Banana Mix!

Okay, this is something DK would want to know about!
If you know any great banana recipes... Share them here!

Banana Mix!

Postby Lanky Kong » July 2nd, 2009, 7:34 am

is yummy, ñam!

1.-Bananas, LOL xD.
2.-Thick Cream (or Condensed Milk).
3.-Any Fruit (Apple, Pears, Orange, etc.),Warning:The Vegetables are not recomended, LOL.
4.-A Bar of Chocolate, xDDD.
5.-Sparklines Chips (Coloured, Chocolated, Scratched Coconut (With or Without colours)).

Peel the banana shell and cut in pieces or in chopped, Peel the other fruits
and cut in pieces or in chopped, put the Bananas and the other fruits in your bowl, cut the bar of chocolate in pieces, and put the chocolate pieces in your bowl, now the last part, put the Sparklines Chips in your bowl, test your delight and Ta-Daa or Voila!
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Re: Banana Mix!

Postby Kiddy14 » July 2nd, 2009, 9:24 am

Another recipe with condensed milk XD It goes well with bananas =P
But I didn't think the same with oranges and chocolate =O

Anyway it sounds yummy XD Ñam!
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