DKC2 Glitch Hunting Topic:

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DKC2 Glitch Hunting Topic:

Postby WesternTanager794 » January 25th, 2023, 5:58 pm

I am currently hunting for glitches in every single level!
I will edit this post with glitches in each level. Feel free to post stuff here!

Pirate Panic:
Klobber busting wrong warp
Rambi past no Rambi sign
Kong stuck in floor
Off colored Rambi
Riding Kong

Mainbrace Mayhem:
Wrong Warp
Beetle Clashing
Odd Wrong Warp
Cannon Wrong Warp

To be continued...
Generic Glitches:
Goal Swap
TeamUp Swap
Ducking Underwater
Rattly jumps
Rambi jump
Odd beetle clashing
Klobber catch


:EDIT: Anyone who figures out how I did that, link in "Cool DKC trilogy tricks", gets a banana. Plus something else that I have yet to think of. Maybe first to get the release of my finished fangame? Currently, it is nowhere near done. That reward may take a long, long while. No wait, no anticipation. :dixiehappy:
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Re: DKC2 Glitch Hunting Topic:

Postby rainbowsprinklez » January 25th, 2023, 11:11 pm


in my opinion, that isn't worth calling a glitch. That just seems like a fun manip. In this, the game still runs as intended
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Re: DKC2 Glitch Hunting Topic:

Postby WesternTanager794 » January 26th, 2023, 10:55 am

Fair enough. Did you do it the same way I did? I’m just curious. I went into the captains cabin. Also, if you jump on the Rambi crate with Rambi he dies. I errored the first time I attempted to get double Rambi. I’ll edit the post to exclude it. :parry:
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Re: DKC2 Glitch Hunting Topic:

Postby WesternTanager794 » January 26th, 2023, 12:56 pm

Also, I probably will have videos on how to execute all of these glitches that we find. I’m just doing it in order of level. A lot of them I am not just “discovering” right now.

There’s a website with a massive amount of glitches from various video games that has a huge database of DKC glitches that I’ve never heard of. It was linked on the forum years ago but I can’t find it. :parry:
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Re: DKC2 Glitch Hunting Topic:

Postby WesternTanager794 » January 26th, 2023, 1:35 pm

I found the website.

Also, some more.

In Pirate Panic and get an off colored Rambi.
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Also, the DKC2 glitches forum has a lot of good stuff!

Also, here are the glitches discovered on the website.
Turn Diddy into Klubba!!
by David Wonn


The following trick could ERASE your character data, so DON'T DO IT! Proceed with extreme caution if you really can't resist. Don't say I didn't warn you!! Enter Castle Crush with Diddy alone. Pick up the first DK barrel you find and hold it up against a wall. Now drop it and pick it right back up. It will break and you'll be holding air. Now throw the air. Depending on where you throw the air, different results could happen. If you're lucky (I've done this a few times), Diddy could morph into some weird things, including Klubba! Usually the game freezes up and often the games get erased, so DON'T DO IT.

Stuck outside an open door
sent in by Karri Billing

I don't think this could help you in any way but it is interesting still. Make sure you have both Kongs, then walk right up to an open doorway or cave (or whatever) entrance to a bonus room but don't walk too close or you will walk in. The best way I know of getting close is to jump across to it, but release across before you land, then without pressing across, just press 'Y' until you are as close as possible to the entrance. Now press 'A' to team up then hold 'Up' and press 'Y' to throw your buddy up. When your buddy is on his/her way down, press across towards the entrance. Your Kong should start to walk into the bonus room, but spin back out when her/his buddy lands. What happens now is that you can't walk into that room, and you can't move off of the screen you're on for about 10 seconds. Also, if you're at a place where there is a gap at the bottom of the screen and you fall down it, whether or not it is a bottomless pit, even if it was safe before, you will lose a life and exit the level. A good place to try this trick out is at the two bonus rooms up from the hook in Hornet Hole in Krazy Kremland. To immediately unlock the screen (if you really can't wait ten seconds) just press 'A' to team up again and that should do it, but it wont allow you to enter the room. To re-enter the room you have to go a certain distance away from it and then return. The distance required is not the same for all rooms, and different directions require less distance than others, like in Hornet Hole you have to go down quite far to make the room re-enterable, but you only have to go up a little way, and in Pirate Panic in Gangplank Galleon with the first room (the one with the message from K.Rool on the scroll) you only have to go right to the small cannon in the background to unlock it, but you have to go to the stack of three barrels if you go to the left instead.

