DKC = Banjo Kazooie?

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DKC = Banjo Kazooie?

Postby nickduffy27 » March 26th, 2010, 8:07 am

I am going to put some pictures up as soon as I can but I found alot of similarities in the levels of these two games. Yes they were both made by Rare so that does increase the chances, but heres what i've found:

Banjo Kazooie:
- Bubblegloop Swamp = Barrel Bayou and Krockhead Klamber (almost same exact look and colors).
- Freezeezy Peak = (various snowman found throughout the level) are similar to Bleak.
- Beehive in Click Clock Wood = Hornet Hole, Rambi Rumble, and Parrot Chute Panic.

Banjo Tooie:
- Witchyworld = Slightly similar to Krazy Kremland and Target Terror/Rickety Race etc.

If I find any more similarities I will add them.
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Re: DKC = Banjo Kazooie?

Postby Cyclone » March 26th, 2010, 12:15 pm

Correct me if I'm wrong but the team that worked on the DKC series also worked on Banjo-Kazooie. That would explain the similarities.
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Re: DKC = Banjo Kazooie?

Postby Lanky Kong » May 25th, 2010, 4:54 am

Also B-K's Clanker's Cavern and DK64's Kreepy Kastle musics are similar...


-Blubber look a like Kannon from DKC2...
-Mayahem Temple is the DKC's Temple stages...
-Terridactyland is the DKC3's Mountains Levels (i think)
-Grunty Industries is the DKC's Factory Levels...
-Hail Fire Peaks = DKC2's Lava and DKC 1 and 3's Snow levels...
-Jolly Roger's Lagoon (Atlantis secction) = DKC3's Water Stages...

thats all...
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Re: DKC = Banjo Kazooie?

Postby Jomingo » May 25th, 2010, 6:44 am

I actually am pretty sure that the Banjo team and the DKC team aren't the same, but I could be wrong. Also, I am pretty sure I started a topic just like this already, I wonder if I can find it....
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Re: DKC = Banjo Kazooie?

Postby TheUltimateKoopa » December 8th, 2010, 10:00 am

As a company, known as Rare (or Rareware), they are the same, however specific people may not be the same, for example, the music in the DKC series was composed by Robin Beanland, Evelyn Fischer, and David Wise, where as the BK series (up to BT), was composed by Grant Kirkhope

It was the same company, just not the same people.
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Re: DKC = Banjo Kazooie?

Postby Diddy Kong » December 13th, 2010, 10:56 am

Same company, same styles.
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Re: DKC = Banjo Kazooie?

Postby Phyreburnz » December 16th, 2010, 9:09 am

Oh! Don't forget! Gnawty was in Banjo-Kazooie!
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