Frequently Found Issues (FFIs) List

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Frequently Found Issues (FFIs) List

Postby Simion32 » June 2nd, 2014, 5:40 am

The following problem(s) has/have not been confirmed to be an FFI:
[#1] Program Runs Too Fast, Even When DELTA/DKCRE Reports Maximum Frame Rate
Summary: Graphics Card Driver Bug or Bad Graphics Card Driver/Settings
Reason(s): Can happen when using the wrong graphics driver or incorrect graphics settings. Possibly triggered by using dual-monitor mode, as this forces your GPU to output twice as many frames at the same Hz rate (effectively tricking the OS into thinking it has to make 2 times as many video frames, without changing the refresh rate).
Fix(es): Either update your driver (with a clean install), or ensure your refresh rate and monitor settings are correct. Be sure to inspect the settings for frame skipping as well, as these might also interfere with proper operation of the video engine.

**Simion32's Development Note: I've debugged the graphics speed issue and it appears to have been a driver issue. My GPU was cranking out 120Hz while reporting 60Hz to the OS.... and, sending only 60Hz to the one screen I'm using. This must have happened when I went dual-monitor for a brief time to test out DELTA in Hi-Res.

I'm not *exactly* certain what caused this to happen, but re-installing the proper graphics driver with a clean install fixed the graphics speed bug.

[#2]NitroGUI-window-occasionally-not-appearing-onscreen, *even with current GUI updates*
Most likely GPU driver bug related. I'm not sure if that situation is fixable.
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Re: Frequently Found Issues (FFIs) List

Postby KAOSKarnage » December 24th, 2016, 4:59 am

Problem detected:When it tells you to hold down spacebar and right click, I do that and it aint workin. keep in mind I am on a laptop.
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