Ducking underwater
sent in by Karri Billing

This trick is just about as useful as it sounds. It works in any level with dry land AND safe water in it (something that the original DKC never featured). Lockjaw's Locker in Gangplank Galleon is a good example, but there are others. All you have to do is run off an edge but before you fall off press 'Down' to duck, you should slide off the edge ducking and fall down through the water as though it isn't even there. You will stay ducking underwater for as long as you hold 'Down' unless you press 'Y' or 'B' or get hit by something. If you press 'B' while ducking, you will shoot back up to the surface and there will be no side-effects like drowning or the bends. The ice cavern levels such as Arctic Abyss in K.Rool's Keep are the easiest to do this trick in because you slide further. Don't try this at the start of Slime Climb in Krem Quay or you will lose a life. You can also do this trick in Lockjaw's Locker by ducking just as the water starts rushing up.

Take Enguarde past sign
sent in by Karri Billing

In Lockjaw's Locker in Gangplank Galleon it is possible to take Enguarde the swordfish to the end-of-level target - past the No Swordfish sign! This same trick may work in other levels and even with other animals, but I have only tried it with Enguarde. Near the end of Lockjaw's Locker, you will see two Shuri starfish, at the start of that corridor there is a crate sticking up. Position yourself on top of that crate, then while riding Enguarde let the first Shuri pass overhead and let the second one hit Diddy's/Dixies head. Enguarde should swim right, chase after him immediately and as the water recedes, jump onto the crates and you should see him try to come back, but the water level drops and he swims right again. Stop here but when he has been off the bottom of the screen for 2 to 3 seconds give chase once more, you should find him swimming on the crates back towards the No Swordfish sign jump on him to stop him before he reaches it. This trick may take a while to perfect because you only get one try per time you play the level.

Take Rattly past sign
sent in by Karri Billing

In Topsail Trouble in Gangplank Galleon you can get Rattly past the No Snakes sign. It is really easy - the hard bit is remembering to do it. When you get to the Kruncha (blue, musclebound Kremling that gets mad when bumped into), kill him and stand (bob up and down) on the right hand side of the platform he was pacing on. Hold 'A' to charge the super jump, then release it to super jump onto a higher platform. If you did it right you will be just past the No Snakes sign. There is not much you can do with Rattly from here, but it is (I suppose) still worthy of mention.

Skip Enguarde
sent in by Espeon25

Beat Arctic Abyss without becoming Engurde! You must be Dixie to do this! While swimming by the morph barrel, hold down. You will pass by the barrel and beat the zone as Dixie! I think it may work with Diddy too!

Another way to pick up air
sent in by no1wammy

Start a new game and go to the Cheat Code section (Highlight Two Player Contest and press Down 10 times). Enter the NO DK BARRELS code (B, A, Right, Right, A, Left, A, X), and make your way to Mudhole Marsh. In this level, you'll remember that most of the DK Barrels are inside the treasure chest. Take one of them and WITHOUT letting go of the Y button, collide with an enemy. You'll see the DK Barrel pop out. Remember that you are NOT letting go of the Y button. If all goes well, you'll see Diddy or Dixie holding an invisible barrel. I like Dixie's holding pose; just take a look at it.

Strange sound effects
sent in by Glitch Masta Buzda

Go to the Toxic Tower level and before transforming into Rattly have your character jump into the green toxic water. You should hear the sound effects from the level 2 boss and other strange noises!

Sound glitch when visiting Kong friends
sent in by Glitch Masta Buzda

Just simply bring only ONE of the Kongs (Diddy or Dixie) to a Kong Family Hut/Klubba's Kiosk. If you listen closely, you should hear the sound effects from the character that isn't present (juggling sounds if Diddy isn't there or gum chewing if Dixie isn't there).

