The Trilogies are back!

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The Trilogies are back!

Postby Super Luigi! » February 27th, 2015, 1:01 pm

Everyone, go check the eShop! The Donkey Kong Country/Land Trilogies are back! Hurry, get them before they disappear again! :thumbs: :scratch: :dixiehappy: :kiddycool: :krool:

Also, buy one for a 30% discount of Tropical Freeze or DKCR: 3D. I'm sorry if this post breaks rules, by the way.
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Re: The Trilogies are back!

Postby Blaziken257 » February 28th, 2015, 5:08 pm

It's about time that NOA releases the DKC and DKL games on the eShop. Seriously, why the hell did it take them so much longer than Nintendo of Europe or Japan? Then again, this isn't the first time they've screwed up (see SMB3, SMBDX, Wario Land 1-3, and the small New 3DS). But anyway, it's nice that we finally have all six games. Needless to say, I downloaded them all and I'm playing them one at a time. I already got 101% in DKC, and now I'm currently playing DKL!

I was also amused by this 1990s-style trailer that went along with the eShop releases. With all the bold, white-on-black, all caps text, as well as the old Play It Loud slogan, it's obvious that Nintendo was trying to imitate their old DKC ad in 1994. Of course, the modern trailer no longer attacks Sega, but then again, it's pointless to do that now.

Also, I noticed that the digital manual for DKL still accidentally switches the names for Balloon Barrage and Construction Site Fight, which is lazy. Seriously, in 19 years, nobody noticed that error, let alone bothered to fix it? At least DKL2's digital manual is far more accurate this time (it's no longer a lazy copy-and-paste job from the DKC2 manual), and DKL3's manual actually explains how to use Squitter's webs (the original manual never explained this). The manuals in general are unfortunately more boring, though, as they don't explain the plot in most cases.

By the way, the VC version of DKL3 is based on English v1.1 (there were two English versions, not counting the prototype). This means that the title screen looks like the European box art, and Tundra Blunda has a pit at the end of the level (which also appeared in the Japanese version). My GB cartridge is the same revision. Also, DKC appears to be based on English v1.2 (judging from this glitch here), and DKC2 appears to be based on English v1.1 (judging from the way that the tag-team throw works). Finally, Torchlight Trouble (and I assume Glimmer's Galleon, but I haven't gotten there yet) have had one HUGE improvement, where changing direction no longer triggers a blinding flash! I hated that on the SNES, because I had to close my eyes every time that happened. That's no longer an issue! (Then again, it wasn't an issue on the GBA either...)

Now if only we got the GBC version of DKL3 in English... but I'm probably being unrealistic here. Oh well.
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Re: The Trilogies are back!

Postby Valerius Dover » March 2nd, 2015, 6:27 am

Well, about time this happened! I was starting to lose hope for a while. Already have the DKC Trilogy on Wii VC and their GBA remakes. I'll definitely be getting the DKL Trilogy, though.
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Re: The Trilogies are back!

Postby Cano'beans » March 10th, 2015, 8:27 am

I've made sure to download both Country and Land trilogies, I just hope Nintendo doesn't take them down again.
My best guess was that it had something to do with the Killer Instinct cameo in DKC2.
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