Donkey Kong Country Returns OST [Gamerip]

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Donkey Kong Country Returns OST [Gamerip]

Postby Simion32 » December 7th, 2010, 6:51 pm

I've hunted down a set of RAR files with the DKCR OST. Downloaded and quality confirmed. 320KBPS.
(I will not link to the source page as it is found on a warez site)

Unofficial track names list copy-pasta (I didn't make this list, so don't scold me for it - I know some of these are blatantly wrong :roll: )...
Code: Select all
01 Donkey Kong Country Returns
02 DK Island Swing Returns
03 Level Results
04 Simian Sague Returns ~ World Map
05 World Map ~ Jungle
06 King of Cling
07 Bonus Room Blitz Returns
08 Bonus Lose
09 Bonus Clear
10 Jungle Mine
11 Krazy Kart
12 Palm Tree Groove
13 Before Boss
14 Mugly's Mound
15 Downed Boss
16 The Big Banana Bash!
17 Stage Clear
18 World Map ~ Beach
19 Poppin' Planks
20 Sloppy Sands
21 Peaceful Pier
22 Aquatic Ambience Returns
23 Stormy Shore
24 Tidal Terror
25 Bonus Room Blitz (Tropical Ver.)
26 Bonus Lose
27 Pinchin' Pirates Prelude
28 Pinchin' Pirates
29 World Map ~ Ruins
30 Voices of the Temple Returns
31 Button Bash
32 Ruin Rhapsody
33 Damp Dungeon
34 Blast Blast
35 Ruined Roost
36 World Map ~ Cave
37 Mine Kart Kruise
38 Mine Menace
39 Rickety Rails
40 Bombs Away
41 The Mole Train
42 World Map ~ Forest
43 Forest Frenzy Returns
44 Treetop Rock Returns
45 Muncher Marathon
46 Mangoruby Rush
47 World Map ~ Cliff
48 Sticky Situation
49 Prehistoric Path
50 Weighty Way
51 Northern Hemisphere Returns
52 Clifftop Concert
53 Thugly's Highrise
54 World Map ~ Factory
55 Foggy Fumes
56 Fear Factory Returns
57 Life in the Mines Returns
58 Gear Getaway
59 Life in the Mines (Switcheroo Mix
60 Fear Factory (Music Madness Mix)
61 Switch Room
62 Lift-Off Launch
63 Feather Fiend
64 World Map ~ Volcano
65 Furious Fire
66 Hot Rocket
67 Roasting Rails
68 Smoking Peak
69 Tiki Tong Terror
70 Tiki Tong
71 Credits Concerto
72 World Map ~ Golden Temple
73 Golden Temple
74 Trophy
75 Cranky's Theme
76 DK's Hut Entrance
77 DK's Hut Beat
78 Not Bonus Stage
79 Lose
80 All Lives Lost
81 Game Over
82 Jingle
83 Extra
EDIT: Seems there's an extra track from DKJB included. Not sure if that was in the game disc or if it was just thrown in by the uploader???

Here's the actual download links (only download each part once):
NOTE: Once you've extracted the multi-part RARs, there is an inner RAR file which has a password. The password is "" (minus the quotes).

As far as I'm aware, Retro does not unlock anywhere near all of the music in the game for the music gallery. For those of you who'd like to listen to the game's music, well, you might want to grab this. ;)

Back in my day, we didn't have all these newfangled things you call music formats.
No, all we had was 16 bits of glory.
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Re: Donkey Kong Country Returns OST [Gamerip]

Postby Jomingo » December 8th, 2010, 9:50 am

Jungle Beat was indeed found on the game disc, if you're wondering.
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Re: Donkey Kong Country Returns OST [Gamerip]

Postby Simion32 » December 8th, 2010, 10:56 am

Well, that's very interesting. Perhaps they started with DKJB as a general base for testing the early stages of the game?

EDIT: I wonder if they used the same music format, or if that extra track was in DKCR's format? A few of DKCR's tracks seem to be dynamic to some degree. Point being, if the format is the same we might see a DKJB rip soon.
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Re: Donkey Kong Country Returns OST [Gamerip]

Postby Retro » July 12th, 2015, 12:26 am

This is quite a bit of a bump, but none of the links work anymore.

I was wondering if anyone could direct me to a working link for download?
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