This guy won't stop harassing me.

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This guy won't stop harassing me.

Postby Aaendi » June 13th, 2012, 6:18 pm

This guy named "smkdan" has been antagonizing me for the last 4 years. Here is his inflamatory PM he sent me on nesdev:

smkd wrote:Hi psycopathicteen,

I'll start this off by saying I'm not here to antagonise you. I don't hate/despise you. Hate is a bit much for a petty internet squabble. This is a pretty cool community. Not all that active, but with quality regulars and it's generally is free of drama. I'm going to be more regular here than I was previously so if we have drama that needs sorting out, then for the sake of the administration anyone who has to read this garbage, it should be sorted out.

There's lots to talk about and I've been busy IRL recently but now I have some time to note some thoughts here. I'm not here to flame or scream at you and everything I wrote here I've only gotten from our posts and logical reasoning from myself and others. If you feel you've been unfairly treated, give this a good read and see if it helps you understand things from my/our perspective. Reply with any questions or misunderstandings if you need.

So, we start with your SMWC thread here with your first post after returning. It's worth mentioning that we knew of your rereg account *long* before you posted that thread and were waiting to see how you would behave. As to why didn't you get a nicer reception...
return of dragonboy wrote:Now can you please treat me like a fellow human being?

This implies that we only treat people "like human beings" if they have ASM hacks, SNES programming knowledge, technical ability etc. etc. to showcase. This is not true. Refer to the 90%+ of active users, who don't know ASM/SNES programming, who are definitely being "treated like human beings" and haven't been driven away from the site. The assumption that we treat users according to their technical ability is completely false. It's antagonising to the administration when you make claims like that and also misses the entire point why you were removed in the first place, which gives us less reason to think you've improved, which gives us less reason to welcome back a rereg account.

Also, note that the administration keeps tabs on what happens outside of the community where appropriate, including nesdev. If someone is trying to act maliciously towards the site on an outside community, it will obviously affect our decision on whether or not you will be allowed back in.

Also, a staff member brought up one of your nesdev quotes after you posted that thread:
psychopathicteen wrote:Let me guess:

1.) You think I'm stupid and I'm going to register a second account with the same username, or resurrect my old account.

2.) You think I want to register another account with the sole purpose of trolling them back.

You made it pretty clear here you won't be going back period. Why the change of plan? Note that these quotes and a few others are obviously going to alter our view of you if you were to return, especially since this SMWC has evidently been a source of anger for you. If the site annoys you so much, why do you want back in? That's not a rhetorical question. These posts are from a while ago so we didn't remove you instantly, however. Is there anything you want to ask at this point? Well that covers that first thread, moving on...

Here we have the last post from me in response to you. It's worded sternly but it's definitely a good point worth noting. Is there any part that you don't agree with here? Alcaro also makes good points in there too.

return of dragonboy wrote:So what if I named myself "return of dragonboy?" I don't want the username "dragonboy" to be forever frowned upon. I'm not the same guy I was back in 2008.

In response, I wrote:You say you are not the same person from 2008, but are you the same person from April 25th 2012 when that topic was made? If you're trying to convince that you've turned over a new leaf or something, then your actions contradict your words.

The problem with your fake email thread here is that, to be blunt, it sends a clear message that you haven't improved in terms of behaviour. If anything, it tells us that you've regressed. You made the SMWC post claiming you've changed right after you posted the fake email thread which is really concerning. Do you see why? If your reaction to reading a message that you don't approve of for whatever reason is to "try to make the other guy/site look bad in front of others to get some sort of revenge", then something is seriously wrong. This is actually worse than anything from 2008 from my memory. The thread itself is ultimately harmless to me but the intended purpose is a concern and definitely needs some thought on your part, hence this PM. It is the kindergarten class equivalent of trying to get a classmate you don't approve into "trouble" by making up lies to the teacher. I literally haven't seen this attempted since I was, well, in kindergarten at the age of 6. Note the maturity level of the kindergarten children raised in this example and the fact that any fully grown adult would be shunned if they attempted something so deprived of maturity/civility. I've had my own slip ups in civility that I've acknowledged and moved on from but the worst thing you can do is expect civility that you aren't willing to reciprocate and I'll have more on that later.

If anything, the people on SMWC and beyond have even more reason to look down on "dragonboy" after reading that, so the point you raise about "being looked down upon" is very odd. Typical reactions were indifference, contempt or just lolling at the thread creator depending on who's looking. None of this is a favourable reaction for you. It's the sort of extremely childish stunt that can't serve any purpose beyond tainting your image. This is interesting because I remember reading mentions of you elsewhere claiming you have changed since X year but it's completely undone by this sort of thing. Realise that this thread of yours has given the administration a huge reason to not let you back in. Realise also, that critics now have fresh material from you to make their claims with! In terms of claims against your immaturity, trolling or lack of civility, they now have a fresh thread to point at when discussing you.

What were you trying to accomplish here beyond gathering sympathy or trying to get "revenge"? It's bad from every possible angle including your own. It also undermines your claim that you supposedly weren't going to troll us again or that people's accusations of you being a troll were misplaced. Can you see what I'm getting at? That thread of yours is not the only example but it's a recent one that sticks out pretty badly. The fact that this entire point needs to be mentioned in the first place is a concern in itself.

There's also the whole issue about "if you feel the need to misrepresent your enemy with lies, you're their enemy for all the wrong reasons". It makes it difficult to assume good faith because of this. I also remember a thread where a few of the deleted posts included one of your posts where I was "quoted", but the quote was forged and simply had my name attached. So this isn't a new thing unfortunately. Understand that this sort of immaturity is far worse than the sort of stuff I've seen you put down. For all you have to say about me, you can't say that I've pulled that sort of stunt on you and made up stories to try discrediting you from the perspective of others. I'll never sink that low and neither should anyone else, especially someone who claims that internet forums in general are uncivil/barbaric/immature etc. This is hypocrisy. People are very quick to judge hypocrites for very good reason. That, right there, is one reason why there's suspicion about on your claims that you've changed.

If you feel that you've been unjustly treated somehow then make it clear and point out exactly where (with actual links/quotes, as I've done here) and why. I assure you I won't respond with flames/passive aggressiveness/witty retorts or even misrepresent you (hint). If you are upset with this PM for whatever reason, point out the exact parts in your reply. If we are both civil in this then we might get somewhere. Understand, though, that you've given us a lot of reasons to think poorly of you and I've only covered a few of them. Please give this some thought.
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Re: This guy won't stop harassing me.

Postby Markster » June 13th, 2012, 9:01 pm

I got this person named wupwup who harassed me, it was bad, it even tried to have cybersex with me, and it is 23, and I was only 14 at the time, overall, do something about it, take legal action.
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Re: This guy won't stop harassing me.

Postby Aaendi » June 13th, 2012, 10:52 pm

Markster wrote:I got this person named wupwup who harassed me, it was bad, it even tried to have cybersex with me, and it is 23, and I was only 14 at the time, overall, do something about it, take legal action.

How do I report him? I asked my local policeman about a month ago, and he said that they're only allowed to do anything about it if the harrasser threatened to kill them. Stalking my IP address to track every website I go on, is "not enough."
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Re: This guy won't stop harassing me.

Postby Qyzbud » June 13th, 2012, 11:48 pm

Aaendi, it seems to me that smkdan has been very reasonable with you. I don't know the history of what went on, but his language appears to be entirely respectful, and frankly I'm surprised he has taken the time to write all of that to you to explain any misunderstandings. I definitely wouldn't call it harassment.

Please don't bring your internet problems to DKC Atlas.

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