Ice level tricks
sent in by John Vertical

In Arctic Abyss, it is possible to swim past the Enguarde barrel. You'll just have creep along the floor. It sometimes works, sometimes doesn't... but hey, that way it's a whole lot easier to get some of the bonusestowards the end when the water level starts dropping again.

In Clapper's Cavern, if you hop off Enguarde in the swimming sequence and then go back down after the water has risen, you'll find that the barrel canyon still shoots you at the same friction as you were in air, ie. much faster than expected.

Boss glitch
sent in by Michelle & Charlie Dawson

If you go to the first boss with both kongs and press select to switch between the kongs right before Krow hits the ground, the kong that was in front will get frozen in the middle of animation and start flashing. I did it with Dixie in front and at the end it looked like she was hopping on one foot. Very funny.

Strange honey drip sound glitch
sent in by Glitch Masta Buzda

For some odd reason if you jump in the honey on the hive levels there will be no "dripping" sound effect unless there is another sound effect in the background (ex. like a bee buzzing). The reason this happens, I have no idea!!

Color glitch
sent in by Nick F.

In Hot-Head Hop, go through the stage as usual. Make sure you get Squitter. When you reach the No-Squitter sign, bring him up to the sign but don't go past. Jump off and hit the end of stage target. Now, Diddy will have a golden boom-box and Dixie will have an Orange and Yellow guitar. I haven't tried too hard, but I haven't gotten this to work on any other stage, nor have I found any other color schemes. A friend of mine pointed this out to me, but I have yet to see any mention of this occurance online.

And some more glitches
When you get Enguarde in Clapper's Cavern, there's an autofire barrel designed to stop you going back down into the first half of the level (which is now flooded). Diddy can bypass this barrel by hugging the right wall and sinking. This allows you to see lots of weird behaviour when things are underwater which shouldn't be.

- Zingers behave normally.
- Spinies, Neeks and Klick-Klacks move slowly, and can't be killed.
- Krusha moves slowly. Touching him will make him mad and launch the Kongs to the roof with comical speed. The best place to do this is under the DK coin, where there's a big vertical space.
- Lockjaw is absent, but will respawn if you backtrack to the beginning of the level.
- The DK Coin can be reached, but the bonus can't because Lockjaw is too fast.
- Hooks behave as if they aren't underwater.
- Clapper can't be activated underwater. This is weird, because Lava Lagoon has legit underwater sections where Clapper CAN be activated. This was possibly deliberate, perhaps they wanted to avoid glitches from freezing water you're swimming in.
(Confirmed in US 1.1, EUR 1.0)

It's possible to have go through Toxic Tower with Dixie following Rattly around. It must be a specific timing thing - I activated it quite a few times on my real SNES, but never on purpose. All I ever did was jump into the Rattly Barrel with Diddy in charge (and two Kongs). Dixie follows you as if you were playing as Diddy, and doesn't vanish when you die. Has anyone else had this happen? (EUR 1.0)

Some more.
Actually, you can activate Clapper in Clapper's Cavern if you go past that barrel with Enguarde (but Enguarde must be facing the barrel as you hug the right wall!). If you hit Clapper with Enguarde, the water will freeze, and you won't be able to move until it wears off. I used to do this all the time as a kid, and it freaked me out because once the ice turned back into water, you become completely invisible. And the camera acts very strange, last I remember! Luckily, it does not freeze the game! You can press start and select as usual!

Another glitch I've discovered in this level is that if you go in the bonus with Enguarde (now only do this if you have already killed the first blue Kruncha you see getting past the autofire barrel) and then, backtrack to get past the barrels, you can make the water level decrease, where the two ledges are, one with the blue Kruncha, and one against the wall (But whatever you do, do NOT kill Kruncha! There's a second glitch that you need him and Enguarde for!). Place Enguarde at the edge of the one against the wall, and as Diddy, swim past the other autofire barrel for a brief moment. And there you have it, the water level has decreased to where it had been before! Now, jump on the ledge where the Kruncha is, and quickly team up. Right as the Kruncha walks towards the edge, jump off and throw Dixie in the air (and make sure she lands back on you as she's coming down). If you timed it right, you should land on Enguarde, and Enguarde will turn into a blue Diddy!!

All in all, DKC2 is not perfect. Although, very good! :parry:
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