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Lake Orangatanga

Welcome to Lake Orangatanga

Dixie Kong's Double Trouble begins with the circumnavigation of Lake Orangutanga - an inland body of water surrounded by boardwalks, old flour mills and even a field of snow. Barnacle bear lives on an island in the middle of the lake, and a cave called Smuggler's Cove can be found on the northern shore.

Each level in this world features a warp.

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Lakeside Limbo

An easy debut level, Lakeside Limbo lets you come to terms with the basics. Battle a few baddies, shimmy along ropes, defeat Koin and find a couple of bonus areas. Ellie can be found at the end.

Doorstop Dash

In this mill level, you must pull down on handles to open doors. The doors will slowly close once you release the handles, so be quick - but watch out for all the Sneeks and Buzzes!

Tidal Trouble

This part of the lake has a strong current pulling toward the west. Swimming against the flow is difficult, so use the boardwalk when possible, and also try leaping above the water's surface.

Skidda's Row

The snow fields of Skidda's Row are patrolled by the pink-skinned Kremlings; Skiddas and Krimps. The slippery surfaces and multiple gaps in the terrain make for a few mildly challenging moments.

Murky Mill

The lighting conditions are poor in this mill, but that's not a bad thing! Ellie is scared of Sneeks, so use the shadows (and barrels) to your advantage... and watch out for the high-jumping Rekoils!

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Belcha's Barn

Feeding beetles to a giant, living barrel is not something you do every day, but it's the way to success when dealing with Belcha. Bust open the regular-sized barrels and feed this bug-breathed boss quickly, or Belcha will close in gradually and bump you over the edge.

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