Bananas in Salty Food

Okay, this is something DK would want to know about!
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Bananas in Salty Food

Postby Kiddy14 » June 1st, 2011, 2:46 pm

Note: I'm using "salty" as the opposite of "sweet."

I've noticed most of the stuff posted here is sweet recipes (well, yeah, pretty much everything =P). The thing is there are a lot of recipes where bananas are used with salty food! If that makes any sense =P

Now, this is part of le plat principal that we eat here in Mexico (though the area I live in isn't really conservative, my family still keeps their traditions from when they lived in other parts of Mexico allá por los naintin jóndred). It is Mexican red rice with bananas!! =O

This is one good webpage in English where I found the recipe. It is the most generic one I found (without weird things like carrot or peas added to it), and it's not too spicy so if you normally think "Mexican food upsets your stomach," then you should not have to worry for this one too much.
But the interesting part is actually seeing the bananas, right? =D You just basically add bananas to it at the end! =O I know it probably sounds weird, but it's delicious xD
This is the best picture I found, actually! Every other one had fried bananas which is not what we use here =P

Another one is adding bananas to lentils.
I found this website (though I don't get why it's an astray recipe xD) which explains how to cook lentils almost the same way as my grandma does =D
It's lentils with pork and bananas. There are even some variations which choose pineapple instead of pork, too =P but that one is a little bit different.
I don't really like the picture I found for what I mean with this recipe, but I'll post it anyway (I know, thanks to the course in photography that I took, that photographers sometimes have to wait a lot in the studio before they get a good picture, even if it's to photograph food; I suspect that's the case with this picture D=).
Now that I think of it, the picture is cropped. Perhaps that has something to do with it? =D

Hopefully, I enlightened you a little bit today with a foreign culture =P But if you know about anything related, post it here!
I actually don't know if this thread should stay for salty foods only or every new one should create a new post even if it's a salty recipe too. Feel free to edit my post and all that stuff if necessary.
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