what's your favourite payablekong?

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your favourite payable Kong

Cranky Kong
Wrinkly Kong
No votes
Swanky Kong
Funky Kong
I'll keep my coins, Candy saves for free!
Total votes : 15

what's your favourite payablekong?

Postby Stone » July 5th, 2008, 9:16 pm

Goe's thread has given me the idea for this one.
I don't know if "affordable" suits more than "payable", but it's all about the fun of the pun ;)

Of course, you never had to pay anyone in DKC, but Cranky and Funky changed their minds in the later games.
I'm sure Candy Kong would never take money for her services, thus the poll should be seen more like a vote for your favourite Kong helper :D

I always liked Swanky and his quizzes in DKC2, but it would have been better if there were more and random quizzes. Always getting the same ones and the fact you can only do them once lowers the fun a bit...
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Re: what's your favourite payablekong?

Postby Goe » July 5th, 2008, 9:47 pm

hard poll for me...it may be because i never gave importance to that characters...i have voted for Funky, but i am not sure...i decided to vote Funky because:

Candy seems to be a good girl, but her design looks weird...a monkey with a beautiful woman's body. But she is the most useful character in DKC, because she saves your game.
Cranky is not useful...Candy/wrinkly are useful because save your game, swanky gives you prizes, andFunky gives you vehicles...Cranky only says stupid things.
Swanky is really useful, but is really frustrating when you loose
Wrinkly is as useful as Candy...I prefer Candy because she saves for free, even Wrinkly wants 2 coins(In DKC2, if i remember good, in DKC3 Wrinkly saves for free too)
Funky is really useful, because he gives you vehicles
I was doubting to vote for Candy or for Funky...but finally i voted for Funky because like i said, Candy looks weird, even Funky's design is really cool...Funky is useful and have a cool design, so i voted for Funky
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Re: what's your favourite payablekong?

Postby Cosmicman » July 6th, 2008, 6:01 am

Maybe you mean unplayable?

edit: I see what you mean, a favorite unplayable kong thread would had been cool, either way I choose Funky.
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