SSBU - November 1st Direct.

SSBU - November 1st Direct.

Postby Super Luigi! » November 2nd, 2018, 12:41 pm

My Impressions:
  • Kiddy Kong confirmed as Dixie Kong's Mega Evolution in Spirits mode.
  • Lip from Panel de Pon has finally arrived as a sticker and Mii Fighter costume. (Let's go for official playable fighter and new game next!)
  • Overall, good information.
  • Piranha Plant is the greatest.
  • World of Light looks amazing.
  • Lack of trophies is worrisome, so hopefully the stickers can fill the gap.
  • K. Rool and other villains are on the side of justice, if that World of Light intro cutscene is accurate.
  • The Spirit Stickers are quite interesting.
  • I hope I can earn this game through my own deeds.
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