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Hack help

Postby rainbowsprinklez » May 10th, 2018, 5:27 am

I need some SERIOUS help. I am making a DKC hack in a hex editor. I need to change text values, among other things. I found bank $3c on my own, but am confused by the extra text sections. Why do banks $3d and ($26? $27?) contain additional text. Is this unused? Could I use that space for ASM hacks?
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Re: Hack help

Postby riki2321gamer » May 13th, 2018, 1:06 am

can't you just expand the rom to 6mb or something and use the 2mb for ASM? that's what i do sometimes
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Re: Hack help

Postby rainbowsprinklez » May 13th, 2018, 4:27 am

Yes, I could. If I were pressed for space, I would. I guess I just want to know if that space is re-writable or if the game somehow pulls from it
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Re: Hack help

Postby Mattrizzle » May 13th, 2018, 3:33 pm

Fortunately, an ample amount of bytes in the US version 1.0 of DKC are never touched by the game's code. Here's a list of offsets that I've gathered over the past several years:
Code: Select all
007A21-007FFF (0x5DF bytes)
00FE81-00FFAF (0x12F bytes)
0174BA-017FFF (0xB46 bytes)
01F3E8-01FFFF (0xC18 bytes)    Very weird data; pattern doesn't exist in version 1.2
02F7ED-02FFFF (0x813 bytes)
04FDB2-04FFFF (0x24E bytes)
08D9C1-08FFFF (0x263F bytes)   Duplicate sound sample data from 7C030
0A6561-0A7FFF (0x1A9F bytes)   End of bank containing graphics and tilemap of Vine Valley (1st Map); contains fragment of early graphics!
10E87C-10FFFF (0x1784 bytes)
13E1A9-13FFFF (0x1E57 bytes)
17FA3C-17FFFF (0x5C4 bytes)
18EED0-18FFFF (0x1130 bytes)
1CE9E0-1CFFFF (0x1620 bytes)
1DEC90-1DFFFF (0x1370 bytes)   Early uncompressed Mine Cart Level Graphics
1FE186-1FFFFF (0x1E7A bytes)
21E8A7-21FFFF (0x1759 bytes)
22E58F-22FFFF (0x1A71 bytes)   Padded with unused Puftup/etc. (Graphics)
24EC4F-24FFFF (0x13B1 bytes)
25F23B-25FFFF (0xDC5 bytes)
280000-28047F (0x480 bytes)    Language Select Screen (Tilemap)--unused in U v1.0
280480-280EBF (0xA40 bytes)    Language Select Screen (Graphics)--unused in U v1.0
280EE6-282465 (0x1580 bytes)   Unused jungle foreground trees (Graphics)
282466-282665 (0x200 bytes)    Unused jungle foreground trees (Tilemap)
282666-287A49 (0x53E4 bytes)   30 unused D.K. sprites
28E5B8-28FFFF (0x1A48 bytes)   Padded with Mode 5/Mode 6 Graphics: EOPRS, Nintendo Logo
29E2CC-29FFFF (0x1D34 bytes)
2AD145-2AFE9E (0x2D5A bytes)   16 unused Cranky walking sprites
2AFE9F-2AFFFF (0x161 bytes)
2BE1B4-2BFFFF (0x1E4C bytes)
2DE076-2DFFFF (0x1F8A bytes)   Padded with unused text
2FE8EA-2FFD47 (0x145E bytes)   4 unused Queen B hurt frames
2FFD48-2FFFFF (0x2B8 bytes)    Contains a fragment of early 8BPP title screen graphics!
31EAE5-31FFFF (0x151B bytes)
32F152-32FFFF (0xEAE bytes)
33F908-33FFFF (0x6F8 bytes)
357D92-357FFF (0x26E bytes)   
35FE0B-35FFFF (0x1F5 bytes)    End of object code bank
38A17E-38A1E1 (0x64 bytes)     German level name pointers--unused in U v1.0
38A246-38A507 (0x2C2 bytes)    German level names--unused in U v1.0
3979DE-397FFF (0x622 bytes)
39E145-39E344 (0x2C2 bytes)    Early Jungle Palette
39FF65-39FFFF (0x9A bytes)
3AE09F-3AFFFF (0x1F61 bytes)
3BB154-3BC7FF (0x16AC bytes)
3BF790-3BFFFF (0x870 bytes)    End of sprite pointer bank--could be used for additional sprite pointers (five hundred and forty more, but only 323 can be used due to hitbox pointers)
3C35CA-3C5839 (0x2270 bytes)   German dialogue text--unused in U v1.0
3C5C4D-3C7FFF (0x23B3 bytes)   Could be used for custom sprite graphics
3CFB4B-3CFFFF (0x4B5 bytes)    End of object palette data bank (40 custom palettes could fit here)
3D72D0-3D7FFF (0xD30 bytes)    Padded with unused text
3DFFDC-3DFFFF (0x24 bytes)
3EEF51-3EFFFF (0x10AF bytes)   End of animation script bank
3F6261-3F7FFF (0x1739 bytes)   End of bank containing graphics and tilemap of Kremkroc Industries, Inc. (2nd Map)
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Re: Hack help

Postby rainbowsprinklez » May 13th, 2018, 11:15 pm

Oh wow! I was just going off zeroes, and I thought THAT was a good amount. Also, minor, but there's like 30 bytes each of free space BETWEEN a lot of object maps. There's a lot of meaningless object codes in there... I wonder if these were objects that were never made? I think I found some mini drums based on their codes and pointer in bank $35, but they crash the game. Object pointer c54b for one. Unfortunately, I have no idea why. I saw these in the $3d81cc-$3d9fff range. Probably more later, but I haven't gotten there yet.

I am currently going through every byte from $3d8000-$3df1dx. I'm creating a hack where I mess with object maps and some other things. Terrain though, is NOT something I'm messing with :) Thank you Giangurgolo and Simion32. Couldn't have been doing it without you. Also, currently, I'm only working in hex, so forgive my "noobiness".
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