soft!"

My next course will be some sort of SMB3 Overworld stage. It will be great, one way or another. Here's a related picture:
I obviously didn't draw this!
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Re: Super Mario Maker

Postby Blaziken257 » September 5th, 2016, 4:58 pm

This topic seems dead... but Super Mario Maker is not! Some of you are probably aware of this already, but Super Mario Maker will get a port for the 3DS. Nintendo really loves to make us buy the same game twice... though the 3DS version won't let you upload your levels online (I have no idea why), so it seems pointless and I'll likely won't end up getting the 3DS port for this reason. There is local sharing, but it doesn't make up for the lack of online sharing in my opinion. Mystery Mushrooms are also absent, but I don't care about those as much.

I've also uploaded several levels since the last time I posted this (which was nearly 9 months ago), so I'll list them here...

  • Icy Invasion (E94E-0000-013E-E71B)
    This is my first level after the Fire Koopa Clown Car became available, and makes extensive use of it. The level is full of ice that blocks your path, and you'll be using the Fire Koopa Clown Car throughout the entire level to destroy the ice. Beware of several Lakitus and spikes! Also, you're not the only one with a Fire Koopa Clown Car in this level -- some fiery Piranha Plants use one too!
  • It Keeps Getting Hotter (F471-0000-015D-D7F3)
    This was my last level of 2015, and as such, it was intended to represent the first thing that I think of when I think of 2015: Excessive heat! The level is divided into four sections, each one getting hotter than the last. The first section is icy and doesn't have many enemies or pits. The second section has no ice -- instead, there is bare ground, some pits, and several Paratroopas to get past. The third section takes place in a castle, with lava pits, cannons, Thwomps, and other hazards that would typically be found in castles. The fourth and final section is the hardest of all, and not only has lava pits, but every fiery enemy that you can possibly think of! The level ends with a fight against Bowser, who naturally spits out a lot of fireballs (and to add to the difficulty, there are flaming Cheep-Cheeps accompanying Bowser as well). If you make it past this, congratulations! The level is rather generous with power-ups and checkpoints, however. (I also plan to make a follow-up to this level by the end of 2016...)
  • Goomba's Giant Boots (441E-0000-01F4-AE3B)
    A level that revolves around Goomba's giant shoes and stilettos. You'll have to use several moves using these items, such as the ground pound, traversing across giant moving Munchers and spikes, and flying across the stage. Late in the level, you will use a giant boot to enter a Fire Koopa Clown Car, which also becomes giant. Use this to deal plenty of damage to a giant Bowser! Also, this is my first level that uses keys and locked doors, though only in a couple isolated spots.
  • Four Coin Challenge (94D9-0000-0205-CA38)
    This level focuses on collecting red coins (which was, at the time, a recent addition to Super Mario Maker). Each coin has its own objective, such as avoiding Piranha Plants, jumping across numerous mushroom platforms guarded by red Koopas, and so on. All of the coins are necessary to pass a locked door near the end of the level. If you forget a coin by the time you reach the end, you will have to backtrack to get it!
  • SMB2J World 5 Remix (DFDA-0000-024D-FBF8)
    On June 3 this year, it was the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, so I decided to celebrate with another level remix! This one focuses on World 5 this time. Like my other remix levels, the levels are condensed due to Super Mario Maker's tiny limit on level area, which resulted in some parts being removed. To make up for it, more enemies were added in some spots! As if there weren't enough already... there's also a section where you need to collect red coins to make it to the end. However, unlike my other remix levels, this one has checkpoints. That must be why the clear rate of this level is higher than my SMB2J World A Remix level...
  • Coming Back Is Difficult (AF9A-0000-0253-2A6E)
    Not to be confused with the Wario Land II level of the same name, this level requires backtracking. Specifically, there is a locked door at the very beginning of the level, and you must find the key at the end of the level. There are several obstacles along the way, which is easier when going from start to finish than the other way around, mainly because most of the path involves going downward, and there are some conveyor belts as well. When going back, you'll have to wall jump carefully, and to time some jumps well when making your way back up!
  • Lakitu's Forgotten Plains (6425-0000-0294-4396)
    Like some of my other levels, this level originated in an unfinished SMB1 ROM hack from years back, and was ported over to Super Mario Maker (with some changes, of course). This level primarily has you dealing with Lakitu, though there are also some Hammer Brothers and Koopas making things difficult. There's a cloudy section with lots of coins (though it's difficult to reach), and a haunted bonus stage with coins and a 1-UP, and also lets you skip part of the level.

Of course, I plan on making more levels later in the future... you can always see my levels here!
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