Annunciation: The ultimate DKC Hack collection

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Annunciation: The ultimate DKC Hack collection

Postby lucoshi » October 6th, 2012, 2:05 am

These hack collection is my first attempt of hack the DKC trilogy and also the best way to describe DKC rom hacking. For edit memory i use a hex editor called WindHex32 so i need help because hex editing on the dkc is hard.

Donkey Kong Country 1/2 Trilogy
Did you ever wonder insisted of the DKL trilogy was snes games? Well this games will show you?
Donkey Kong Country 1/2, who needs Super Game Boy?

Donkey Kong & Friends Country Based on Phyrebyrnz custom sprites, this hack series you will use all the playble charcters or the trilogy it also the first series that comes in 5 Patches for each hack.
Donkey Kong & Friends Country, more kongs more fun!

Donkey Kong Program
Are you a newbie at the DKC Hacking? Did you want hacking instructions? Don't worry this hack will give you a hand for hacking. This will give an updated sprite viewer, a debug test level and much more.
Donkey Kong Program only for people who want to be cool as Funky Kong.

Donkey Kong Classic Country
Originally called Cranky Kong Country. This series is my beta remake of the DKC trilogy, it going to have all beta stuff restaured some stuff comes from viewtopic.php?f=37&t=447.
Donkey Kong Classic Country, the only hack with stuff that Cranky Kong didn't know before.

Donkey Kong Continent
An revamped version of the DKC Trilogy with lots of new stuff from a debug menu to exclusive junk of the remakes!
Donkey Kong Continent, so good that I have no creativity to the slogan!

Coming soon for a snes emulator.
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Re: Annunciation: The ultimate DKC Hack collection

Postby Simion32 » October 6th, 2012, 1:49 pm

You weren't listening to me earlier were you? :ugeek:

Trying to push our buttons and stir us into doing all of the work for you by way of making a discussion out of your ideas is not going to work.

Donkey Kong Program
"Don't worry this hack will give you a hand for hacking."

Do you even know what the heck you are actually talking about? I think not. This one is just plain not feasible. A game cannot and will not teach hacking. You have to learn to hack of your own volition.

Donkey Kong Continent

You can't include completely unlimited amounts of stuff in an SNES ROM (given the original's cartridge size limits). Case closed.

I think it's about time you went away. Your presence here is only going to continue to push people's buttons and drive up flame wars because you clearly don't have a clue what the **** you are talking about. I don't know whether you are just an uninformed person or some internet troll looking to start something, but I can tell you this: You have 100% no idea what you are doing, and you aren't going to get us to do any of it for you. If you're really so interested in making your own DKC custom levels and won't learn how to hack by yourself then just use an automated tool already available for making hacks, like DKCRE or one of the many versions of DKEdit floating around (or optionally, wait for DKCLB to be released). Seriously, nobody is going to do the equivalent of writing 50,000 lines of code just so that you can learn how to hack. You care more about getting the end result than you do the learning process to get there, and you aren't going to get something for nothing. Since you apperently have the free time, how about going elsewhere and learning how to hack yourself.

BANNED. until 2014 begins.
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